Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine

What day is it?

Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine, which is celebrated on June 25, is a professional holiday and is celebrated at the state level. The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the importance of the profession and to honor all customs officers with official and personal greetings. In 2021, the customs officer’s day will be celebrated on Friday, June 25. In addition to this date, customs officers celebrate another, unofficial holiday – the International Day of Customs Officers, which falls on January 26.

How did the idea to celebrate the Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine come about?

In 1991, at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, the “Law on Customs Affairs” was adopted. And in June of the following year, the President of Ukraine issued a Decree on festive and commemorative dates. The official name of the holiday is “Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine”.

Wetna service is one of the most important structures of every state. In 1991, when the independence and sovereignty of the Ukrainian state was proclaimed, it became necessary to provide it with the necessary economic protection. After the Ukrainian SSR, there were 25 customs offices and about 50 customs checkpoints left in Ukraine, among them 29 for motor vehicles, 14 railway checkpoints, 4 for aviation and about 18 water checkpoints. At that time, customs and customs posts were mostly concentrated in the southern and western parts of Ukraine.

Legislative acts regulating the work of the customs service of Ukraine

The work of the body is carried out on the basis of the main laws: Law “On Customs Affairs in Ukraine” (June 25, 1991); “Customs Code of Ukraine”, Law of Ukraine “On the Unified Customs Tariff”. It is thanks to these legislative acts that the customs system in our country works efficiently and smoothly.

Today, in the period of globalization, Ukraine is in close economic relations with other countries, tourism and trade relations are developing. As a result, new checkpoints are opened, additional corridors are created for the passage of vehicles: cars and trucks, qualified personnel are involved in the work. In this regard, it is difficult to overestimate the urgent task of customs today. The work must be performed by highly qualified specialists with the involvement of modern technologies, which allows for stable and reliable interstate communications.

Frequent Questions and answers about Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine

Who is congratulated on the Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine.

The holiday is considered professional for all customs employees.

What to give on the Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine?

The work of customs officials is not easy, and sometimes even dangerous. Despite this, many Ukrainians and even Ukrainian women aspire to work in the customs service. If there are customs officers among your relatives or friends and you don’t know what to give them, pay attention to the following ideas:

  • Memorial gifts – these include symbolic things that will remind the culprit of the holiday about the importance of his work. It can be a medal for a customs officer in a gift box. Today there is an opportunity to order a medal with a personal inscription “To a beloved man on the Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine”. A safe in the form of a book with the inscription “Customs Service of Ukraine” will also be a wonderful present. A panel clock in the form of a trident is another extraordinary gift option, which will always occupy a worthy place in the house or office of the customs officer.
  • Interesting gifts. Here you can deviate somewhat from the topic of customs and make a presentation related to the hobby of the culprit of the holiday. For example, a set of barbecue accessories or other items for outdoor recreation would be a worthy and practical gift for a real man. And for a female customs officer, you can present a cosmetic set.
  • Expensive gifts on the Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine. When it comes to relatives and friends, you can buy a really expensive gift. Especially when your relative or close friend has worked in a position for 10, 20, 30 years, etc. Such a non-trivial present as a gold ring with the inscription and emblem “MSU” will be well remembered. Such a ring can be presented to both a man and a woman holding a position in the customs service of Ukraine. If we talk about expensive gifts, then they include various certificates for impressions: a helicopter flight, parachute jump, etc. For female customs officers, a certificate for visiting a beauty salon or a romantic evening would be ideal.

Greetings on the Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine

“On the occasion Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine We sincerely congratulate all customs officers on their professional holiday. We wish you strength and effort so that you continue to selflessly protect the interests of our state and contribute to its prosperity. Few people know, but it is precisely the faithful and fair performance of service at the state customs that contributes to the development of the economy, allows the development of domestic industry and maintains the authority of our country at the appropriate level. Therefore, may your family grow, prosperity improve, and the desire to serve your people increase.”

“Congratulations from Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine. We wish you professional growth and stability in the performance of the tasks set before you. We wish you to be principled and selfless in your extremely important business, which is designed to protect the interests of each of us and ensure the well-being of our state. May God send you health and happiness.”

“Dear customs employees of Ukraine, I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday! Thanks to your professional and coordinated work, the external economic activity of our country has the opportunity to develop, Ukrainian enterprises to prosper, and the state budget to be replenished with funds. You are an important link in the great chain of the national economy and in the formation of a positive image of Ukraine in the world.”

When will we celebrate the Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine?

Year Date Weekday
2021 June 25 Friday
2022 June 25 Saturday
2023 June 25 Sunday
2024 June 25 Tuesday
2025 June 25 Wednesday

Day of the Customs Service of Ukraine


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