When is New Years’ Eve in 2022? – At the first sight this question seems to be rather simple, but in vain. All in all New Year is a truly international festival, but in many countries it is celebrated in its own way. Let’s discuss them all in details.

USA: let’s be and celebrate together

Despite that fact that in this country officially the holiday is celebrated on January 1, holiday starts already on December 31. Traditionally, until midnight people are trying to say “good bye” to the leaving year and to meet the new one. Americans prefer to celebrate this event noisily. Nobody wants to stay at home. Locals prefer going out: to the theaters, nightclubs, cafes or restaurants. At midnight, after the bells ringing, in the sky you can see various bright fireworks and numerous champagne corks. Listen! And you will hear sirens and car horns. In such a way contemporary drivers are trying to announce about the next year beginning. People usually kiss, hug and, of course, wish each other good luck.

New Year’s Eve 2017

Italy: flying irons and old chairs

When is New Year’s Eve in 2022, calendar in Italy gives unusual information. An amazing thing is that it’ll be on 01/06. According to some very ancient legends, this is a night, when a magic fairy Befana arrives on her broom. She opens any door with a special little golden key, and went inside to the room where the children are sleeping. This funny little creature fills the kid’s stockings hug near the fireplace with gifts. Those who have behaved badly or been naughty, the magical Befana leaves nothing but a pinch of ashes or a piece of ordinary coal.

Italian Santa Claus is called Babbo Natale. It is believed that the next year should be started free without any old items. Therefore there is a special tradition to throw all old and unnecessary items.

Ecuador: choose your underwear properly

In this region the clothes shade, as well as some actions, are really very important. For example, for those who want to travel all year round it is recommended to run around the building with a suitcase as quickly as possible at the time when the clock is striking 12 times.

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Do you want to get rich or to find great love? – The only things you should do are to put on the yellow underwear for money and red shades for love and passion.

According to the Ecuadorians’ point of view, the best way to remove all sad things that happened in the year before is to throw a glass of water, which should be broken into pieces, at the street.

New Year’s Eve Ecuador

England: kiss to stay together

In England there’s a perfect tradition to organize various New Year’s performances for kids. The main characters there are the heroes of old English fairy tales. The famous Lord Confusion leads the merry event. All the night street vendors are selling different toys, various whistles, frightening masks and bright balloons.

If you think what day New Year’s Eve in 2022 is, you will know for sure the moment for sending and receiving the postcards. Why? – The matter’s that the custom to share the funny and hearty greeting cards was originated in England.

As a rule the New Year arrival is announced by the church bell. Frankly speaking, it begins to sound a little before midnight, but makes it a “whisper”, as a thick blanket, which the construction is wrapped in, prevents it from the full power demonstration. But at twelve o’clock the bell is opened, and begins to call loudly in the New Year’s honor.

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At this very moment all lovers should kiss in order to stay together during the next year. But, pay attention to that fact that it should be done under the mistletoe branch, as it has been a magical tree.

Vietnam: New Year arrives on the carp back

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to answer the question “What is the date of New Year’s Eve 2022?” when you are talking about Vietnam. Here the New Year is always celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar, between January 21 and February 19, when the early spring comes. A festive table is usually full of flower bouquets. In the New Year’s Eve people give each other a peach tree branches with swollen buds. In the evening Vietnamese make the fires in the city parks, gardens or along the streets. The families gather around them. On the coals special sweets from rice are usually prepared.

On this night, it’s recommended to forget all the quarrels. The Vietnamese believe that in every house there’s a small god, who goes to heaven in every Eve.

France: hug your wine barrel

French Pier Noel comes and leaves presents in children’s shoes. If you are lucky to get a bean in the specially baked Christmas cake, you will get a title of “Bean King”. That is a very honored mission as everybody should obey your order during a festive night.

In this country you shouldn’t forget about wooden or clay figures, which’re put around a decorated Christmas tree. The tradition says that a good owner-winemaker has to clink glasses with a wine barrel in order to congratulate it and to have a proper drink from the next harvest.

New Year’s Eve France

Finland: Santa’s homeland

When is New Year’s Eve 2022 in snowy and distant Finland? – That is a very interesting question indeed, but we should disappoint those, who’re waiting for something really special in this country. In Finland New Year is something like a kind of Christmas repetition. That is the time when the whole family gathers together at the rich table. During the New Year’s Eve contemporary Finns try to predict their future, telling fortunes with melting wax poured into cold water.

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Chinese: pour the cold water on your head

In China you can take part in a very interesting and at the same time rather ancient tradition, which is called Buddha bathing. On this special day, all the Buddha statues in temples and monasteries should be respectfully washed in clean water, taken from mountain springs. And do people take and pour water onto their head and with happiness. Therefore, on this day all of them are going along the streets being soaking wet clothes.

Nepal: appreciate your New Year with a sunrise

In the distant but so terrific Nepal the main holiday of the year is met with the sunrise, which is considered to be the most mysterious time of the day, when everything is awaken and the next day is born. At the dark and scary night, when you can see the full moon in the sky, the contemporary Nepalese light huge fires and throw all unnecessary and unsuitable things there.  The next day is also rather unusual. Why? – The matter is that the locals have a bright flower festival.  How do they celebrate it? – In a very interesting and sometimes even surprising way indeed. There is a special tradition, according to which people should paint their bodies, especially faces, hands, arms, legs and chest with unusual and even amazing patterns. After that they dance happily and sing along the streets. People prefer to celebrate this day in the family or friend cycle.


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