The more holidays people have, the happier they become. Moreover, the world gives us so many opportunities to have these holidays. We should enjoy our lives and every day be thankful for everything, which exists around us. That is why people invent holidays due to very different reasons, beginning from religion to simple things, which make our life better and easier. Religion, in its turn, believes in many things, which are important in life and make us pay attention to them. For example, Christians celebrate the beginning of the year due to their traditions and it is a great pure holiday. In this article we would like to speak about it and find out, when is the First Sunday Advent in 2021. It is on November, 28th.

Christian background of the holiday

The first question, which should be found out it the age of the holiday and when its celebrations have been begun. Actually, it is rather hard to define all this. Historians canโ€™t tell us about this information quite concretely because the holiday has a long history, which counts several centuries. Through so many years not many records have been saved and it is hard to say concretely, which information has been lost. A common opinion among historians is that holidayโ€™s history goes back to the fifth century. Presumably, from that time church offered the celebration of Advent and people were celebrating it.

First Sunday Advent

Now letโ€™s move to the traditions of celebration at that times. According to the early records, the first Advent has been celebrated for more than a month โ€“ usually a month and a half. Now this tradition changed, but firstly it has been a long holiday. Its sense was to prepare to celebrate and meet Christmas. Actually, it was the same as any other preparation to the main Christian holidays โ€“ it was made in a form of Fast. During all those six weeks people kept to the strict fast and by the beginning of Christmas, they were to meet it like a sort of a new page in their lives. It is a well-known fact that Christians treat Christmas as a beginning of a new year. If count according to usual calendar, the holiday of a New Year is different, as we know it. But in Christianity it is counted in another was because of its history and this time is Christmas. So, every religious person knows, what day First Sunday Advent in 2021 is.

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With time many of these traditions changed. That is why in the modern world people celebrate Advent only for a week. Moreover, this holiday is rather widespread and practically whole world celebrates it and likes this time. People from many countries in America and Europe traditionally prepare for Christmas holiday, treat these traditions and prepare for it properly, even visiting churches.

Also, an important thing is that Christmas, as many people know, is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. As it is a birthday of a so-called King, it is a royal and great day, and the whole world waits for it, people must prepare for it properly to show their love and respect.

Jesus Christ is also a sort of symbol of the holiday. But there is also one more symbol, connected with it โ€“ it is a purple color. It symbolizes penance and royalty. That is why this color is widely used during this holiday and can be often met everywhere. Also, a kind of holidayโ€™s symbol can be a wreath. Letโ€™s speak about them a bit closer

Advent wreath

So, wreaths are very popular and are usually associated with this particular holiday. They so not usually look like wreaths for any other holiday. To be more concrete, they are made of Fir, as this tree reminds people f Christmas holidays and evokes warm and pleasant feelings. Certainly, the wreath should be decorated. At Christmas people usually use such colors as gold, silver, and red. They can be also treated as a kind of symbol. Decorations of such color may be ribbons and threads, made of wool. It is an old tradition and till nowadays people keep to it and know, when is First Sunday Advent 2021.

The wreaths can be bought in the shops or can be handmade. Many people enjoy creating their own wreaths but not buying them. As the holiday is a family one, such details also create the atmosphere and bring people pleasure. Usually, their wreaths can be put on the table, where during Advent a family sits together, eating family dinner and making different Christmas traditions. It is all is not only interesting but warm and happy.

First Sunday Advent

Advent traditions and celebrations

So, the length of Advent may be different but not less than 22 days and not more than 28 days. None of these days is a holiday or a day off, but nevertheless, people visit churches more often and those, who usually do not go there, visit them too at this time. To count the concrete date, when it all begins, a person should know the date of Christma. Four Sundays before it the Advent begins. So, the first of the is the First Sunday Advent.

As it is only preparation for Christmas, there no some special celebrations of it. But people visit churches, pray much than usually, have many family dinners. So, people always count, what is the date of First Sunday Advent 2021 and enjoy this time, trying to be more kind and better. Children may get small gifts during this time, especially handmade. That is why this holiday is very important and more popple should be involved into it, as it brings kindness, purity, and warmth in peopleโ€™s hearts and unites them. The modern world lacks all this and it is extremely important to make it all closer to us and our children as well.


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