When is Christmas in 2022? – This is so simple question. Even the ordinary child could answer it without any problems. And it is not a surprise, because it is among the most revered holidays on the planet. The Christian representatives have been celebrated for more than 2,000 years.

But, unfortunately, the severe intransigence as well as strong orthodoxy, belonging to some religious leaders as a result prevented the overcoming of chronology confusion. And that is why nowadays Western Christians celebrate their holiday in late December, and the East – in the very beginning of January. That is why all in all there are two answers to the question, when Christmas 2022 is. They will be Dec. 25 and Jan. 7 correspondingly.

Christmas 2017

Catholic Christmas – the first holiday from series

As to the well-known tradition, contemporary Catholic is held two weeks before the Orthodox one. They do it in accordance with the so-called Gregorian calendar.

Since the very beginning of the first winter month in Europe, in the USA and Canada the authorities usually organize specialized Christmas markets, where it’s possible to have a good fun, to ride the various merry-go-rounds, to buy delicious Christmas food and tasty drinks which are not sold at any different time of the year. The choices are really endless. For example, in Germany you, as a rule, can visit a global sale of Christmas wine. In Denmark they sold special rice porridge with tasty cherry juice. In Hungary Christmas candies in angel form are appreciated.

In some traditional European countries they are launching a special Christmas calendar, which is necessary for counting the days, remaining until Christmas. For a pleasant holiday expectation some small Christmas gifts are hung just on calendars. You can take one item each day. They can be represented by gifts in tiny bags, small surprises or even notes, wishing all the best. By the way we should mention the information that this tradition itself came from the well-known Middle Ages, when locals made special marks every day while waiting for Christmas beginning from December 1. And day after day it was necessary to erased them one by one. Another beautiful Christmas tradition includes the arranging in the apartment or the house a decorative Christmas wreath made from the twigs of a coniferous tree. This wreath could be placed on a table or hang on the wall or under the doorway. For four weeks before Christmas the candle is lit insideย  the wreath.

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What is the date of Christmas 2022 in Bulgaria?

In European Bulgaria Christmas is called “Kalyada”. An old man, who always brings gifts, is known as Dyado Kalyada. This creature comes in after midnight from December 24 to 25. Together with this visit the local people organized “Koleduvane”, which is a special tradition of young men, dressed in national costumes. They sing “Koledni” songs. Ladies should give them nuts, prunes, dried apples, bacon, cheese and holiday pretzels for this.

Asian Palestine

In the well-known homeland of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, the Christmas celebrations begin just before sunset. In the country of Palestine, these holidays have always been of particular importance. As a rule during this time period the Arab Muslims to well-known Bethlehem in order to meet Christians and to show their respect. Even among Palestinians there are a lot of Christians nowadays. The merry and so bright celebrations on the famous Mount of Olives, inย  Church of the Nativity, are started with excited hymns. Contemporary orchestras come along several quarters of the city. By the way have you ever heard that in the Middle Ages Period the similar or even the same melodies were played by Knights Crusaders. In accordance with rules, the terrific church services are created by several priests.

Distant Australia

Of course, merry Santa Claus in winter woolen clothes doesn’t fit in the seasonal heat of Australia. And if you think what day Christmas in 2022 is in this country, it will be clear that the traditional version of Christmas celebration is not suitable for resourceful Australians. Are you ready to find out how to celebrate Christmas in Australia?

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The Christmas day is celebrated by the local children and adults on the beach. They have a fun ride, surfing and building the huge towers not from snow but from the white sand. It should be mentioned that in bright and sunny country the most popular Christmas gift is a colorful beach towel.

Christmas Australia

In mid-November, there you can visit the official Christmas season opening. It is usually started with the amazed parade. During those days Santa solemnly enters the Australian capital of Adelaide.

Reserved England

Here it is considered to be a family holiday. During this special day, both men and women gather in the old house of the parents or grandparents, share gifts and watch the family pictures. The well-known dish for this day is represented by a big turkey prepared with a huge gooseberry pudding and tasty sauce. The only drinks of these days are tea or alcoholic brandy.

In accordance with a tradition, English table’s decorated with a special cake. The very old custom tells, it can be stuffed with different ingredients, used for the fate prediction. For example, the British are sure that the ring is a quick and, of course, successful wedding, a silver or gold coin – huge wealth and a horseshoe is a good luck. British house’s decorated with the holly twigs, symbolizing in its way the prosperity, and in its turn mistletoe means exceptional hospitality.

Cold Iceland

As a rule the holiday comes early here. That’s why the answer to the question about when is Christmas in 2022, calendar will show in December 12. This very moment on the windowsills appear the first children’s shoes which are waiting for gifts. We should mention that the kids from Iceland are lucky. Why? – The matter is that they get small surprises not only from traditional Santa Claus. 13 Christmas creatures, half-men – half-troll bring something special for them every night during two following weeks. Locals prepare ptarmigan, which means traditional Icelandic Christmas dish. We should also mention that this bird is a poor flier, basically it runs on the ground. That is the reason why this dish could be afforded even by the poor people, who did not have guns. They might just catch it up and cook.

At the end we like to mention that each country has its own traditions. But all over the world people believe what you’re asking of God in this amazing night, will necessarily come true!


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