All in all there are holiday, which are considered to be popular only in definite societies or cultural communities. For example, such question as “When is National Pinata Day in 2020?” can be replied only by the representatives of Mexican culture or people, who are interested in these traditions, but not worldwide, of course. We find this situation to be an unfair one, and this is the reason why we are planning to investigate this amazing holiday today. Would you like to join us? – We are starting.


Investigating the direction what day Pinata Day in 2020 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of this amazing special occasion.

Because the word itself is of Italian origin, it is believed that the emergence of this tradition of the world should be due to Italy, where, instead of traditional stars, figs and fruits, the Italians hung just a painted pot with trifles, decorations and candy. However, to the Italians, this tradition came from another country: much earlier similar paper dragons, lanterns and various animals were made still in China. In the middle of these toys were five traditional types of seeds and grains for the Chinese.

The tradition allegedly told fellow countrymen Venice merchant Marco Polo, which in the XIII century traveled to China. Subsequently, the tradition moved to Spain, and from there, along with the emigrants, to Mexico and other Latin American countries. In Mexico itself, it is believed that the Mexican tradition of this holiday was taken from the Aztecs, who also smashed a pot decorated with feathers, within which there were valuable gifts of gold and jade for the god of the rain of Vitsilopochtli. A similar tradition also existed in the Mayans of the Indians.

broken Piñata

The hypothesis that the Spanish Catholics played in the Python wanted to convert Indian Gentiles to Christianity are put forward.

Up to the present moment Spaniards, Portuguese and even Greeks argue about their rights to be called the establishers of this special occasion.

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What does Pinata Day mean? Well, frankly speaking nobody can recommend you what holiday to celebrate and which one can be forgotten. It is only up to you to select something special for your mind and soul.

To tell you the truth, this special occasion is so popular that such toys are made not only in Mexico and Latin America, but also in the USA, Europe and many other countries. You can buy and do your own item: the most popular figurines, stars with seven beams, famous people and characters.

At first, the figures looked like only the seven-ray stars that symbolized the Bethlehem star, and seven rays were seven mortal sins: greed, covetousness, laziness, pride, jealousy, anger and lust. The breakdown of this star was of little symbolic importance, and delicacies served as a “reward” for confronting these sins. The pennant is also a biblical image. On the ass, the pregnant Virgin Mary went to Bethlehem with Joseph.


Frankly speaking, it is almost impossible to discover the question “When is International Pinata Day 2020?” without giving a definition to this unusual special occasion.

All in all Pinata, which is written in Spanish like Piñata, is considered to be a rather large-sized toy of a hollow type. It has Mexican origin. As a rule, it is produced of papier-mâché. But in some cases light wrapping paper, decorated with various ornaments is taken. Usually the piñata form resembles the shapes of animals, mostly horses, as well as geometric shapes.

The items are filled with various tasty treats or amazing surprises, prepared especially for children of various ages. The typical content is chocolate, biscuits, candies, toys, confetti, nuts, etc.

Nowadays it is quite possible to purchase the things, which should be broken completely. The only thing you have to do is jerk off the tied ribbon and the candy will pour out themselves immediately. There is still an “American option” to introduce: under the condition of the hanging fig ass, the player, equipped with blindfolds tries to pinch a tail with the help of a button.

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By the way, the amazing thing is that in some regions, including Mexico, as well as some territories of Central America, arranged mostly in the southern part of the USA, exactly in the regions with the greatest influence of Mexican culture, locals use these things on almost all holidays and celebrations. For example, in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and in the lesser parts, belonging to of Latin America, the funny things mentioned above are considered to be traditional sights for children’s birthdays only.


When is Pinata Day in 2020, calendar is ready to inform you any moment you would like to know it. And it is not difficult to remember this information as the date of this holiday is fixed. That is why the only thing, which is recommended to do, is to memorize that it happens on April 18th annually.

As a rule, it is hung on a tree or elsewhere, and the child with blindfolds tries to break it. The item not only stays tall over the heads of the participants, but it is attached to the rope, the ends of which are held by two people. They then pull, then let go of them, thus forcing the toy to move.


Of course, the best way to spend the April 18th would be to celebrate this special occasion in the company of close people: family members, close friends or even colleagues from work. Usually this holiday is appreciated by children, as they find it to be amazing and so funny. But it is not obligatory, certainly. In fact, you can start a new tradition and to spend this day in another way ever after.

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National Pinata Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Pinata Day in 2020?” we would like to mention that this special occasion needs the representation of a great amount of various additional pieces of information, as only a few people know all the customs and traditions for sure.

Over time, this tradition became a significant part of the Christmas entertainment at Posadas, which is still popular. Nowadays the star-shaped item symbolizes the star, indicating the way to Bethlehem. The custom of breaking the thing, which can be of different sizes is also considered an integral part of a birthday party. Pinata became so traditional Mexican region and surrounding territories that Mexico began to export it widely to corners of the planet.

The specialists have already noticed that for many contemporary men and women this tradition has lost its former religious significance and meaning. The most Mexicans consider breaking it to be rather funny and at the same time harmless entertainment for the big companies of people. As it has been already mentioned above in Mexico, the toys are broken not only during the posadas or birthday celebrations, but also at regular home parties or even in the offices. In addition to the traditional and popular star-shaped form, there are many others – sometimes piñatas are made in the form of animals, flowers or even clowns.

When deciding whether or not to have a competition for breaking a piñata at their parties, it is important for Christians to be careful not to hurt the conscience of others. The main thing in deciding should be not what value this custom had hundreds of years ago, but how much people put into it today where you live. It is clear that, depending on the location, opinions differ. Therefore, it would not be wise to attach too much importance to this issue. The Bible says: “Let everyone seek benefits not for himself, but for the other.”


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