World Water Quality Monitoring Day

Since 2003, September 18 is celebrated every year around the world Day of monitoring the quality of drinking resources. The initiator of the event is the Clean Water Foundation, located in the USA. The purpose of its establishment was to draw the attention of mankind to the problem of water pollution by industrial, nuclear and toxic waste. After all, the quality of water affects the health of the population of all countries of the world.

On this day, scientists from different countries take water samples from different parts of the planet, analyze them for pollution and danger. According to specialists, 50% of humanity consumes contaminated liquid, which provokes serious diseases and disorders of the body. A large number of these diseases end in death or severe complications.

Scientists are especially worried about the technical condition of water pipes, as well as the lack of centralized water supply in many rural areas, where outbreaks of infectious diseases and dangerous helminthiasis occur.

World Water Quality Monitoring Day
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