When is National Malaria Day in 2019? As a rule, modern people are hesitating trying to find the answer to this question. And in fact, it is not surprising, as the problem is up-to-date in some definite part of the planet, not everywhere. Today we are going to introduce this direction to our readers. Are you going to be involved?


Talking about the matter what day World Malaria Day in 2019 is, we would like to introduce our readers something really amazing about this direction. As a rule, all the themes concerning the historical background of the holiday are of great demand.

Annually, on the eve of April 25, the representatives of WHO want to draw attention to the existing issues of this disease prevention. All in all, this is an activity that is crucial for the immediate reducing the general amount of deaths from this problem, which is able to kill severely more than 400,000 men and women each year.

Beginning from 2000, the prevention of malaria has played an essential role in reducing significantly the amount of illness cases appearance and death. As a rule, it is done mainly by increasing the use of special insecticide-treated mosquito nets and particular spraying insecticides on the premises.

malaria day

On the territories in sub-Saharan Africa, which are characterized by the highest concentration, more and more people are sleeping or resting in general under the provided insecticide-treated nets. Thus, in 2015, the estimated proportion of both men and women at risk using this prophylactic was 53%, whereas in 2010 it was only 30%. It is difficult to believe, but in 20 African countries, the quantity of pregnant women who have undergone preventive treatment is from 2010 to 2015 increased 5 times.

The expansion of prevention means is paying off: by the latest WHO reports, many states with ongoing huge malaria transmission have been able to significantly reduce the burden of this severe disease. Globally from 2010 to 2015 the quantity of new cases of the problem has decreased by 21%. For the same five-year period, the death rate from malaria has decreased by 29%.

However, nowadays it is necessary to speed up the work seriously. The WHO Global Technical Strategy for the introduced illness reports for a 45% reduction in illness and deaths by 2020 as compared with the 2015 reports. It is difficult to believe, but less than half of the countries on the planet where malaria transmission is occurring are confidently moving towards the achievement of these targets. Work is particularly slow in low-income countries, where there is a high level of malaria burden.


What does Malaria Day mean? Well, we are almost sure that you can answer this question without our help and prompts. And to tell you the truth, certainly, it is only up to you to decide whether to spend April 25th in a different way or to live it like any other twenty-four hours of your life.

It is difficult to believe, but in the modern world there are more than 200 million men and women, who become infected with malaria annually. Unfortunately, approximately 660 thousand of them die. About 90% cases of them happen on the territories of sub-Saharan Africa. The residents of Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and even some regions of Europe are also infected. The kids under five years old are at particular risk.

Therefore, the WHO proposed a special Global Malaria Program. In accordance with the direction working experts have to gather evidence of the problem and to develop a global policy on how to prevent it. The recommendations of the organization are thought to be the basis for the work of national programs related to this direction. And on this holiday there is a particular opportunity to mark the necessity for stable investment and substantial political commitment in order to prevent in particular and fight against the set problem in general.

In general the day is dedicated to promoting global efforts to ensure an effective fight against malaria. From the scientific point of view, it is considered to be a group of infectious diseases transmitted to humans by the bites of one of the mosquito species. The disease is usually accompanied by fever, chills, an increase in the size of the liver and spleen.


The investigation of the question “When is International Malaria Day 2019?” requires some clarifications and explanations. The theme is really amazing and involves a huge amount of various facts.

Nowadays in order to accelerate progress towards global goals, WHO calls on countries, which are affected by malaria and their development partners to increase investment in disease prevention. At the same time, the Organization is calling for more funding to create, evaluate, and introduce new tools.

Stable investments into this aim as well as into new tools will give the states the impetus to move towards eliminating the disease, while helping to achieve other Sustainable Development Aims, for example, such as promoting maternal and kid health.

Up to the present moment, with the availability of the necessary resources and the unification of all partners, the representatives of the modern society will be able to put into practice their common idea. All of them want to end with this disease forever, men and women of the contemporary world shouldn’t suffer from it.



When is Malaria Day in 2019, calendar will tell you, under the condition you really want to know the answer to this question. Do you? Frankly speaking, this information is not so difficult to be remembered. The matter is that the holiday is held regularly on April 25th and is celebrated all around the planet.

As part of the holiday, various events are usually organized. All of them are dedicated to a specific topic, which is aimed at preventing the spread of the terrible disease around the planet. Countries in endemic areas have the opportunity to share experiences and support each other in their efforts. Various research and educational institutions try to attract the attention of specialists and the general public to their scientific achievements. The representatives of the numerous international partners, companies and foundations think about how they can scale up effective events.

National Malaria Day Facts

Discussing the question “What is the date of Malaria Day in 2019?” we would like to represent our readers something really amazing about this problem, as nowadays this matter may be interesting for a huge amount of contemporary travelers.

The funniest thing is that the choice of drugs for this purpose is not as great as it might seem. There are a number of rules that you simply need to follow if you have decided to carry out prophylactic antimalarial drugs, and you have not had the opportunity or desire to see a doctor, which is wrong in itself.

Do not forget that the drugs in this group have a number of contraindications and side effects. Remember, the dose for children up to 14 years old, i.e., with a body weight of less than 45 kg, is administered according to special tables for each specific preparation. – Find time and visit the pediatrician for additional consultation!

Who should not take these drugs? – Pregnant and lactating women, people with severe diseases of the liver, kidneys or heart. The drugs are very poorly combined with alcohol, the toxicity of both ethanol and the drug you take increases. It means that taking antimalarial drugs is extremely cautious.


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