Curiosity is the most forgivable human fault. Moreover, curiosity is one of the most important human virtues! It forces a person to go to unknown lands, risk their lives. Also, it is the main reason that people constantly strive to learn new things. Human curiosity is the main (if not the only essential) driving force of science. And thatโ€™s all gave a birth to such activity as tourism.

Well, to start with, letโ€™s find out what and when World Tourism Day in 2022 is?

So, National Tourism Day is held every year on 27th of September and is organized to emphasize such important activity as tourism. It should not be forgotten and we must support it by taking part in different actions frequently.


Well, in case we want to get instantly what day National Tourism Day in 2022 is, we should delve into some descriptions and details of the topic.

Modern tourism appeared in the second half of the XIX century. So there was one of the most popular types โ€“ health tourism. Its essence is to change the climate to a more favorable (mountainous or mild seaside), and to conduct a special preventive or curative course.

World Tourism Day

In Europe of the XIX century, the role of Caucasus was played by Southern Germany and the near-alpine regions of Austria and Switzerland. There, health tourism is flourishing today. Places tourists visit are called resorts and usually combine high-class hotels, springs of curative mineral waters or mud and historical sights. By virtue of this combination, it is acquiring the signs of another type of travel – cognitive tourism.

And when tourism, as a mass hobby, appeared at all? More than two millennia ago, at the time of Ancient Rome, such activity appeared.

Magnificent roads pierced the empire from north to south, connecting the most remote provinces. And these were very high-quality roads – paved flat cobblestone or gravel, equipped with curbs (even bumpers, especially in dangerous mountain areas), wide enough to advance two wagons or a military column. The movement was left-sided – in order to protect foot passengers and counter traffic from accidental blows of the driver’s whipped. On plain plots, the roads were equipped with cuvettes for drainage of rainwater from the roadway. There were taverns on the waysides, where you could rest and refresh yourself, and stations where you could feed the horses and repair the wagon. The roads were supplied with clear signs and travel cards and tourist schemes (not only in the form of scrolls or tables but also in the form of drawings on various subjects, for example, on silver bowls) were sold to special tourist offices.

Ancient Rome took part as well. It is unlikely that it was health tourism – the cities of the empire by modern standards were small and relatively clean (in any case, the townspeople did not suffer from smog and industrial pollution of the habitat). The necessity to rest from the benefits of civilization did not arise, but people sought to see distant cities and “miracles of light.”

By the way, Strabo, the author of the first list of “wonders of the world”, singled out and described five of them, not seven, only mentioning in the passing of the Lighthouse of Faros and the temple of Artemis. And the gardens of Babylon by that time no longer existed. These attractions were known to everyone, so Strabo did not stop at them.

Tourism in ancient Rome was very popular, and adherence to the home-stay could spoil the reputation of the family (it was believed that only scum and close-minded, limited people who shut themselves up in their provincial world do not take a great interest in travel). As for the Roman roads, the experience of their construction was adopted by the bellicose Persians, who at the time of the highest heyday (in the era of Alexander the Great) united the satrapies with a network of roads that improved the control over the captured territories and provided a fast connection between remote cities.

The emergence of the first hotel industry enterprises is associated with Ancient Rome (about 50 BC). In the vast Roman Empire, there were many officials and merchants, who often had to travel on business. For their placement, inns were built, located along the main roads in towns and villages.

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With the decline of the Roman Empire (1st century AD), inns and taverns that lost their clientele were ruined. Only four centuries later, in the era of the Middle Ages, with the development of trade and travel, the accommodation enterprises began to revive.

The rapid development of the European economy in the Renaissance, the emergence of new crafts, the expansion of trade between countries – all this also contributed to the growing need for inns.

Englishmen traveling in Europe or moving to America brought with them the experience of building and managing taverns and inns, which laid the foundation for the modern hotel industry.

As tourist activity is one of the most labor-intensive and acts as a regulator of employment of the population, an important role is assigned to vocational education in tourism. Given such characteristics of the tourist market as dynamic variability, the emergence of new trends and methods of entrepreneurship, it is important to teach tourism professionals to navigate in the conjuncture and dynamics of the tourist market. Only an educated, appropriately trained specialist is able to create a competitive product and realize it in the tourist services market.


What does Tourism Day mean will undoubtedly facilitate all the details and traditions. So, when Tourism Day is held, the main target is to honor this activity and gather a team of your friends and relatives to travel your country, city, or the whole continent. Furthermore, on this day many tourism festivals are held so you can try yourself to anyone and do not forget about posts on social media with #NationalTourismDay2022 hash tag, then click on in any social network and share your experience and emotions with others.


What is the date of World Tourism Day 2022? The calendar has supervised us with this topic and we can turn to another.

World Tourism Day

The holiday means you should not forget about traveling because it allows you to take the mind of the routine life and get some new business and creative ideas that would help you in getting a bigger profit. As it was mentioned above, the day organizes many theme festivals that inspire people and open new opportunities in many spheres by making new contacts.

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This day, when is International Tourism Day 2022, is celebrated in most countries of the world. In many cities, there are meetings of tourists, conferences, festivals, concerts and other festive events. Tourist hikes and trips to nature are arranged.

Travelers, employees of travel agencies, shops selling equipment, employees of tourism development organizations participate in the celebrations. The Assembly of the tourist organization actively invites all the inhabitants of the planet to travel. On this day, activities are carried out to popularize public tourism, the dissemination of ideas for active recreation and visits to different parts of the earth. Thematic programs are broadcast on television and radio stations. The main characters tell about distant countries, exotic places of the planet. Tourism is becoming more popular, the heads of state are trying to simplify the procedure for traveling abroad as much as possible. People travel to each other for exchange and deepen their knowledge.

National Tourism Day Facts

  1. About two centuries ago, only the representatives of the richest sections of society could go on trips. For ordinary citizens, the first round was possible only in 1840. At that time, world tourism was born.
  2. The reports of many travel companies say that the most popular excursion is visiting the abandoned Ukrainian city of Chernobyl. The radiation zone beckons with danger, as well as the opportunity to see mutated animals and plants, which you will not find anywhere with a 100% probability.
  3. The most expensive tourist trip in the world is a space tour. The American businessman and multibillionaire paid for the opportunity to fly into space twenty million dollars.
  4. The idea of ัreating a comfortable tourism came to Adolf Hitler. He believed that people need to spend their holidays in the most comfortable conditions in order to increase their efficiency and stress resistance.

So, keep in touch with all national festivals and donโ€™t forget to rest traveling anywhere and taking your best friends and relatives with you.


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