Quite a risqué topic you’re going to delve into today. A spice holiday means a spicy story! So, collect your thoughts and be ready to find out – when is National 69 Day in 2022?


The mankind got to know the pleasantness of the oral sex from the ancient times. The sources claim that the folks of the Middle East discovered it in the most natural way – by watching over nature and its inhabitants. To put it simply, the humans adopted it from the animals. So the observation of the world around, inquisitiveness, and experiments entailed the development of the art of love. Even the Old Testament says the Jews lived among the die-hard sodomites – Babylonians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, and others – who couldn’t help revealing all delights of the oral satisfaction.

In the Ancient Greece, the fellation was called like “playing the flute”. It was glorified in the opuses of the Greek and Roman poets which clearly show its wide popularity among the people. During the Middle Ages, the oral activities were banned and the violators were sentenced to the cruel penalties, so there weren’t any documents left that would demonstrate the existence of the prohibited bed games. But it did exist across Europe.

time for some 69

In India, the art of the love started to develop long before the birth of the Christ. The well-known KamaSutra – one of the very first sex “student book” – contains the whole chapter dedicated to the oral coition. Yet it was called like “rotation with the mouth” or “licking of the mango fruit”.

In the Northern Africa, that act was a usual and pleasant thing widespread among all races and estates. It was believed to be more intimate and exciting than the traditional sex because it gave the strongest enjoyment and was hotter and more passionate.

The Turks thought that the oral games provided wider diversity and more tender notes of the satisfaction as it was something new and not tried so far. Among the Arabs, the oral sex was also spread, especially in Tunisia, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, and Afghanistan. In a nutshell, since the origin of the human, there were so many countries that practiced the oral coition and considered it to be the essential part of the sexual life that we today could blush to the roots of the hair if hearing the ancestors’ stories!

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The holiday itself has no any records of when and how it was created. However, if the mighty Internet knows this observance, that means someone put it in there, and the holiday does exist. When is International 69 Day 2022? Aren’t you too shy to know?


What does National 69 Day mean? It means spending the day practicing one of the most popular poses in the history of love between the males and females.

Indeed, the 69 thing is widely spread. According to the researches – how were they carried out? – seventy percent of the couples are regularly involved in the oral activities. And there is nothing surprising as that sort of sex allow the partners to satisfy each other mutually and simultaneously. Not so many poses can boast that feature.

On the other side, speaking of the oral sex, it could also be used as the foreplay. Even if it’s like that, the diversity never gets boring. On top of that, a lot of the partners – around forty-five percent of the interviewed – use that pose for the total satisfaction of each other. And that is normal, too, as it is able to bring the unspeakable enjoyment.

In a word, the 69 pose is obviously multifunctional and it noticeably extends the borders of the couple’s sexual opportunities and gives the new sensations. Relieving the monotony of the intimate life, both of the partners feel the other emotions that make the process more memorable.

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Regardless of what day World 69 Day in 2022 takes place on, remember of the versatility of that pose!

However, there some advantages and disadvantages of the 69. Let’s start with the first ones. The pose is good for the women who like to be on top. They don’t suffer under the weight of the lover who can lose control and just squeeze the soul out of the body. But it is not so important, if a man is not that bigger than a woman, the change of the location is always welcomed. Also, those locations could be various, too. The lion’s share of the practitioners starts with the man laying on his back and woman sitting on top. Why not try the other unusual angles? If a man does not want to have a woman in the dominating position, then he can be on top but leaning in his arms. But doesn’t he dare to fall at the end! It both of the partners is quite heavy, the pose could give an easy time. Or, laying top to tail. No load of the weights but the minimum of the body contact, but this depends on the preferences.The most difficult sort of the 69 is for the strong man’s arms. He stands on the knees and turns his partner in the way that her thighs are on his shoulders, the head is, well, you know where. Aspecialcharm, isn’tit?

Okay, now it’s time for the pose’s downsides. The refine appreciators and enthusiasts of the oral sex claim that almost none of the couples can reach the peak of the satisfaction in that positions. Do you agree? Then, there is an issue that the oral sex gives so bright sensations to both of the partners that it’s too hard to concentrate on the partner’s, not yours, emotions. Plus, it’s difficult to reach the synchronized movements and one of the participants always comes to the end first. Of course, after that moment, the feelings of the other fellow are long forgotten. Nevertheless, some couples are still able to finish at the same time. But it takes a lot of the concentration and the ability to respond to any changes in the process.

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What is the date of National 69 Day 2022? It annually happens on June 9th!

69 sculpture


The pose is the intimate moment between the man and woman. The men like those kinds of sex but sometimes are afraid of trusting their most valuable feature to the women, even to the one they know for years. Some advice won’t be too much, will it? No matter what both of you like in the bed, perform everything with the tenderness and care, don’t turn the process into the intense waiting for something unexpected and undesirable. Use all your opportunities to make the process brighter, more interesting and, of course, more pleasant. The stroking, tickling, light biting – but be sure to find everything out in advance to avoid the misunderstanding. What about the hands? They are good helpers, too, just check it out for yourself. What else? Think of the champagne and its bubbles, peppermint candies or hot tea. The imagination is not limited at all. But the appropriate finish is something that both of the participants want, don’t they? So turn it into the long-lasting game, not a five-minutefavor. And, of course, the most important rule is that any kind of sex is not an art if there is no feeling of love between the partners.


We won’t make you turn red anymore as with that part of the celebration – we’re sure – you’re better to decide on your own. Overall, the name itself tells you what to do!

Make a firm fixture in your calendar, when is 69 Day in 2022, and don’t forget to warn your partner in advance.

International 69 DayFacts

  • Interestingly, only the women’s health magazines refer to the holiday as the annual observance. No mention among the men’s magazines.


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