We all need to get warm feelings from close people, need having pleasant and positive emotions, which make our lives better and happier. Even a small pleasant thing, even if it will long for a minute, can bring us good mood for a whole day or even more. Our life so full of negative emotions, stresses, and negative factors. That is why it is so important to make it a bit better and brighter. That is why we would like to dedicate this article to this problem and tell you about a holiday, which is one of many small ways of its solutions โ€“ a holiday, called cuddle up day. We will get acquainted closer with it and know, when is National Cuddle Up Day in 2020.


The very beginning of our discussion should certainly start with observing its history. We should find out all the background and only then it would be clear, why it all began and why do people need it at all. Actually, what concerns concrete facts, such as about the creator of it all or actual beginning of the holiday and its traditions โ€“ thatโ€™s a pity, but there is no such information left. Probably, it was not a kind of a serious holiday, that is why some definite facts haven’t been preserved till modern times.

Cuddle Up

But there is a lot of information, which proves the good influence and necessity of this holiday. It all is not just for fun, but everything is reasoned by medical issues, which are quite real. Many types of researchhave been held by doctors of different spheres โ€“ psychologists mostly. They say that cuddling up influence various processes in the personโ€™s body positively. Hugs activate hormones in the body, which are called oxytocin and dopamine. They, in their turn, affect the brain and other organs, which make the general state of health better. But we will deep into it a bit later, and also will know, what day World Cuddle Up Day in 2020 is.

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What does National Cuddle Up Day mean, we will speak about in a couple of paragraphs further. We would like to dedicate some time to this particular explanation because only after you will understand everything well in general, we will be able to deep into the details. From the name of the article and also after some things, which has already discussed, you could probably have guessed, what is it all about. But still, we would like to make all things clear and be sure that you really have a general understanding of it all. That is why here is the explanation of the meaning of the holiday and its use.

So, the holidays are all about hugging, as you guessed from its name, which speaks for itself. Hugs bring positive energy and positive effect on peopleโ€™s bodies and health, which is proved by years of tests and researches of doctors and scientists. That is why such a thing brings a real rationale and statistics show, that people really become feeling better in case they get hugs or hug other people regularly. Such people are happier than those, which prefer not to make any tactile contacts. That is why we want you to pay your attention to this funny holiday from the first side and really think a bit about the use of cuddling up.


Now we all are aware of what is the meaning of this holiday all in all. Now we can move further and are ready to get the more detailed explanation of everything, connected to the holiday. We already know that hugging is the main, central idea of this holiday. So, during the day the aim of any person, who wants to join the celebrations, is to cuddle up as many people as possible. You may hug parents, friends, members of your family or may just come out to the street or come to any place you like and hug just unknown people. Though it may sound strange, you will see, what the reaction of people will come out.

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This is not some special day for the country, for example. People work and study as a usual, do what they need and such like things. It is more about the mood inside peopleโ€™s minds and mood of people, who surround you. This day may be just a cozy time with the person you love or inside the atmosphere of your family or whatever. On the contrary, some people spend this time outside with friends, make this time funny and loud. Or maybe you will be the one, who invent some other way of spending this day. By the way, those, who knows, when is International Cuddle Up Day 2020, share their time spending and ideas on various social networks.


Now here is time to speak about the next topic โ€“ about traditions of the holiday in particular. We want to tell you and discuss, what do people do during this day, how do they spend their time and what is interesting about these celebrations.ย  Though, we should admit that there is no some particular tradition, which is obligatory for everybody. There are just some common things, which people enjoy doing, that is why everybody is free in their choice of how to celebrate this day.

Coalas Cuddling

We have already mentioned some things, which people like to do, earlier in the article. Mostly also the participants of these celebrations enjoy sharing their moments in all possible social networks. It is a really popular method โ€“ people want to teal the world about their close moments with lovely or just close people, share some funny moments, which happened to them while celebrating this day somewhere out with unknown people. Each person organizes this holiday in his own way โ€“ it may be a relaxation evening, or loud party or whatever. That is why you too may join these people in case you know beforehand, what is the date of National Cuddle Up Day 2020.

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International Cuddle Up Day Facts

Finally, we have come up to the very end of the article, that is why here we would like to discuss and mention the rest of the information, which is rather important too. There are some interesting facts, which concern researchers in this field and their results. We spoke about hormones, which are activated while hugging. Their action spreads for many parts of our body. First of all, it affects the brain, that is why a person, who is regularly hugged, feels calm and rested, he is always in a good mood and struggles with negative emotions easier. Even if the mother, in whose brain this hormone is regularly working, breasts a baby, it grows up with calm character, cries rarely and is less nervous. Also people, who are regularly under the work of this hormone, never suffer from numerous psychological and nervous diseases.

The holiday is celebrated once a year and it has a regular fixed date. As a rule, you can get prepared for it if you beforehand look up, when is Cuddle Up Day in 2020, on the calendar. This year, as a usual, you may celebrate the holiday on January 6th. So, make a pleasant thing to your mind and body and join these celebrations โ€“ you will feel the real effect.


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