When is National Draw a Picture of a Bird Day in 2020? Do you know the answer it? Well, to be honest, we are practically sure that you’re going to reply negatively now. Well, this is not a serious problem in fact, as this holiday is not an official one, so it is not surprisingly that only a few people know about its existence in the contemporary calendar. Do you want to get some information? Today we want to investigate the matter in details. Are you with us?


In general, we understand quite well that the discovery of the direction what day Draw a Picture of a Bird Day in 2020 is, is impossible without the representation of the facts concerning its historical background.

All in all, the events may have different past. Some of them appeared quite occasionally, others as a result of a definite event. Some have a funny history, others โ€“ sad. This holiday is a particular one, as it has a bit of everything.

Everything happened on the territory of England in the distant year of 1943, when a small girl called Dorie Cooper, who was about 7 year old, was taken by her mother to a local hospital. They had to visit Dorieโ€™s relative (an uncle), who was terribly wounded in World War II. The small girl admitted that the man was very upset or even distraught. And no matter he was! Unfortunately, he had stepped on the land mine, it exploded and as a result his right leg was amputated.

pictures of bird

The little lady didnโ€™t know how to entertain and to cheer the poor patient up, and decided to ask him something. Her request was quite simple and naรฏve at the same time. She wanted to a have a drawn bird on the sheet of paper. The adult was surprised, but even feeling unwell he did what the niece asked him to do. After looking out the hospital window, he was thinking for some minutes and then Dorie got a funny robin.

After the girl had seen her uncle’s image, she started to laugh loudly, as the relative was not a very good artist in fact. But despite this fact, the young lady hanged the picture in her room.

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Like a little fairy she managed to change the mood of suffering adult with honesty and sincere acceptance.

In the room there were other wounded people, who were entertained with this scene as well. Each time when Dorie visited, they organized the particular contests in order to understand who could make the best images for the girl.

It happened that in some time the total walls of the hospital were decorated by funny colorful drawings.


What does Draw a Picture of a Bird Day mean? Frankly speaking up to the present moment we are not able to answer this direction instead of you, and the explanation is quite simple in fact. You see, we know nothing about you, your habits and passions. And as a result it is rather difficult for us to predict whether you’d like to participate in the event when we tell you about it in details or not.

As a rule, people take this holiday as something funny and easy for understanding. However, this holiday was a demonstration of one simple thing. โ€“ If you want to be happy, share the happiness. Only the positive emotions are able to provoke the same ones.


Discovering the theme โ€œWhen is International Draw a Picture of a Bird Day 2020?โ€ we’d like to show our readers some amazing sets of information. This time it will be something really sad. The matter is that the story about the girl talked above has a tragic continuation.

3 years after the story with the drawn birds Dorie was hit by the car and unfortunately she died in the hospital. During her funeral, the soldiers from her relative’s ward as well as the other personnel of the hospital decorated the coffin with a huge amount of bird images. Nowadays the holiday is held annually on April 8th, and this date was chosen not occasionally. The situation is that the little girl was born this day and birthday was her favorite holiday of the year.

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As it has been already showed above the answer to the question when is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day in 2020, calendar can remind you without any additional difficulties or troubles. It is on April 8. The date is fixed, that is why it is easy to memorize it.

As you can perhaps understand, the holiday canโ€™t be called an official one that is why there is no need to look for the events, organized on the state level by local authorities.

However, ever since Dorie died, people remembered her and this is the main reason why they continue to draw the birds in the wards all around the planet. The locals believe that in such a simple way they help to bring hope to the patients.

Would you like to know how to celebrate the holiday in a proper way? โ€“ The specialists recommend sharing as many positive emotions this day as you can. Draw the small feathered creature and give as a present to any person you like to congratulate. Of course, in many cases the pictures wonโ€™t be professional, but funny and full of love.

drawing a bird

National Draw a Picture of a Bird Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Draw a Picture of a Bird Day in 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but teach you how to draw this creature.

  1. First of all draw a large circle. It will be the bird’s head. Below it, it will be necessary to draw an oval similar to an inclined egg with a sharp end pointing downwards. This will be a body. The circle and the oval should intersect somewhere in the fifth part. If you draw a line that symmetrically divides the pattern in half (the axis of symmetry), then it will be such an inclined, at an angle somewhere 70-75 degrees.
  2. On the sides right under the head create the contours of the wings. Note that the wing on the right is slightly blocked by the head. Below, paint a tail-fan. Here we just need the axis of symmetry: the tail should be drawn so that it is symmetrical about this axis.
  3. A crest on the head is drawn like a royal crown.
  4. Now paint a wavy line in the lower part of the head.
  5. On top of this wavy line, make a line to the right and a little bit up. From it down the diagonal is another straight segment, which should slightly extend beyond the head. The end of the beak should not be sharp, make it slightly rounded.
  6. We have got the upper part of the beak. The lower part is drawn from the same point from which you started to lead the segment sideways in the previous step. Starting from this point, sweep down and slightly to the right an arc, which also goes slightly beyond the head.
  7. Now do the eyes. First we paint a large arc, one end of which is at the top of the beak, and the other – somewhere at the beginning of the wavy line drawn at step 5. The second eye of our bird will be partially hidden behind the left eye. This is also an arc, but a little narrower than the first.
  8. In the lower part of the body slightly to the right of the center do the legs – two eggs with a sharp end down.
  9. The toes on the paws are three ovals.
  10. Now create feathers on the wings: make along the lines of the wings here are such semicircles. And from the tail fan, draw paint the body slightly curved lines to each of the three semicircles.
  11. In the eyes, do circles-pupils.
  12. To the left of the left eye (for the bird this is the right eye), fulfil a line parallel to the eye line. And from the inside at the line of the lower beak, draw the same arc, but smaller.
  13. On the breast of the bird, make several longitudinal strokes.
  14. It remains to erase the eraser superfluous lines, and then color our bird!
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