When is Indianapolis 500 in 2022? – That is the question, which can be easily answered only by people, who are involved in racing and/or take part in the competitions. That is an important event in the sport world.

So let’s discuss it in details and from the very beginning.


Frankly speaking, it is impossible to answer the question โ€œWhat is the date if Indianapolis 500 2022?โ€ without mentioning the historical background of this event.

In distant 1909 it was built the first US track of gravel and asphalt especially for car racing. But unfortunately the significant and constant deterioration of the coating led to many deaths. A large number of spectators convinced the owner of that place, the businessman, called Carl G. Fisher for the improvement. This man decided to do everything possible to improve the road and invested 155,000 dollars in the total repair. But that was not all, of course. โ€“ He also spent $3.2 million for bricks and concrete wall of 0.84 m height around the track. It was necessary for the visitorsโ€™ protection.

Indianapolis 500 2017

In 1910 the amount of participants as well as viewer reduced and the organizers decided to invent something like a big race similar to European 24 Hours of Le Mans. The question was what track length to choose. After continuous talking and thinking they gave preference to choose the race for 500 miles, which is up to the present moment equals 200 circles on the track Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The second important point was a sum of the main award. Frankly speaking, it was 25,000 dollars (then equivalent to 37.615 kg gold), which allowed the race to receive privileged status in the racing world.

The very first race took place on May 10 1911. That competition was visited by 80,000 spectators. But not all the cars were allowed. You should have a car with cylinder capacity of 9800 cc engine in order to participate.

In 1912 the racing award was doubled up to $ 50,000. And the race attracted the attention of Europeans, who started to win almost all the races.

After World War I the leading positions in the development of powerful racing cars production changed in the USA. The main leadership was taken by the local engineer H.Miller.

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The Europeans returned to Indy 500 only at the very end of 1930. But they couldnโ€™t win, as the Americans dominated the race significantly. The situation stayed the same until 1950.

European technology and progress was rather rapid for the competitiveness of American manufacturers. And since 1978 all major auto especially for Indy 500 participants have been constructed on the basis of European chassis, as well as engines.

We should mention that since 1980 more non-American participants began to race. And nowadays they even dominate.

Up to the present moment the racing competition is visited by about 270 thousand people every year.


What does Indianapolis 500 mean? Have you ever thought about this question? The famous and so bright race in Indianapolis is one of the most important events for the city during all the year round. Authorities are preparing for the event long before the immediate ceremonies. On the town streets you see different parades and festivals and can even an active take part in them. All the walls are usually covered with advertisements of race arrival. And on every street corner there are plenty of tents with various souvenirs: small car models, flags, statues, books with racer’s biographies, coins, posters, artificial awards etc.ย  When activity around the track gradually thickens, the air fills up with the sense and delight of the upcoming event. And almost every guest has a T-shirt or a cap of favorite racer or team, including exotic for this place Dale Earnhardt Sr. and “Ferrari”.

The audience is going to the feast. They are really ready to celebrate this long expected event.ย  From the powerful rock festival for young people, this race differs only by the existence of various sports symbols and roaring like a fighter aircraft, automobiles. Indianapolis is generally known for its cultural traditions. And that is why we shouldn’t reduce the meaning of the race only to a simple competition for locals. Everybody seems to know the answer to the question “What is the date of Indianapolis 500 2022?” here.

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Indianapolis 500


Indianapolis 500-Mile Race is an annual fast road race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track, which is organized in the suburbs of Indianapolis (the state of Indiana). As it was mentioned above it usually takes part last Monday in May just in the national holiday of Memorial Day. By the way not everybody knows that in 1950-1960 the famous and so popular race at Indianapolis was considered to be one of the important stages of the Formula 1 championship.

Nowadays contemporary “Indianapolis 500” is more than a race. It’s a real engine of the city as well as the country in general. So that is why it is not a surprise that the locals’ll answer the question “When is Indianapolis 500 2022?” without any hesitations.


Since 1936, according to very famous and rather appreciated tradition, each winner, who is standing on the contest podium, gets a bottle of fresh milk. The tradition itself was started almost one hundred years ago, in 1933, by Louis Meyer, who received second win in India. It was a real success. But after the third win in 1936, he asked for an empty glass of milk and a bottle of fresh milk. The contests organizers were really surprised to hear it, but they gave him everything.

Photographer took the picture of Meyer drinking his milk and holding three fingers as a sign of his third victory.

In 1947-1955 people seemed to forget about this tradition, but they restored it soon after. And now we can say that in 1956 Emerson Fittipaldi tried to do the same, but he was drinking an orange juice. Nowadays the local dairy companies offer milk to all the winners of the race once again and we should mention that today’s winners are served 2% skim milk.

Indianapolis 500 race

Indianapolis 500 Facts

Frankly speaking, race is considered to be the culmination of all that is happening. But visiting this place during the competition, you will be always busy. There are a lot of things to do, so you won’t get bored. For several days the track is filled with an atmosphere of anticipation and total relaxation. Before the event all the guest have time to visit the Museum of the glory of Indianapolis.

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At the very day, when the show begins the tribunes are filled three hours before the starting ceremony.

As a rule a great amount of people gather here to share the spectacular views and exciting atmosphere. The family members from six to sixty-six years old, young couples, groups of teenagers are roaming between stalls with fast food, stalls of collectors and pit lanes. Before the start you can get past the bridge, where in a few hours the experienced strategists will choose between fresh tires and a first position on the track. Would you like to take a picture? – No problems! You can do it without any problems. And it is quite free. You see, your mates will definitely envy you because of this photo, which is considered to be rare and unique.

Gradually the starting place is filled with members, who are driven there on special cars. When is Indianapolis 500 in 2022, calendar will explain you without any difficulties. Many visitors remember about this day as about the opportunity to get straight on the famous road and walk past the participants. Even if the steward would not let you go directly to the racing track, you can jump over the fence together with the mechanics at the end of the pit wall. At that very moment the racers are busy preparing for the start, the stars are giving recent interviews that is why there is no any fever at the starting area. But everyone, who has come here, understands that ahead you will have or watch three hours of fight for one of the main training sports trophy in the world.

Starting ceremony, according to the schedule, begins at noon. But all the members as well as the participants, of course, are at their places a long before the requested time. Everybody comes in advance. On the track the racers, as well as mechanics, gather around their cars. There is one very important role in this competition. – Do you know what it is? – To be an announcer, of course. With the help of radio translation, this person should warm the atmosphere, listing the participants’ winnings.


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