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When is National Spinach Day 2020

When is National Spinach Day in 2020? Are you ready to answer this question? – To tell you the truth we are almost sure that your reply will be negative. We have found this situation to be an unfair one and that is the reason, why we are going to discover it in details today.


Discovering the matter “When is International Spinach Day 2020?” we should explain our readers a lot of amazing facts and an interesting pieces of information. As a rule, such sphere as historical background is of great demand.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, as a garden plant spinach entered the culture a long time ago. It happened perhaps about 2000 years ago, or after the VI century AD.

Among researchers, there is no consensus on the origin of cultural greenery. The possible place of origin of the culture is called Iran or the Caucasus. Other botanists, together with Iran, consider Central Asia and Afghanistan to be in the focus of this culture. As a species, the cultivated greenery is first identified by Linnaeus (under the name Spinacia oleracea).

plate of Spinach

Wild spinach as a separate species was first described by the Russian botanist H. H. Steven in 1809, as spinach four-springs (Spinacia tetrandra). For a long time, spinach four-sticks remained the only known form of wild greenery. Revision of the genus, conducted by M.M Ilyin in 1934, revealed it as an independent species of wild spinach, which grows in Central Asia – Spinachia turkestanica.


What does National Spinach Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether this holiday is important for you or it can be forgotten without any problems. In our turn we would like to demonstrate you something really amazing. Perhaps, it will help you to define.

Among vegetable greens, it is one of the most common and well-known crops. This is an annual (biennial), cold-resistant, fast-growing, early-ripening herbaceous plant of a long day, reaching a height of 30 cm and forming a juicy rosette (containing up to 90% water) and bright leaves. In the wild it grows in the territory of Western Asia, the motherland is Persia (the territory of modern Iran).

It is present in the kitchens of almost all countries of the world. It is appreciated much in Europe as well as in the US. However, the first place in its production is occupied by China.

By the way, have you ever heard that the French call this plant to be the vegetable king. Thanks to the cartoon about the sailor Papaye, who played a huge role in its popularization, the culture gained world fame, as well as a few exaggerated, mythical properties.

However, the real advantage of the plant is proved. It is a valuable food and dietary product, a source of many useful and necessary elements, including antioxidants, which help to destroy cancer cells.


The matter like, what day World Spinach Day in 2020 is, needs a lot of clarifications and explanations. You see, there are products that a person uses in their diets every day. For example, meat, fish, bread, water or fruit. The only exceptions are, of course, the cases when they are on a diet.

This is of common knowledge that vegetables are especially important for normal and full-fledged functioning of the organism. Many of them are typical and quite common and we can’t even imagine our dinner table without dishes with potatoes, beets or carrots. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, especially during the corresponding season are also the frequent guests on our table. For example, bean is not so popular, but we include it in our menu with great pleasure.

There are also such vegetables, which we know a little about. It is among them.

The best way to celebrate the event is to cook something involving this greenery. However, if you want to do it properly, you should know how to choose and store it, otherwise, the result can be quite unexpected.

There is a conditional separation of greenery into two subgroups. Thick, firm leaves that need to be boiled, stewed, or frozen, are the so-called “winter” spinach. Light green young leaves, with or without roots, are available from April to October and are called “summer” greenery.

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When buying spinach, touch it carefully: if the leaves are bright green and crunch when you are pressing them, the product is fresh. If you are going to cook it, do it very quickly, as it does not like long storage and with each hour loses its useful properties. So choose the one that is better with roots and store in the fridge, wrapped with a wet towel, no longer than 2 days.


When is Spinach Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The holiday is celebrated on March 26th and the date is quite fixed, that is why it won’t be difficult to remind it. It means that you can be involved any moment you like or would love to.

However, do you know how to celebrate this special occasion in a proper way? – As you can understand, it is not in the list of the official ones, that is why it would be quite silly to wait for the official events organized by the government.

Here is a list our recommendations, which will help you to spend this day in a proper way. So, be ready to prepare something from it.

  • The filling. Separately or in a company with mushrooms, onions or minced meat, greenery will perfectly fit into open and closed pies, and will also add value to the omelet.
  • The leaves will be an excellent base for a warm salad. Add to it pieces of freshly roasted or boiled veal, duck or chicken, sprinkle with olive oil and add a few slices of avocado.
  • Unlike sorrel, it does not lose color when it is heated, so it is good to put it in green borscht – for beauty and good. Or you can boil it yourself in broth, beat in a blender with cream and serve like cream soup.
  • Fresh, boiled, stewed, mixed with vegetables – no matter how you use it, it will perfectly shade the taste of meat or fish, and will not add to the dish extra calories. It is useful to sprinkle lemon juice – it will only taste better.


International Spinach Day Facts

Discovering the question “What is the date of National Spinach Day?” we would like to demonstrate our readers as many pieces of information as it is possible. Everybody seems to be sure that this product is able to bring a lot of benefits for our organism. However, in accordance with some specialists’ points of view, there are some serious contraindications to its consumption and here is our list.

  • Problems with the kidneys and urinary tract
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Studying its effect on the body, scientists from the United States have found that it is forbidden for people who are predisposed to the formation of kidney stones. The matter is that greenery contains oxalic acid, which can reduce the amount of minerals in the body. Also, oxalic acid slows down the process of digesting iron and calcium by the body and promotes the development of urolithiasis.

  • Ulcer

If you are suffering from a stomach ulcer, it means that you should refrain from eating this product. Oxalic acid, which is contained in it, has a strong irritant effect on the gastric mucosa, increasing the inflammation.

  • Gout

In the case of gout, the odd salt is deposited in the joints due to the fact that the body metabolism is disturbed. Oxalic acid, contained in it, contributes much to this process.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnant women should be very careful to add it into food, because it can only harm the body causing the formation of oxalates. Before eating greenery, pregnant women should consult a doctor.

  • Children at the age under 3 years old

In order to allow the children’s organism to develop and form properly, it is necessary to exclude it from the diet, as which contains oxalic acid.

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