When is National Prime Rib Day in 2019? Well, to tell you the truth, we are not sure, that you are ready to answer this question immediately and without any hesitations. As a rule, people call this dish as their favorite one, but only some of them know about its holiday existence. To clarify the situation today we are going to investigate the special occasion in details and to represent the found facts to our followers.


Investigating the matter what day Prime Rib Day in 2019 is we should represent our readers as many amazing pieces of information as it is possible. Of course, in the modern world different people like different facts, however, the historical background is usually demanded among all categories.

Frankly speaking, it is difficult to speak precisely about the time of the appearance of the steak, but it is necessary to say that our ancestors began to eat meat raw many thousands of years ago. And they did it in order to survive in harsh conditions. Frying meat on the fire was initiated when men and women realized that it was much easier to eat that way.

In the middle of the XV century, the description of the steak appeared in British cookbooks for the first time. After three centuries, the technology of cooking meat on an open fire began to spread throughout continental Europe.

Into the New World, English Herefords and Scottish Aberdeen Anguses were brought in, which, in fact, began to develop the American meat industry. In addition to the United States, steaks have become widespread in all former British colonies, as well as in Latin America, Germany, Italy and France.

Actually, the culture of steak as well as the steak houses was born at the end of the XIX century, and it happened, as you might guess, in America – in Chicago to be more exact.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to discover the names of this holiday establishers. At the same time we donโ€™t know for sure why we have to celebrate this holiday on April 27th exactly and annually. However, up to the present moment there have been some specialists, who are sure that initially it was nothing but a successfully invented marketing decision.

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What does Prime Rib Day mean? Well, frankly speaking, we are not sure that it is possible to answer this question instead of you. In practice, only the close people can predict your attitude to this special occasion. We donโ€™t know you personally, so your reaction is unavailable for us. You see, among the representatives of the contemporary society there are people, who like this meat, who hate it or those, who are just indifferent.

All in all, despite the claims of some doctorsโ€™ points of view that the consumption of red meat is harmful to health, and the constant growth in the amount of fanatical vegetarians, among the modern people there are still much more men and women, who consider themselves to be devoted meat eaters. But only a few people really understand what is placed on the plate. As a rule, guys and ladies do not even suspect where the beef has come from. In fact there are many details that should be taken into account, for example, the kind of meat, the manner of its cutting, where it has been stored, etc.


The question โ€œWhen is International Prime Rib Day 2019?โ€ needs the introduction of some pieces of information.

Up to 10% of the total weight of the animal carcass is suitable for cooking steak. The weight of the whole body does not include the weight of the head, entrails and skins. It may explain the high price of the steak. The whole back is suitable for cooking steaks: cutting (inner part of the lumbar cut), rib-eye (chest) and striploin (lumbar part), shoulder blade and the front part of the back cut are the main pieces used in the restaurant industry.

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The shoulder blade and the front of the rear cut are distinguished by a low price and a more pronounced taste. There is also a diaphragm – these are two cuts – skirt and hanger (thick diaphragm). The diaphragm is the softest muscle of the animal, since its purpose is to support the insides, it is not involved in the process. The diaphragm is also called the “butcher’s steak”, because traditionally the butchers left these pieces to themselves as they are the most tender one.

The amazing thing is that there have been documents that regulate the process of cutting the carcass and describe in details how to cut the fat and how each piece should look like. In the United States, standards are written in a reference book called the Meat Buyer’s Guide. Australians have a similar Australian Beef Product Guide, in Canada – Meat Cuts Manual.

The tradition of cutting carcasses in many other regions generally does not imply such a product as a steak.


When is Prime Rib Day in 2019, calendar will remind you without any problem in a case you would really like to know the answer to the question. First of all, it has to be told that traditionally the holiday is celebrated on April 27th annually. As you perhaps understand there are no any special events devoted to this matter. The local authorities never organize something definite. However, you can create the real celebration for the people around you.

It is up to you to decide how to do it properly. There are some people, who prefer to go to the restaurant on April 27th and to treat this dish there. However, there are a lot of those who are going to have a picnic this day and to prepare the perfect steak at home. Under the condition you are choosing the second variant, please, mind some important rules of the product freezing and storing.

  • Freezing

Meat has to be subjected to shock freezing: its temperature drops from plus 2โˆ’4 degrees to about minus 30 in minutes. Thus, the cell walls do not have time to collapse by ice crystals. Subsequently during the defrosting process the loss of juiciness is minimal. Properly frozen and thawed beef, no doubt, are inferior in taste to seasoned samples, but are quite suitable for work. Defrosting should occur in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4โˆ’5 degrees.

  • Vacuum storage
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Vacuum-packed meat can be stored for up to 90 days, which significantly expands the boundaries of its transportation. However, even with this, logistics is organized by air, since sea transportation takes up to a month. Some sellers call the storage of meat in a vacuum wet exposure, which is not quite correct. Those processes of fermentation, concentration of aroma and drying, which are characteristic for dry aging, do not occur.

National Prime Rib Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Prime Rib Day in 2019?โ€ we would like to represent you some amazing pieces of information.

Of course, all meat pieces require varying degrees of heat treatment, as their fat content is different. Experts are still arguing about the number of degrees of roasting steak, but most of them hold the opinion that there are six of them:

  1. Blue (or extra rare) – steak heated to 46-49 ะก, raw inside;
  2. Rare – fried to a temperature of 49โ€“55 C, red, but not raw inside;
  3. Medium-rare – steak heated to 55-60 ะก, hot pink inside;
  4. Medium – medium fermented meat cooked at a temperature of 60โ€“65 C;
  5. Medium-well – almost completely roasted meat at a temperature of 65-69 ะก, with clear juice;
  6. Well done – meat, roasted to a temperature of 70โˆ’100 C, with a minimum of juice.

There is a simple rule: the fatter a piece, the higher the degree of its roasting should be used. As a rule, people prefer steak prepared to medium or medium-well condition, however, cutting tastes better to serve medium-rare or even rare. The French and the Spaniards especially love the low degree, and the Americans prefer well-done meat.


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