Wild Food Day

Wild Food Day is celebrated on October 28. This event is dedicated to plants, vegetables, fruits, and berries that grow in the wild. From time immemorial, people ate what the earth gave them. Today, wild edible plants are popular dishes on the menus of fine dining establishments and restaurants that serve raw food. Such plants do not contain preservatives and pesticides, so fans of healthy eating prefer recipes for raw dishes.

To celebrate the holiday, you can:

  • Try to cook nutritious, tasty and healthy food from raw products.
  • Share tips and recipes with loved ones or friends on social networks.
  • Go to a park or forest to get to know the plant life in living nature.

The purpose of the holiday is to promote raw plant food in people’s diets. The initiators are trying to convey information to society about which wild fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables can be eaten.

Wild Food Day
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