Old New Year

What kind of holiday is this?

On January 14, Ukraine and some other countries celebrate the New Year according to the Julian calendar. This holiday is also called the old New Year. Traditionally, it is considered the final in the cycle of Christmas holidays, although the celebration of Epiphany is still ahead. However, it is in the middle of January that cities begin to take down garlands, clean up Christmas trees and switch to the post-holiday mode of operation. If you are interested in the history and traditions of the holiday, sit back and read on.

How did the idea of ​​celebrating the Old New Year come about?

The name itself Old New Year is quite controversial, as it combines concepts that are opposite in meaning: old and new. However, together they express a certain content. The holiday appeared as a result of a change in the style of chronology. It is celebrated in those Orthodox countries where the church continues to use the Julian calendar.

It was the Julian style of chronology that was used by our ancestors. This calendar included 12 months that depended on natural phenomena. The Julian calendar was used in our lands until the beginning of the 20th century and was 2 weeks behind the Gregorian calendar, which was used by Western European countries at that time.

In order to reduce this gap, on February 25, 1918, the Central Rada adopted a law on the introduction of the Gregorian calendar. Thus, the celebration of the new year moved back two weeks, and January 14, which fell on St. Basil’s Day, continued to be celebrated as the New Year according to the old calendar. That’s how the name Old New Year appeared.

In addition to Ukraine and other countries in the post-Soviet space, the New Year is celebrated according to the old calendar in some regions of Switzerland, as well as in Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. Each country has its own customs and rites of celebration.

How to celebrate the Old New Year?

On the morning of January 14, housewives cooked buckwheat and tried to predict the future of the family from it. The cooking process itself was important. If the water was leaking from the pan – you should expect trouble, a nice rich porridge testified that a good daughter is growing in the family. If the buckwheat turned out to be gray and sticky, this is not good. Buckwheat porridge was eaten by the whole family, without leaving a single spoon, otherwise it was possible to bring disaster to the house.

In the morning, our ancestors went to the nearest reservoir to wash with cold water. This ensured cheerfulness and health not only on the day of the holiday, but also for the whole year.

What dishes to prepare for the Old New Year?

The central place on the table on this day always belonged to a corner, and not a lean one, as on Christmas Eve, but a rich, generous one. And the table itself should be diverse. On this day, good hosts put sausages, meat dishes from pork, dumplings, pastries on the table. The more dishes there are on the table on the Old New Year, the more prosperity the family will have.

It is customary for Vasyl to sculpt dumplings with different fillings. Usually they are molded by the whole family, a coin is hidden in one dumpling. Happy is the one who finds a dumpling with a surprise, in the coming year he will be rich. In addition to coins, other surprises were hidden in dumplings and pies. A button is a symbol of something new, a ring is a symbol of a wedding, salt is tears, sugar is a happy sweet life.


In the morning of January 14, it is time to sow. It is interesting that only boys can sow. Young men go from house to house, say New Year’s greetings and scatter grains of wheat in the owner’s house. Greetings and wishes are aimed at the generosity and prosperity of the hosts. Girls do not go to sow, they can only be generous in the evening, on the eve of the holiday.

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Folk signs

During the many years of existence of the Old New Year holiday, interesting folk signs have been collected, which are worth listening to.

  • A bright starry sky on the night of January 14 indicates a large harvest of wild berries.
  • Foggy day and evening – for a harvest year.
  • If the branches of the trees are covered with fluffy frost, then in summer and autumn it will be possible to collect a lot of honey.
  • A blizzard on January 14 – it is worth waiting for a large walnut harvest.
  • A quiet and clear night foretold a happy year for the owners and their livestock.
  • Our ancestors did not just believe in omens, they observed the general state of the weather and mood of people, herbs. Every detail mattered for the next year.
  • It is believed that on the Old New Year, a man should enter the house first, otherwise one should expect trouble.
  • Fish and poultry dishes are not served on the table on January 14. This can lead to the fact that happiness flies away or floats away from home. Pork is considered lucky for this day.
  • On the eve of the Old New Year, grooms can again send their suitors to the family of the girl who refused.
  • It is also believed that a couple who will marry on January 14 will be happy throughout their lives.

What can not be done on the Old New Year?

Like other holidays, the holiday of Basil, or the Old New Year, has its prohibitions. Yes, on January 14 you cannot:

  • Paying the sowers in money is how you can bring wealth out of the house.
  • It is not advisable to lend money so as not to be in debt in the New Year.
  • Swearing, quarrels, insults are prohibited on this day. It is also necessary to forget old resentments.
  • It is not desirable to solve problems with money and pay in small bills.
  • On January 14, you can’t take garbage out of the house.

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When will we celebrate? Old New Year?

Year Date Weekday
2021 January 14 Thursday
2022 January 14 Friday
2023 January 14 Saturday
2024 January 14 Sunday
2025 January 14 Tuesday

Old New Year


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