Endangered species need to be protected by every nation of the world. Nevertheless, there are often many facts of breaking the law. Many violators of the right neglect the official demands to stop killing rare animals and destroying protected areas. The result was the lessening of the quantity of those endangered species. A whale shark is one of such examples. This huge individual suffers from people’s cruelty and indifference. Volunteers made an official event to attract the attention of the public to the issue of the animals’ survival. When is National Whale Shark Day in 2022? What are main events during the date?


The big specimen of the fauna of the ocean is in danger due to its peaceful being and other factors. Their strikes with vessels and bad fisheries’ impact led their population to lessening. The problem concerns not only exact territories. It is considered to be a global problem. At the end of the 90s of the 20th century the governments and naturals organizations of some countries proposed to forbid the use of these animals for commercial purpose. The fisheries can’t fish, sell, import and export these creatures. Those countries were Taiwan, India and the Philippines.

In 2003 the problem of extinction of this species because of the human impact raised so greatly that whale sharks were added to the CITES as the endangered representatives of the world fauna. The main aim was to regulate the trade of these creatures and their parts across the world.

National Whale Shark Day

Later in 2008 the world conference which was held in Mexico decided to initiate the International Whale Shark Day. The main purpose of such initiative was to promote these big creatures’ conservation and involving people into this procedure. The first event which was devoted to the creatures occurred in 2012. The answer on the request “What day National Whale Shark Day in 2022?” must be “The 30th of August”. Since those times lots of events has been held in various countries to catch people’s attention.

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What does National Whale Shark Day mean for these creatures, the majority of nations and natural organizations? The animal’s parts are highly valued across the world, so the representatives of the species are often killed in a cruel way. The date must involve the world authorities to the issue of saving nature and its species. The occasion is used by many oceanariums to help people to get information about the great ocean dwellers.

The occasion is also has a great importance because it is always dedicated to the issue of preserving the quantity of the creatures. The problems of their being are always highlighted in different natural organizations. They try to find the ways of preserving the species, to involve people into a global concern to the question.

The awareness is also in people’s minds, especially on the territories which are close to the oceans. There are lots of events and festivals on the date. People take part in the environment-oriented actions initiated by the local authorities and funds.

The day is a chance to stop reducing the amount of whale sharks. Their population is now 50 % less than it was more than 70 years ago. There is a chance to increase the amount of these animals in the world. When is International Whale Shark Day 2022? It was set on the 30th of August.


The definition of the holiday’s name is quite understandable. There is no any hesitation how to observe the date. The majority of people understand that they should pay a great attention to the problem of whale sharps. Besides, the main attention is paid by the dwellers of the ocean coast.

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Not everyone knows what a whale shark is. This creature is the biggest specimen in the whole ocean. This creature isn’t as quick as an ordinary shark. And this species isn’t so cruel as a shark. This fish species is known to be the largest. The most grandiose individual ever seen was more than 12 meters long; its weight was more than 20 tons. Some people say that they saw the creature which was more than 30 tons in weight and more than 14 meters in length.

The species is considered to be the representative of Rhincodon. Their origin can be found more than sixty million years ago. The creature can live only in warm oceans where the temperature is not less than 22 degrees. This species was at first discovered in 1828. It was a small animal not more than 5 meters in length. The specimen was found near South Africa. Then it got its name after combining physical characteristics of a whale (size) and a shark (the ability of feeding). The animals were seen to gather in big groups in the end of spring and the beginning of autumn. The most numerous group was noticed in 2011. There were more than 400 creatures.


There’re lots of traditional ways of celebrating this event. The biggest oceanariums propose various programs with these mammals’ participation. There’s a chance for local dwellers or guests of the cities which are near to the ocean to visit such places. Families can initiate such a tradition involving their children into the occasion devoted to whale sharks.

Children can study the information about the animals due to interesting TV programs and other educational mass media products. There are usually lots of lectures proposed by the scientists who give facts about these huge mammals’ being, their way of life.

Lots of art galleries and museums of ocean flora and fauna propose many photo exhibitions. The most popular shot shows a huge animal with a small human being nearby. These pictures are always breathtaking due to the braveness of a man.

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National Whale Shark Day

Local authorities propose to make parties for the coastal dwellers. People start gathering at beaches and yacht-clubs in the early morning. The participants usually bring music and food to the party. The money gained during the parties is usually sent to various funds of nature. What is the date of National Whale Shark Day 2022? It is set on the 30th of August.

Whale Shark Day Facts

There are several facts that should be known about these huge creatures:

  • These representatives of the ocean fauna are regarded to be the hugest fish on the Earth.
  • These creatures eat the plankton, so they are not dangerous for people. They have no relation to whales.
  • They can be almost 15 meters long.
  • They can be almost 14 tons.
  • The creatures live more than 70 years.
  • The giants’ teeth aren’t used for eating food. There are more than 3 thousand small teeth, almost 5 mm long.
  • These species swim very slowly. Their beverage speed isn’t more than 5 kilometers per hour. They are very passive and peaceful.
  • The fish is the most unexplored specimen of the fauna on the Earth. Scientists can say almost nothing about the way of their reproduction.
  • Patterns on the backs of whale sharps don’t ever coincide. This fact helps scientists to provide observation of a concrete individual.
  • The animals often get into nets because they like to swim almost on the surface. Accidents with ships are also very frequent. Though they can dive up very deeply.
  • The Indonesian authorities made several laws in which they strictly prohibited the procedure of killing the animals.
  • The best way to follow this observation is asking the community “When is Whale Shark Day in 2022, calendar of events?” and participating in the proposed actions.


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