There are not so many things in our world that have gained popularity in a short period. Many factors influenced a process of their success but the main one is a market audience. In case you have chosen a right consumer, then you will have a better situation. Moreover, the audience age is another important factor which directly influences all possibilities of marketing. Today, we are discussing probably the most successful product that has ever been sold out. The main key to itโ€™s victory and profit in this situation is a right choice of the audience age. Letโ€™s define when is National Rubber Duckie Day in 2020?

The global observance is held yearly on 13th of January. The main purpose is to commemorate and recall a history of this product. An author remains unknown but it didnโ€™t stop us from finding roots of the holiday and some legends were found.


Well, as it was mentioned above, the creator is still unknown and we had to to find more information for our audience. Its creation is connected with 1949, when this toy was officially invented. As there were many evolution stages of the creation, different varieties of the toy are also known to global society. The most famous legend is about a teenager who was fascinated with an idea of creating the yellow toy that would become popular all over the world. In 1948, he got a patent for a yellow animal toy similar to a duck and could make a sound of one and a local businessman supported him and began its production. Now, letโ€™s delve into the historical roots of the rubber duck for better understanding what day World Rubber Duckie Day in 2020 is.

Rubber Duckies

The history of the duck dates back to the 1800s when rubber was increasingly used. It passed through a serious evolution before rubber became well-known. In 1886, a rather naturalistic ducky decoy was patented in the US – a so-called device that imitated a sound of animals or birds voices and was used to lure them. In 1904, a patent was issued for a rubber animal with sounds – it was already a toy, but not yet the duck. In 1928 there was the hollow rubber toy-duck – itโ€™s true that it was not conceived as a toy for a bath. Then few more ducks were issued for different purposes, and in 1949, the little yellow duck was finally patented in California.

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A secret of frenzied popularity is simple: the sense of the toy duck is that it does not sink. The duck has become an integral part of the bathing ritual, like a washcloth or shampoo. Today, besides the usual yellow rubber ducks, hundreds of different variations of this mega-popular toy are produced – all colors of a rainbow, on various topics (festive, sports, political, etc.). Some firms produce ducks dressed in different costumes and resembling popular historical or literary characters.

Moreover, there are clubs of rubber duck lovers, online forums, and specialized stores all over the world. Eccentric duck collectors, ready to pay fabulous money for these “treasures”, now live in Britain, Germany etc.


What does National Rubber Duckie Day mean? Actually, it is a simple day to be celebrated and we are going to tell you how. Firstly, in case you donโ€™t know about the holiday object you should google and search for an information. Grab your family and friends to get acquainted with the holiday together. Secondly, you can visit many duck lovers clubs and forums to better understand the whole volume of the celebration. Communicate with new people, make friends, and get pleasure. Thirdly, you can purchase the yellow toy to take your bath with the special ritual.

The product was extremely popular among children but adults are indifferent to it. In 1969, almost every American child had the yellow sound duck which was helping them to take a bath. Sometimes, it even caused an addiction to the product and many children refused to take a bath without the yellow stuff. So, keep in mind when is International Rubber Duckie Day 2020 to find more interesting facts.

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A fascination with all kinds of halls of glory in recent years has become a global phenomenon. However, they havenโ€™t such popularity anywhere except North America. There are the halls for hockey, basketball, baseball glory, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Astronauts Hall of Fame and even the US Military Intelligence Hall of Fame. In 1998, enthusiasts from an American city of Rochester, New York, established the National Toysโ€™ Hall of Fame.

A special commission of 23 people, which includes collectors, designers, and psychologists, annually selects those toys that make the most influence on a younger generation. Candidates for the Toys Hall of Fame are presented with several main requirements: they must have a status of a cultural icon, an experience of several generations, to promote learning, creativity and search activity, and significantly affect a design or a game world.

Thus, nowadays, more than 50 toys have entered the Hall of Fame, including the Teddy bear, Barbie, plasticine, bicycle, Lego, Monopoly etc. In 2013, the list was updated with a yellow rubber duck, which, according to reports of the American Marketing Association, since 1991, is among the top twenty most popular gifts.

Artist Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck


What is the date of National Rubber Duckie Day 2020? Turn back to the beginning of the article to refresh your mind. There are many traditions set during the history of the rubber duck production. The most strange one is that a majority of programmers has the yellow toy on their workplace. This is an extraordinary way to solve complex and confusing tasks. A person puts the toy helper on a desktop; when he has a question that is difficult to answer, he asks the toy. It is believed a correct wording of the question contains at least half of the answer. Moreover, yearly thousands of people gather at New York Rubber Duck Pool which accommodates more than 2.000 people with their toys. The party is sponsored by many transnational corporations like Cola, Nestle etc.

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The main tradition is to support the R.D.D. on social media by posting photos and videos with a hashtag #R.D.D.2020.

International Rubber Duckie Day Facts

  • In 2007, the Guinness Book was marked by a record: a collection of 2.583 unique, different from each other ducks were found in the castle of Britain collection.
  • The British established the annual Great British Duck Race when thousands of people launch their ducklings into the Thames and watch whose toy first reaches the finish ribbon. The record number of the toys has already exceeded 250,000 thousand of rubber ducks.
  • A Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman built the 16-meter rubber duck and visited Amsterdam, Sydney, Osaka, and Honolulu. In October 2013, the giant duck appeared in the USA, where it sailed calmly in a bay on a shore of which a city of Pittsburgh is located.
  • In 2013, the US state of Wisconsin adopted a special law, legalizing the race of rubber ducks, which became a favorite entertainment for local residents.

In conclusion, you should have your own toy and keep in mind when is Rubber Duckie Day in 2020, with the calendar.


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