Whit Monday, the day that is also known by several other names, such as Monday of the Holy Spirit, is an annual Christian holiday, which familiar to the majority of casual Christians as Second Day of the Pentecost. It’s related to the famous Bible story about the Holy Spirit, which is usually being depicted as bird or, to be more specific, Dove, and the worshippers of Messiah Jesus Christ.

According to this legend, Holy Spirit descended from Heaven to commemorate the stoic bravery of the Jesus Christ’s students. They achieved this chance to be honored because they did not betray Jesus in any way and did not deny his status, while also holding on to their opinions on the topic of faith in general.

Whit Monday

So, when is Whit Monday in 2019? First of all, it is vastly important to say that like with many other religious holidays, the date of Whit Monday is also set without any correlation with Gregorian calendar. Even among religious holidays Whit Monday holds its special place due to its nearly impossible calculation of the date. The thing is that the exact date of Holy Pentecost is set on the fifth day after Easter, so the holiday is moveable and has no constant feasting day. Just to spare you lots and lots of time we already calculated it for you. This year Whit Monday will occur on the fifth of June in both sides of the world.

The history of holiday

For a long time Whit Monday was considered a public holiday in majority of countries with Christian population. In some of them it was cancelled or replaced with other feasting day, while in other it still remains official. For example, in Ireland and United Kingdom, just like in numerous British colonies, Whit Monday was indeed a bank holiday, but nowadays it is not. In Britain it was replaced with Spring Bank Holiday.

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That doesn’t mean that people do not celebrate it anymore, regardless even of the fact of nonexistence of God. As every human tries to cope with his existential crisis and puts a lot of efforts into ignoring mortality, people will probably believe no matter how far science will come.

In majority of Christian community Whit Monday even considered so-called favorite holiday, just like Christmas. But while Christmas is being celebrated worldwide even by those, who do not believe in legends and myths about the almighty Lord of Lords, the Holy Pentecost celebrated only by worshippers of Christian church.


That is why the question of what day Whit Monday in 2019 is not that popular compared to the same question about Christmas, even if date of last is well-known all across the globe. But for those who have faith in such creatures as Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and the God this question is vastly important. And given the fact that this feast is indeed moveable, it is pretty obvious that the answers must be put in open and free access

How to celebrate Whit Monday

Although this feast plays an important part in Christian community, the celebration is pretty humble and inconspicuous. Even the very term celebration is not so accurate. It is more like some kind of observance that takes place mostly in churches.

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So what do people do? First of all, they commemorate the biblical event that was described a few paragraphs earlier. For those of you who have short attention span or simply skipped past previous sections, we will describe this important chapter of the holy Bible once again.

If we try to answer the question of when is Whit Monday in 2019, we would find out, that observation of Whit Monday tales place on June 10, same day for both Eastern Orthodox and Western Catholic Christian, by the way. Also, Whit Monday has become not only religious, but as well a civil holiday in a number of countries, which means that the holiday is observed at the state level. Thus, in United Kingdom, some educational establishments may have a short schedule or even a day off on Whit Monday. In Germany, Whit Monday is a public holyday all over the country in all its states, so all government establishments such as banks, offices, postal departments are closed on this holyday. Whit Monday in France, which also called as “Solidarity Day”, is a civil holiday too. Like in Germany, all government establishments, offices and businesses are closed on this significant for all Christians day.

Whit Monday

Meaning of Whit Monday

It is known that millions, even trillions of people all around the Earth globe confess Christianity, the most ancient and popular of modern worldwide religious confessions. Even there is a lot of different confessions as Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism etc, there are certain common spiritual values that people of all Christian confessions follow to.  Those common values are described in Bible – the very holy book for all Christian people. Nowadays, it is popular to impugn the truthfulness of this book in particular, and sense of religion in general.  So it is not surprisingly than trying to answer on the world’s challenge all faithful people of the Earth are trying to prove to the world the power of their faith.  In order to put together and unite all faithful people of the world, different religious holidays are celebrated. That’s why Whit Monday, like a number of other Christian holidays, is so valuable – it puts people together, make to feel that they are not alone in their faith.

That’s why each faithful Christian should know such thing as when is Whit Monday in 2019 and have a calendar of religious holidays in his house.

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Whit Monday is Christian religious holyday which is celebrated by millions of Christian of both Catholic and Orthodox confessions all around the world. Moreover, this holyday, the value of which is difficult to downplay, is a public holiday in a wide range of Christian countries and is observed at the state level.  We also found out what is the date of Whit Monday in 2019 – this year it will be celebrated on June 10, and the date is not a constant value but changes year after year. This day all Christians of the world unite to commemorate God the Holy Spirit – the third Person of the Holy Trinity.


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