Have you ever had an eye to eye contact with rocks and mountains? There are many processes still undiscovered on our planet connected with massif. This issue takes a separate place in science researches as many centuries people were aware of exploring the mountain systems. Rock climbing and mountaineering remain the most dangerous sports nowadays as they are extreme types. However, there are thousands of brave men yearly who try to conquer mountains. If you are interested in this issue then you have hit the mark. Even a special unofficial holiday was originated. So, letโ€™s check when is National Old Rock Day in 2020?

The global observance is held yearly on 7th of January. The main aim is to keep exploring the mountains and be interested in them. We should understand its majesty, but be careful with its researching and exploring. The author is unknown but it doesnโ€™t stop us from learning the following issue.

Old Rock


As the originator remains unknown, we should find out the roots of the holiday and its subject. So, the holiday was first celebrated in 2007, when a couple of researchers from North America came to a conclusion of creating the separate unofficial day celebrated mostly in the USA and Canada. Over the years, the holiday has been gaining more and more popularity and support from invest companies interested in rock study. Thus, in 2009 approximately $300.000 were given to investigate modern processes and tendencies of mountains. The group of 20 participants was created and the expedition continued for a month. Consequently, five new types of minerals were found and included in a world register. Since then, many attempts have been made and several major discoveries were announced. Moreover, yearly many climbers all over the world make researches themselves to feel the extreme and adrenaline. In 2015, one of the biggest old rock festivals was organized including almost all the types of minerals and mineral-like substances to let people get closer to this sphere.

Well, many holiday history facts were given and we should pay attention to a story of rock development to imagine what a day Old Rock Day in 2020 is. Two and a half billion years ago, the ancient platforms ended their formation and, since then, remained practically unchanged. They include East European, Siberian, East China etc.

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So, ancient platforms, like ice floes, drift with a speed of 10 cm per year, on the surface of the semi-liquid Earth mantle, surrounded by smaller formations similar to ice sludge. In the collision zones of the platforms, the earth’s crust bends, crumples into folds, and cracks.

The thickness of the earth’s crust varies in different places. Under the ancient platforms, it is 15-20 kilometers. The mountains, like icebergs, rise above the surface of the Earth, but at the same time, their grounds are plunged deeper into the mantle. Under the Caucasus, with an average mountain altitude of 2.5 to 3.5 kilometers, the thickness of the earth’s crust reaches 30-40 kilometers. Under Tien Shan at heights of 5-6 kilometers, the thickness of the earth’s crust reaches 70-80 kilometers.


What does Old Rock Day mean was somehow mentioned above. Many of us havenโ€™t ever faced with rocks and mountains which led to ignorance in this sphere. This day was organized exactly for such situations when people donโ€™t even know how our planet is formed and what is a mountain. It is a large mass of earth, and stone, which was created in the process of forming the relief of the earth’s surface with the height of up to 8000 meters.

Geology is one of the main subjects of high school which gives us a representation of the whole process. We should be fully developed to be competitive on the market and in our real life. This day reminds us to keep being interested in this sphere of science and develop daily. Moreover, collecting rocks for many people is a hobby of their life. They often go hiking to find new minerals and pieces of rock for a new collection.

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So, you should understand the importance of such days and always keep in mind when is International Old Rock Day 2020.


If it is hard for you to define the purpose of the holiday then we will help you. Letโ€™s come back to the history chapter and recall the version of the holiday creation. Two people were interested in this sphere and that was the main motivation to create the festival. The main purpose for you is to be interested in something new and extraordinary. That will help you to develop and be able to discuss any topic. Moreover, collecting rocks will improve your memory and develop your memorable abilities. It also gives you an opportunity to pass on to the children.

We should understand the process of mountain creation to be fully involved in any discussion. So, an active orogeny does not go on constantly and not throughout the folded belts. Periods of mountain building are called folding epochs and are manifested in different parts of belts at different times.Old Rocks


Since 2007, old rock festivals have been held yearly. Thousands of people come to one place to discover and purchase new rare types of minerals and rocks. Furthermore, many of them have beneficial features which help people in their economic activity. Some people start Mineral Processing Plant as a business to get profit. Actors, models, business men, and women gather in New York yearly on what is the date of Old Rock Day 2020 to share their experience and emotions. Everything is sponsored and supported by big companies and research institutes. Many interactive activities are provided to let everybody understand and get down to business.

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Yearly, a new interesting fact is told on New York Old Rock Festival. The last one was about a number of rocks all over the world. So, there are at least 100 mountains on Earth, whose height exceeds 7200 meters from sea level, all of them are located in central and southern Asia. The total height of the first ten is approximately 83.78 kilometer.

National Old Rock Day Facts

  • The height of Mount Everest is 8848 meters. This is comparable to the thickness of the Earth ozone layer, but about four times less than the maximum height that the Earthman ever jumped – Felix Baumgartner.
  • The largest volcano is the Hawaiian Mauna Loa. Its volume is estimated at about 75,000 cubic kilometers, which means that the Caspian Sea would fit entirely in it and there would still be enough space for Lake Ladoga, the largest freshwater lake in Europe.
  • The most dangerous mountain in the world is the summit of Annapurna, located in the Himalayas. According to statistics, every fourth climber who tried to conquer it died.
  • Sometimes, you can see pink snow on the top of the hills.

In conclusion, be fully developed and recall when is Old Rock Day in 2020, with the calendar.


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