When is World Giraffe Day in 2022? Can you answer this question? – Well, as a rule, almost all modern people reply negatively even under the condition they appreciate these elegant creatures. And it is a sad thing, in fact. Giraffes are awesome animals indeed. They deserve to be popular and have their own holiday. Today we are going to introduce you a quite new reason to be involved into something extraordinary. Are you ready? We are starting!


Talking about the matter what day Giraffe Day in 2022 is we can’t but mention the historical background of this special occasion devoted to ones of the most amazing creatures on the planet.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover the exact names of this holiday creators, and we don’t know for sure why we have to celebrate it on June 21st annually. However, we have prepared something interesting for you.

It is difficult to believe, but the first mention of a mythological beast with an unnaturally long neck was given by the Arab traveler Al Kwarim. Following him, many people of different ages and social statuses assured that they saw, and some even photographed this “long-necked” creature.

The thing is that since 2014, the world community has been regularly celebrating the date devoted to them. This occasion was established by the particular organization called Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Its representatives wanted to draw the public attention to this amazing, beloved and the tallest land creatures in the world. World Giraffe Day has a noble aims. it is necessary to raise the global awareness and highlight the issues that the mammals face in the nature. By supporting the event, humanity is directly helping to save this wonderful artiodactyl.

Over the past 20 years, the giraffe population has already reduced by 40%. It has happened mostly due to numerous armed conflicts in Africa, the expansion of agricultural territories for different purposes and the activities of poachers who want to earn money by all means.

What does World Giraffe Day mean? Frankly speaking, we can’t even predict whether this special occasion means something for you or not. In the modern world you are quite free to decide which holidays to celebrate and which ones to forget without any regrets and hesitations. However, up to the present moment this occasion has been really important.

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Giraffes are definitely amazing and exotic. But nowadays they are at great risk in their natural habitat due to a number of factors. And unfortunately, poaching is the main one in this list. The second most important reason of giraffe disappearance is anthropogenic.

Meaning of World Giraffe Day 2022

People destroy actively the mammal habitats. Following the statistics of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), nowadays there have been only about 100,000 of them left in the wild nature. These facts mean a very sad thing: the elegant creatures are approaching high-risk status. They have been already called endangered.

How to help beautiful giraffes not to disappear from the planet surface? The initial thing we have to do is to start acting together. Fighting poaching is an endless as well as dangerous and difficult process. The sooner people launch it, the better the giraffes are. It is also worth taking care of their habitats. Moreover, the more prosperous the habitat, the more active the species reproduction is.


As you perhaps understand the question “When is International Giraffe Day 2022?” involves a lot of amazing details. And today we are going to surprise you. Are you ready?

Have you ever heard that initially people didn’t even believe in the existence of these animals? Moreover, the scientists used to ground the reasons why it was impossible to meet the creatures like these ones in the wild nature. 

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The phenomena known as Fata Morgana or mirage are observed quite often in Africa. It is a situation when the observer sees distant objects in places where they are actually absent. Under this condition, the object itself or part of it can appear in an unusual form, for example, elongated in a horizontal or, more often, vertical direction, as in a distorted mirror.

Thus, it was quite natural to assume that the reason for the emergence of the version of the giraffe existence was a mirage, due to which an ordinary, well-studied animal, such as a horse, could appear to the traveler in a strange form, with an exorbitantly long neck.

However, the effect of Fata Morgana could be taken as a purely psychological factor. To a traveler lost in the desert and tormented by thirst, under the influence of high temperature and inhibited consciousness, it might begin to seem that the neck grows and stretches to a size that allows to reach the nearest oasis. It is not surprising that the human’s fantasy could create the image of an animal with an equally long neck.

World Giraffe Day Traditions

When is Giraffe Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, there are no problems with memorizing the date. It is fixed and it simultaneously means that the holiday is kept in specialized circles on June 21st annually.

As you perhaps understand there are no special traditions devoted to this holiday. Local authorities hardly organize something special this day. However, you are always free to create your own event. If you live far from the habitats of these amazing animals, go to the zoo on June 21 to watch them live.

Today, these funny mammals receive special care and close attention in different zoos and various kinds of national parks. Thus, that the creatures do not get bored, they have feeding schedules. Following them, giraffes have a particular feed enrichment of the habitat. The keepers make special feeders for loose products. They provide the necessary quantity of branch feed hung in different places (branches of ash, maple, linden, acacia and certainly fruit trees).

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In addition, employees often use various elements giraffe training and entertaining. In such a simple way they control the behavior and movement of animals. Sometimes it is necessary for veterinary examinations and various manipulations. Giraffes are also provided with special sleeping places with soft bedding (made of straw and sawdust), where animals are happy to rest.

If it is impossible to visit a zoo or a national park on June 21th, you may always devote this date to discovering something new. Nowadays there are a lot of internet articles, newspapers and documentaries about these creatures. The choices are endless. Thus, it is up to you to choose.

World Giraffe Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Giraffe Day in 2022?” we can’t but mention the details of this holiday. Today we are going to represent you a list of the most amazing things about these creatures.

  • The giraffe is the only animal that does not yawn. Never. No matter how sleepy they are. Could you believe in it?
  • Unlike humans, these funny and so elegant mammals rest fully while standing. In addition, the duration of their sleep is only five minutes. It seems quite enough. Well, it sounds terrific, doesn’t it?
  • If the giraffe is tired or preparing for a long journey, he or she lies down on the ground, picks up the front legs under the body and throws the head. Such a “deep” sleep lasts a maximum of one hour, in addition – only once a day.
  • Giraffes feed for 18-20 hours a day. However, the total amount of food absorbed is 5-6 kilograms. Well, these creatures may be a perfect example for those men and women, who are trying to keep fit.


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