When is National Pet Owners Independence Day in 2020? To tell you the truth, this question, which sounds pretty simple, canโ€™t be answered by the most part of our followers. The main problem is that usually people have never heard about this amazing holiday existence. That is why in order to clarify the situation today we are going to discover everything in details.


Discovering the question concerning what day Pet Owners Independence Day in 2020 is, we would like to tell our readers about the historical background of the event. As a rule, this direction is among the most demanded ones. Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to discover the information available about the initial establishers of the holiday as well as about the reasons to keep it on April 18th annually.

However, by ethnographers and archaeologistsโ€™ points of view, it has been already proved that even in the Stone Age, the ancient people picked up and reared young animals of wild animals without any practical purposes, and modern primitive tribes, remaining at the same level of well-being, continue to do this.

Pet Owners

At the same time Comanche Indians contained dogs, not using them either for hunting or for protection. Brazilian Indians held tame birds and after death they are buried in special cemeteries. So, as you can see, there have been a lot of pet lovers in history.


What does Pet Owners Independence Day mean? In fact, it is only up to you to define what special occasion to give your attention to. However, on the planet there is a great amount of those, who are amazed in this theme.

By the way, there are some facts, which we should mention on the first turn. Psychologists and sociologists have long been asking this question, and there are several theories about this. Perhaps the most common of these is the surrogate theory. It is assumed that animals serve the owner as a substitute for normal human relationships, which for some reason he/she is deprived of. Proponents of this theory most often cite the example of old maidens, for whom all the light in the window is a beloved dog or cat, sometimes not one. Hence the conclusion: pet lovers are socially isolated, barely making ends meet, unhappy, as a rule, older people who use their pets in the same way as an addict uses drugs to escape reality. Well, this theory sound well, however, it is not true.

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Of course, such unfortunates really exist in society, but they make up only a small part of pet lovers. Sociological studies conducted by request of firms selling pet food have shown that the appearance of the average pet owner is completely opposite to the stereotype drawn by the surrogate theory. More often than not, in practice young families belonging to a prosperous middle class and having small children acquire animals.


Such question as โ€œWhen is International Pet Owners Independence Day 2020?โ€ requires a great amount of additional information. So we are going to introduce something special for our followers.

By the way, are you ready to name the country with the most devoted pet lovers on the planet? โ€“ In fact, the answer is the most astonished. โ€“ In accordance with the statistics, it is believed that the Czechs are among the most passionate pet appreciators on the planet. However, up to the present moment the accurate data on the number of dogs and cats have not been available. Following some facts, two million dogs live in a ten millionth country, while others claim that “only” a million. The amount of people, who are willing to spend significant sums of money on food and treatment of home animals, also grows rapidly and regularly.

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According to statistics, last year the Czechs spent as much as three billion CZK for veterinary medicines. Veterinary sales are the fastest growing segment of the economy. Dogs can live either indoors or outdoors. Most cats live in houses and apartments without leaving them. Practically there are no any abandoned dogs and cats. Animals relax on cushions of sofas in apartments and are perceived as full members of families. Of course, no one saves on their treatment.

By the way, in this regard, it is surprising that veterinarians often look for work in vain. The reason is that after the collapse of many farms in the provinces, veterinarians are almost not needed, and the cityโ€™s domestic pets are not able to give the job for everybody desired to get it.

At the same time, unlike cats, all dogs must be registered with the local administration and citizens must pay a special tax on the dog. For example, in Prague it amounts to 1,500 CZK per year (almost 60 Euros), in the villages, people pay symbolic sums, sometimes it is even just one CZK per year.


When is Pet Owners Independence Day in 2020, calendar will certainly remind you. As a rule, there are no problems with this direction. Usually, this special occasion is held on April 18th. The date of its celebration is fixed and this fact simultaneously means that you are free to join this day annually.

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Of course, you should expect the massive celebrations, organized by the authorities on the state level. However, you can always invent the activities for yourself and your surroundings. In the large towns and cities there are a great amount of those who canโ€™t even imagine their life without various animals at home. So the fans are usually tended to organize different competitions and exhibitions devoted to the objects of their interest. If you have a pet at home you may even participate in something amazing, if not just visit the places and you will get a lot of enjoyment. This is for sure!

National Pet Owners Independence Day Facts

The question โ€œWhat is the date of Pet Owners Independence Day in 2020?โ€ needs some additional pieces of information. And we are really glad to introduce you something special.

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In accordance with the specialists’ point of view, nowadays the contemporary owners of various pets visit doctors by 20% less, than other people. Sandra McCune, head of the human-animal interaction research program at the WALTHAM (United Kingdom) Pet Food Center, is sure that this rate can be even higher.

By Mrs. McCune, pets are able to help people stay much healthier and live much longer. However, this is not everything, of course. People, how have a pet at home, lead an active lifestyle. As a result of WALTHAM studies, it has been shown that the owners of the animals are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

We performed our research in such large countries, which are arranged at a distance from each other. In Europe it was Germany, in Northern America we chose Canada. in the east the preference was given to Australia and China. In the course of research it was found out that these men and women are 15โ€“20% less go to different kinds of specialists, as compared to other representatives of the chosen region.

According to the expert, dogs bear particular health benefits. In addition the scientist mentioned that older people, who are walking their dogs every morning, increase their daily physical activity by 20%. Also it can’t but mention that during these walks, older people get the opportunity to socialize and this factor has an additional positive effect on their well-being.


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