Have you ever wondered when is World Vegan Day in 2022? Have you ever heard about this holiday? It does not sound typical as any other holiday at all. But before describing what it is about, it is vital to speak about its history.

For the first time, this holiday appeared in 1994, on the first of November. It was organized as a way to remember the 50th anniversary of the UK Vegan Society and the term “vegan” in general. Accordingly, the Vegan Society in Great Britain was established in November of 1944. Louise Wallis was the president of this organization.

Speaking of the word “Vegan” itself, it originated from the word Vegetarian and was introduced by Jesse Watson. Veganism is considered to be an extreme form of vegetarianism. The thought of excluding flesh-eating from life (regarding not only food but clothes also) goes back to ancient Indian and Mediterranean way of life. On the contrary, vegetarianism was first mentioned in Greece by Pythagoras.

World Vegan Day

In 1944 Donald Watson applied the term “Vegan” in order to differentiate from the vegetarians. He said that vegans were the people who did not eat dairy and eggs. It was connected with the fact that tuberculosis was found in the forty percent of dairy cows. This way, veganism was aimed at life-saving. By the time Watson passed away (2005), there were 250 thousand vegans in Great Britain and two million in the USA.

Meaning of the holiday

What does Vegan Day mean? When wondering what day National Vegan Day in 2022 is, it is better to get the full information on the holiday. It is the holiday celebrated by vegans all over the world. Its aim is to promote veganism in general and the advantages of a vegan diet.

Strict veganism acts to restrict the use of animals. It is not only about food but about daily lifestyle. For instance, there is no leather, wool, pearls in the life of vegans. One of the problems connected with the food restrictions is connected with the fact that vitamin B12 is found only in the animal products. To solve the problem, vegans consume such vitamin artificially.

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One more thing to speak about the holiday is rising the sympathy towards animals. This holiday really helps to do this. People start to understand the terrible consequences of animal exploitation and look at them from the different angle. So, due to the holiday, people’s outlook changes a lot.

Definition of the holiday

When is International Vegan Day 2022? The answer is rather simple and tells us that the holiday is held on November 1st this year. Same can be told about any other year. This year it is held on Wednesday.

International Vegan Day is an informal holiday, which helps to realize why veganism is necessary. For some people, it is also an opportunity to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of veganism. So, what about the benefits? Let us list them right away.


  • Veganism is able to promote safe existence of all living creatures on Earth;
  • Environment’s condition becomes more sustainable. It is explained by the fact that producing animal protein requires hundred times more water than producing grain protein;
  • Vegan diet is able to simplify the process of weight loss;
  • Rising of the veganism’s popularity leads to wide production of vegan products;
  • The risk of such diseases as diabetes and hypertension reduces for vegans;
  • Cholesterol levels in the body are normal;
  • The body does not need strong digestive system in order to follow a vegan diet;
  • The health’s condition improves after such diet. It has been proved by some famous people, such as Bill Clinton and Alicia Silverstone.
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At the same time, the veganism has some disadvantages. It is necessary to list them too. Everyone has a right to decide what to pick. This list will help to make a decision.

  • If we stop animal slaughter at all, it will lead to the uncontrolled rise of the animal population;
  • If we only care about the environmental protection, the health may spoil;
  • If the weight loss is excessive, it may have a negative consequence which will be expressed by sudden weight gain;
  • If the person is vegan, he may have problematic situations when eating out;
  • Some vital for the human’s organism nutrients are lacking in the vegan diet. They are B12 vitamin, folate, omega 3 fatty acids. If there is a regular shortage of these nutrients, such health problems as osteoporosis and lack of muscle mass;
  • Not all animal products are able to raise cholesterol levels. On the contrary, omega 3 fatty acids are able to normalize it;
  • It is hard to adapt to vegan diet;
  • Some people’s bodies have a negative reaction on a vegan diet.

Traditions of the holiday

What is the date of World Vegan Day 2022 and how to celebrate it? The way of celebration interrelates with the holiday’s traditions. Mostly the celebration includes the provision of food, which is sponsored by various vegan associations and societies. The festivals and events are organized in order to commemorate the benefits of the veganism.

World Vegan Day

What is the best way to celebrate the holiday? How to do it originally? How to surprise your friends? Sometimes the goal of celebration can also be to involve more people into veganism.

  • Go meatless during the day. It is also possible trying your hand at cooking traditional meat dishes without meat. It can be replaced by something vegan. Veggie pizzas, black bean burgers and meatless meatballs are a very tasty treat!
  • Organize the vegan potluck. Everyone can make a contribution in the new kind of menu;
  • The visiting of festivals can be various too. If you are a strong vegan, it is possible to attend the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Thailand. It is famous for its firewalks and piercings in order to attract the gods;
  • Read some information regarding becoming a vegan. Learn all the pros and cons. The additional influence can include water saving, the reduction of water pollution, providing the stability of environment, global warming;
  • The Vegan Day should involve eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.
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The National Vegan Day Facts

When is Vegan Day in 2022, (calendar) and what are the curious data about the holiday and veganism? First, a low vegetarian or vegan diet is able to prevent the risk of heart coronary disease. Do you want some more? Then read this list of facts.

  • Five percent of the American population goes vegan.
  • Honey cannot be considered a vegan product. The health and condition of bees become worse owing to the harvest of honey.
  • The first vegan book with recipes was published in 1850. Russel Thacher Trall was its author;
  • The Vegan Society is responsible for certification of some vegan products.

Moreover, November is considered to be the month of veganism in the world. Furthermore, people who follow a vegan diet, have lower risks of cancer. Finally, one meal of a vegan is able to save 2500 water gallons. Are you inspired? Then think about the advantage and disadvantages of veganism and make your own decision.

Certainly, making the conclusion, it is obligatory to say that this info is just for getting acquainted. Will you decide to follow veganism or not, completely depends on you. But remember: you have a chance to save living creatures. And that is worthy.


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