When is World Creativity and Innovation Day in 2020? The question sounds really amazing, however, only a few people are ready to reply it immediately and without any hesitations. A significant part of contemporary men and women have never heard about its existence. And this is in vain, of course, because the holidays like this one are ready to bring a lot positive feelings and emotions for everybody.


Certainly, we understand quite well that the direction like what day National Creativity and Innovation Day in 2020 is needs a lot additional explanations and clarifications. As a rule, the readers are glad to find out something special about the past of the event. Unfortunately, under these conditions we are not ready to inform you much, because the holiday is considered to be more or less new. To tell you the truth, it is only one year old, as initially it was established in 2018.

The date of its celebration was chosen not occasionally. It is six days after the Leonardo da Vinci Birthday and one day before the famous and globally appreciated International Mother Earth Day.

Unfortunately, we donโ€™t know much about the establishers of this occasion. We donโ€™t know their names, but we are sure that have done a great job, launching this holiday worldwide.

Creativity and Innovation


What does Creativity and Innovation Day mean? All in all it is only up to you to make a corresponding decision whether to celebrate this special occasion or to forget completely about it. You see, nobody can tell you what holidays to keep and which ones to forget.

Modern society with its tendency to innovate makes special demands on the professional and personal qualities of a specialist in various fields of activity. The sphere of artistic innovation is very exceptional and determines the presence of the whole complex of qualities necessary for its implementation.

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The activity of the composer, being a type of artistic innovation, is associated with the creation of musical works that reflect the originality of the artistโ€™s worldview and worldview, the birth of new musical ideas, the search for author’s expressive means, etc. Therefore, one of the most important qualities required in composing activity is creativity.

In the scientific, musical and pedagogical literature, the problem of creativity has not been studied enough, its significance has not been revealed as the most important factor in the composerโ€™s professional skills, the content and morphological composition of creativity in the composerโ€™s activities have not been determined.

Creativity as a scientific category is included in the conceptual apparatus of various sciences and is considered from the perspective of philosophical-aesthetic, musicological, musical pedagogical and musical-psychological approaches. It is this feature that forms the basis and essence of the composerโ€™s activities, which to a greater extent than any other types of musical activity is associated with the work and the ability to generate new ideas.


The investigation of the direction โ€œWhen is International Creativity and Innovation Day 2020?โ€ has shown that this theme requires additional pieces of information. All in all, innovation is the ability to create and to find new original ideas, deviating from the accepted thinking patterns to successfully solve the challenges in an unusual way. This is a vision of problems from a different angle and their solution in a unique way. Creative thinking is a revolutionary and constructive thinking that is constructive.

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Creative thinking has value in business, science, culture, art, politics, – in a word, in all dynamic life areas where competition is developed. This is its value to society. For example, entrepreneurship allows creativity to see the perspective where it would have seemed long gone. If a certain niche is filled with competitors, they can come up with something new. This type of writing allows writers to find original stories that are hard to put off reading.

Psychological state helps to invent new methods of communication with clients. Creativity of scientists is an important factor in human progress. And how important is the creative approach for such professions as: engineer, designer, PR agent, advertiser (advertising manager, and advertising agent) innovations go hand in hand.

The focus of the educational process on the formation of professional competencies actualizes the need to develop the innovation of the individual, since initiative acts in composer activity not only as desirable personal quality, but also professionally important quality, that is, manifests as a factor of professional competence of a specialist. The activity of the composer is a unique phenomenon, and in a number of other types of musical and creative activities has a pronounced specificity related to the ability to generate new ideas, synthesize new artistic images and clothe them in new musical forms, and also has an unusual way of thinking, rich imagination, imagination that characterizes the presence of art in this type of creative activity.



When is Creativity and Innovation Day in 2020, calendar is definitely ready to remind you. It is not a problem, of course. However, you have to be very careful and attentive if you want to be involved and take an active part in this event. The matter is that, as it has been already mentioned above, the holiday is new and only a few amounts of contemporary people know about its existence.

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Certainly, there is no a universal way to spend this day in an amazing way. But you are always free to turn on your imagination and to invent something to your taste. Try to spend April 21st in an exceptional way. Perhaps, you can start doing something you have never tried before but wanted to do it. You see, this is the best moment to start a new interesting hobby, which may bring you enjoyment, pleasure and happiness.

National Creativity and Innovation Day Facts

The direction โ€œWhat is the date of World Creativity and Innovation Day in 2020?โ€ needs the specification of some matters.

The closeness of this concept as well as the concept of art are considered to be the synonyms of ย their interpretation, which sometimes leads to a mutual substitution of terms.

In research, it is usually interpreted as:

  • the ability to make something special that leads to a new unusual vision of a problem or situation;
  • the ability to be creative, to transform information when rejecting stereotypical ways of thinking;
  • the ability to find a solution in non-standard situations, focus on the discovery of new and the ability to deep awareness of their experience;
  • a certain level of development of the individualโ€™s creative abilities, which is characterized by readiness to produce fundamentally new ideas;
  • the general ability for creativity, which characterizes the person as a whole, is manifested in its various spheres and is regarded as a relatively independent factor of endowments.

Thus, in interpretations of creativity, scientists emphasize two aspects: a new non-standard vision of the problem associated with the birth of new ideas, and the skills to create, suggesting a certain level of development of non-standard decisions.


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