When is National Workers’ Memorial Day in 2020? We are almost sure that most part of our readers has never heard about this holiday existence among the special occasions of the contemporary calendar. We find this situation to be an unfair one and today we are planning to introduce this important direction in details. Are you going to join? We are starting.


Discovering the matter what day Workers’ Memorial Day in 2020 is, we want to introduce our readers as many amazing facts as it is possible. Certainly, tastes differ and different people are interested in various pieces of information. However, as a rule, all the matters concerning the historical background of the event are of the greatest demand.

The International Labor Organization was declared April 28. Initially, this matter has another name. It was called World Labor Protection Day, or in some corners of the planet the people prefer to name it like World Day for Safety and Health at Work. At first, it was created and established in order to attract the attention of the planet residence to the existing problem.

The contemporary people should know and simultaneously to promote a culture of labor protection. Only in such a way it will be possible to contribute significantly to reducing annual mortality, which happens in the workplaces. For the first time this day was celebrated in 2003.

The idea of a Workers’ Memorial Day originates from the Day of Remembrance of the Workers who were killed at the working place. For the first time the holiday way kept by American and Canadian workers in 1989 in memory of workers who were injured or died.


What does Workers’ Memorial Day mean? All in all, it is up to you to decide whether to spend this special occasion in an interesting way or to meet it as any other one of the year. In order to predict whether you will appreciate this holiday or not we have to know you personally, but we don’t, so it is impossible.

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Each of us can make our own contribution to the fight against the accidents at the workplace. Governments are totally responsible for infrastructure, which is both legislation and services, that are required to ensure healthy working conditions as well as the business prosperity. This includes the improvement and introduction of national policies and programs, and systems to oversee compliance with the existing rules and regulations aimed at safety and general health. Employers are really responsible for them. Workers must comply with required rules, not expose themselves and colleagues to unreasonable risk, know their rights and participate in the implementation of preventive measures.


The matter “When is Workers’ Memorial Day 2020?” needs the representation of some amazing pieces of information.

A national culture of labor protection is the right of every person to have safe and healthy working conditions at all levels of their lives. The state governments, various employers and different workers are actively involved in ensuring a proper environment, clearly defining rights and obligations. The prevention in its turn is the highest priority.

According to International Labor Organization, all over the planet 6,300 people die as a result of workplace accidents and occupational diseases annually. It is about 2.3 million people a year. Of this number, about 317,000 cases are fatal accidents and about 1.7–2 million deaths are caused by work-related illness.

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In addition, workers suffer annually from approximately 270 million occupational accidents that lead to absences from work for more than 3 days, and from about 160 million cases of non-fatal diseases. As a result of inadequate provision of labor protection standards, the global economy is being damaged in the amount of 4% of GDP.

Therefore, the ILO calls on all countries to celebrate this holiday to prevent accidents and to reduce the likelihood of illness in workplaces around the world.


When is Workers’ Memorial Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any troubles and it won’t be difficult to memorize it. The holiday has a fixed date and is spent on April 28th annually.

Today, more than one hundred countries hold events aimed at drawing public attention to unsolved problems of labor protection. They are usually organized by local authorities, trade union organizations, employers’ organizations and specialists in the field of labor protection.

Each year, Workers’ Memorial Day is dedicated to the problems facing the ILO and takes place under different slogans. The most popular of them are “Occupational safety culture at every workplace”, “Occupational risk management”, “Safe labor is the right of every person”, “Promotion of labor protection in” green “economy”, “Prevention of occupational diseases”, “Labor protection in the use of chemicals in the workplace”, “Together we will increase the culture of prevention in labor protection”, “Stress in the workplace: a collective challenge”, “Optimization of the collection and occupational safety data ” and others.

You can organize your own holiday if you like and congratulate the people, who are in this profession. They will be really glad.

National Workers’ Memorial Day Facts

Having introduced the question “What is the date of Workers’ Memorial Day in 2020?” at the beginning of the article, we have already given the answer to it. Our readers have already known that it is celebrated on April 28 annually.

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Dangerous and harmful production factors with the properties of physical effects on the body of a working person are divided into the following typical groups associated with:

  1. the forces and energy of mechanical motion, including in the field of gravity.
  2. excessively high or low temperature of material objects of the production environment, which may cause burns (frostbite) of tissues of the human body.
  3. a sharp change (increase or decrease) in the barometric pressure of air in the working environment at the workplace or with its significant difference from the normal atmospheric pressure (beyond its natural variability).
  4. abnormal microclimatic parameters of the air environment at the location of the worker: temperature and relative humidity of air, speed of movement (mobility) of air relative to the body of the worker, as well as thermal radiation from surrounding surfaces, burning zones, flame front, solar insolation.
  5. excessive air pollution in the respiratory zone, that is, with an abnormal physical state of air (including reduced or increased ionization) and (or) aerosol composition of air.
  6. mechanical vibrations of solids and their surfaces and characterized by an increased level of general vibration and an increased level of local vibration.
  7. acoustic oscillations in the production environment and characterized by: elevated levels and other unfavorable noise characteristics, elevated levels of infrasonic vibrations (infrasound) and ultrasonic vibrations (air and contact ultrasound).
  8. electric current caused by the difference of electric potentials, under the action of which falls working, including the action of lightning and high-voltage discharge in the form of an arc, as well as the electrical discharge of living organisms.


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