When is National Kiss and Make Up Day in 2022? Have you ever heard about the existence of this special occasion in the modern calendar? Well, as a rule, the most part of contemporary people, both men and women, answer negatively, being rather surprised at the same time to find out something new about the presence of the amazing holiday like this one in the modern calendar.


The matter what day Kiss and Make Up Day is not so easy as it may seem at the first sight. As a rule, we try to represent our readers the historical background of the events. However, unfortunately, in this case we haven’t managed to find out something special about the event appearance itself as well as about its establishes in general.

But, in our turn, we are sure that they were unique people, who wanted to live a happy life without quarrels and bad mood.


What does Kiss and Make Up Day mean? Frankly speaking we are not sure whether this special occasion means something for you or not. You see, in the modern world people are free to choose themselves what to celebrate and which occasions can be forgotten without any hesitations.

However, among the representatives of the contemporary society it often happens that people often do not see and do not understand that the lion’s share of quarrels and conflicts is, in fact, a protest of partners against emotional disunity. Getting involved in the battle, men and women seem to ask each other: “Can I rely on you? Are you with me? Do I mean something to you? Do you appreciate me? Do you accept? Do you need me? Do you trust? “

All anger, irritation, criticism and demands are actually a cry of despair. This is an attempt to reach out to loved ones and to awaken their hearts. Bring back an emotional response and restore a previous sense of safe intimacy.

Sometimes a little thing hurts our feelings. For example, a lover hasn’t answered a phone call, forgot to talk about an event significant to him or her, or come home late from work. The fact is that we can perceive such actions as a manifestation of indifference and alienation of a loved one, and this, according to the observations of scientists, causes us no less acute pain than serious physical trauma.

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Like many other directions, the matter “When is International Kiss and Make Up Day 2022?” contains a lot of hidden and at the same time rather amazing additional facts.

There are sad stories about how for years adult children do not communicate with elderly parents, brothers and sisters do not want to hear about each other, without sharing, for instance, the inheritance (and in fact, the attention to themselves from relatives), the mother-in-law does not accept daughter-in-law or even grandchildren.

These are the conflicts of former spouses who remain parents to common children, and the parting of friends who were once inseparable, the breakdowns of business partners or colleagues in creativity – work sometimes brings closer together no less than love or family.

We have to admit that sometimes the closest ties are broken for no apparent reason, and not everyone is able to withstand the burden of betrayal, deception or injustice. The saddest idea is that even though we regret it, we are not always ready to meet halfway and would rather tear this page out of the past than make peace. And this, in fact, is also a way out.


When is Kiss and Make Up Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. It is not a problem to memorize it. The holiday has a fixed date for its celebration. It is kept on August 25th annually. So you are always free to join the holiday any moment you would like to do it.

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As you perhaps understand it would be quite silly to expect that the local authorities will organize something special devoted to this occasion. However, you should not worry or become upset because of it. Under this condition everything depends on your imagination, creativity and attitude to this event.

Do you want to memorize this day? – Spend it in a special way. What about discovering something new? By the way we have an amazing idea for you. Spend your August 25th investigating you inner world and analyzing the relationships with your surroundings.

Following the specialists’ points of view, serious quarrels do not happen out of the blue, and if the relationship is subject to serious shake-ups, then it has been going on for a long time. Why does it happen? Let’s discover together.

  1. People change. Children grow up, parents grow old, adult relatives begin to live by their own interests. Friends make fateful decisions that are at odds with our views. Life does not stand still, unfortunately or fortunately, we can either accept this and adapt to our concepts, or let go of the situation and allow a person to decide his fate without us. The hardest thing is to accept changes in the family, but with some support, you can come to terms with the fact that, for example, mom and dad will never approve of your profession, but they will not love you less because of this.
  2. Extreme situation. This is the redistribution of inheritance, and divorce, and a wedding, and the birth of children. You can mentally prepare for some of them, bearing in mind that not everything will go smoothly and this is normal. Some will be evaluated later and, possibly, reconciled, taking into account the mistakes. But if, for example, contact with the ex-husband, father of the child, does more harm than good, it is better to leave it in the past.
  3. Tangle of problems. The accumulated dissatisfaction, everything that was not discussed and decided at once, can instantly cancel out all the good and for a long time not just destroy the connection, but also lead to a deep depression. It takes years to find the end of the thread.

National Kiss and Make Up Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Kiss and Make Up Day?” is very essential and today we are going to give some recommendations to all our followers. It sounds unbelievable, but a small list is able to help to live a calm life without any quarrels and regrets. The east steps restore harmony in any relationship.

  1. Realize that intimacy and affection are basic needs for everyone. We all expect from our beloved an emotional response and a sense of belonging. There is nothing wrong with that.
  2. Instead of fighting each other, try to see a common enemy – destructive behaviors. Discuss the harmful spiral in which your relationship is developing, rather than specific actions and words. Refrain from mutual accusations.
  3. Try to figure out what deep feelings are behind your behavior (sadness, confusion, shame, horror), and open your real emotions to each other. Sincerity allows you to overcome disunity.
  4. Figure out what deep feelings are behind your behavior (sadness, confusion, shame, horror), and open your real emotions to each other. Sincerity allows you to overcome disunity.
  5. Tell each other about your vulnerabilities. Some situations, carelessly thrown words, awkward actions hurt us especially strongly. Almost everyone has sore corns, formed in past or present relationships. Very often they come from childhood.
  1. Even a light touch of an unhealed mental wound evokes strong emotions. But your partner may not even know about your “sore callus” until you tell about it.
  2. Learn to be sensitive to your partner’s emotions. Lack of responsiveness destroys relationships, not the level of conflict. Knowing that a loved one is nearby and will rush to the rescue at the first call, we feel more confident and stop doubting our importance.
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