All over the planet many people can’t answer the question “When is World Oceans Day in 2022?” immediately. And frankly speaking it is not surprising, as they are not going to celebrate this event and it isn’t considered to be an official one, when we shouldn’t work or study.

But nevertheless, this occasion really deserves much attention.

And now we will explain why.


All in all it’s impossible to answer the question “When is World Oceans Day 2022?” without taking into account the historical background of this event. According to some documents, the decision to hold it annually was adopted on June 8 as to the Canadian initiative during the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development officially made in Rio-92.

World Oceans Day

Since 1993, this day has been celebrated unofficially on June 8 in many parts of the world.

We should also mention that the idea of holding events in honor of World Oceans Day, as well as the organization of the holiday came up with someone from the participants of the summit in Brazil 17 years before a significant date.

But only the UN members were able to put it into practice. And it wasn’t a sudden decision. – The matter is that until the end of the first ten years of the previous millennium, the ocean problems became more actual.

In 1998 during the International Ocean Year this special occasion was adopted by Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO.


What does World Oceans Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is easy and at the same time rather difficult to answer this question properly.

That’s a day which gives an occasion to remember that the ocean in general is the life cradle on our planet. The ocean resources are considered to be a key to improvement, development and, certainly, the continued existence of human civilization, now its space’s an important arena of the global trade.

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That’s the explanation why the answer to the question “What is the date of World Oceans Day 2022?” can be interesting for many spheres all over the planet. The first event, officially recognized, was held in 2009 under the special motto.


Each year this celebration’s held under the auspices of the words and expressions mentioned above, as well as the most of the activities of this kind, organized by UN.

Nowadays on this date local authorities organize a great number of various environmental actions.ย  These people try to tell the international communities about the importance of the necessity to treat carefully the oceans waters. On 8 June there is a variety of exhibitions, workshops, festivals and discussions. And every year the festival becomes more and more interesting and rich with such events.

After all, today the problem of environment pollution has reached its catastrophic level in general. The same thing is about greenhouse gases. Of course, this is the reason, why quality and quantity of water on the Earth are suffering. – The water is able to absorb CO2.

It is of common knowledge that water is very important in our life. And this statement is not something like pathos, and it is a thesis, which was proved by contemporary scientists. According to performed global research, the first “impulses” of earthly existence appeared in the life-giving moisture. We also can’t but mention that world ocean occupies more than 70% of the entire surface, and its main components are represented by the oceans.


In recent years, non-governmental bodies have coordinated policy in the field of Oceans Day performing with interested state and non-state institutions, which are mostly represented by huge aquariums, contemporary zoos, museums, nature reserves, universities and secondary schools.

So it is really easy to find out what day World Oceans Day in 2022, but would you like to know how to spend the day of the oceans?

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World Oceans Day

All in all there’re many ways to do it. For example, you can watch the movies about the oceans and their inhabitants, read some books or magazines. If you like it is possible to take an active part in various discussions, which are organized this day in museums, libraries, city aquariums and sometimes even in the book stores. Do you want to celebrate it at home and alone? Frankly speaking it is quite easy: find the audio with rumbling sounds of water, turn it on, close your eyes and enjoy. By the way, according to the specialistsโ€™ point of view, it is also a perfect way to relax after busy week. – At least for a moment, imagine yourself there, on the huge water element shore, and your mood certainly will rise!

Oceans Day Facts

When is World Oceans Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any problem, but how much do you know about these terrific and astonishing, powerful and exciting natural element? Letโ€™s discover some very important facts.

  • Pacific Ocean

Top 5 is opened by the Pacific Ocean, which is considered to be largest water basin on the Earth. Due to its vast expanses, in the ancient times it got the name “The Great Ocean.” And this was despite the fact that the researchers of that time didn’t have almost any tools and mechanisms. By the way it may sound strange but they guessed the area. It’s really impressive and not less than 178.620 million km2. The Pacific Ocean was opened by Vasko Nunes de Balbos, the Spanish explorer. The ocean plays an important role in the development of shipping, commerce and aviation industry, as a great number of important transport routes pass through it.

World Oceans

  • Atlantic Ocean
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Atlantic Ocean was the center of communications for the ancient Greeks. But the Normans, Vikings and Phoenicians traveled there too. The “water reservoir” is deep (3500 m) and the water temperature varies depending on the geographic area in the range of from 0 to 27o C. Usually Atlantic has rich flora and fauna.

  • Indian Ocean

It’s the warmest water basin on the planet, because it washes the hot coasts of Africa, Asia, and Australia. Red and Arabian Seas as well as famous Bengal and Arabian Gulfs, which attract a great amount of tourists, arrange there. Here you can also get spectacular local scenery and sunsets.

  • Arctic and Antarctic Oceans

There’re only two cold oceans in the world: the Arctic and Antarctic, which is sometimes called the Southern. The first’s the smallest of the five oceans of the Earth. It takes the second after the Pacific place as to the number of islands. The main feature of this “water reservoir” is that only 10% of it is represented with water, the rest is 4 m thick ice layer.

We should mention that Southern or Antarctic Ocean occupies the fourth position in the list of the “water bodies” size. According to the name, we can understand that it surrounds Antarctica. But why it has the second title like “South”? The specialists are sure that the origin of the term refers to the XVIII century. – At that time, this area only came under the gaze of researchers. However, initially the Southern Ocean was considered to be only a part of one of the others. The status of the self it acquired only in 1937, but in the documents it was written in 2000. The ocean area is 20 327 thousand. Km2. The water is always cold, as the temperature does not rise above + 10.


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