Hugging accompanies us throughout our life. As you can see, we are able to embrace friends and relatives, we hug one another at the meeting and after parting, we do it in order to express our joy, happiness and gratitude. Psychologists are sure, that modern people, who want to embrace, are going to feel a sense of security, some comfort and simple love. It is of common knowledge, of course, however, do you know the answer to the question โ€œWhat is National Hugging Day in 2020?โ€? If your answer is negative, it is not a problem, as we want to investigate this situation in details.


Of course, we understand that it would be quite silly to discover the answer to the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Hugging Day 2020?โ€ without even the simplest mentioning of the historical past of this unusual date.

The beginning of the kind holiday was laid by students who were so happy about the end of the winter session that they were ready to love the whole world and hugged each other, having received a treasured seal in their cards.

Gradually these “hugs” not only became a student tradition, but they were picked up by the most ordinary people all over the world. Why? Because the healing power of simple human embraces is very great! Do not believe me?

Couple Hugging


What does National Hugging Day mean? โ€“ Oh, frankly speaking, it is up to you not to us to decide. Why? โ€“ You see, we are not sure that you like to do it. However, we canโ€™t but mention, that in accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, it is useful to cuddle not only with a living person: scientists have discovered that plush bears and hares are quite suitable for this role.

According to researchers from Amsterdam, when a person clamps a toy to him/her, a feeling of anxiety disappears. That’s why children often canโ€™t fall asleep without a favorite doll. In addition, it is worth to be said that touching teddy bears increases self-esteem and even saves from fear of death.

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By the way, scientists from Oxford University and the University of Aalto have found that women are much more willing than men to allow to touch themselves.

Moreover, the researchers interviewed 1,368 Finns, Britons, Russians, French and Italians, and found that the people, who are most fond of hugging are Finns, and least of all, the inhabitants of Great Britain. The Russians shared the second place with the French, but the Italians were practically in the same place with the cold British.

Hugging your loved ones is important and you need at least two reasons. First, embraces contribute to the emergence of a sense of security in humans. In ะตั€ัƒ childhood, when we were ill or hurt, we immediately ran to my mother for caress and comfort and tried to cuddle her to it more feasibly. From embracing, we felt good and everything seemed not so terrible. When we grow up, we still remain like little children somewhere in the soul, and any person in any situation becomes a bit better if he/she is embraced by a close friend or just a friend.


Talking about the matter โ€œWhat is the date of International Hugging Day 2020?โ€ – More than 30 years ago in the USA January 21st was declared as a holiday, and then the celebration spread all over the world.

The essence of the holiday is as follows: on this day you can conclude in strong embraces not only relatives and friends, but also all the strangers you like. It is interesting that scientific articles regularly appear in specialized journals, proving the usefulness of tactile contacts, which means it’s worth celebrating!

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American specialist in the field of neuroeconomics called Paul Zack is famous throughout the world for his research of oxytocin, because of his invented “hormone of embrace and love.” According to the scientist, when the lovers cling to each other, their level of oxytocin begins to go off scale – and the guy with the girl have a feeling of mutual trust and their sexual appetites increase.

Interestingly, according to another group of experts, embraces help the body to fight viruses. The text of the study of American scientists can be found in the journal Psychological Science.

In the course of the study, 404 adult people were first told how often they were pressed to their loved ones, and then tried to get infected with a virus that causes the symptoms of a cold. As a result, scientists have found that people who often hug with relatives and friends are under reliable protection from diseases.


When is Hugging Day in 2020, calendar wonโ€™t forget, but what about you? Are you ready to celebrate January 21st in a very proper way? Yes? Do you know any tradition? โ€“ If your reply is negative, we will give you some tips and recommendations.

Have you ever wondered how often you hug your loved ones? If this happens rarely, then today you have every chance to catch up. On January 21, the special holiday is celebrated on our planet.

In fact, adults also differ little from children, although they do not realize this. Or in every way deny. And they need not less in embraces. Family psychologists advise hugging your soul mate at least 8 times a day! And today, on Embrace Day, you can hug and you need to all! Embrace your family and loved ones, hug those with whom in a quarrel. Forgiveness and acceptance most often comes silently, without words, from a single sincere touch.

Hugging Day Card

On this day, according to tradition, you can enter into friendly embrace even an unfamiliar person, without any intimate background. Cuddling, incidentally, is very useful, because during a friendly embrace, people exchange spiritual warmth.

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Celebrating the Day Hugging does not require any material costs, since you only need to give your warmth to everyone you think is necessary. Congratulations on the holiday, give your loved ones close embrace as a sign of a warm attitude towards them, recalling their sincere warm feelings.

International Hugging Day Facts

Discovering the matter concerning the theme, what day World Hugging Day in 2020 is, we are glad to give our readers a lot of useful information as to this direction.

That’s what psychologists say about the benefits of embraces without intimate intentions.

  • Embrace gives us a sense of security. Do you remember how your mother hugged you in childhood? All the sorrows and grievances instantly evaporated as soon as the warm Mom’s hands pressed you to her. Even the words of comfort were not so important as a strong and sincere embrace.
  • Mental health of a person directly depends on the satisfaction of tactile needs. We just need to satisfy our tactile hunger, whether it’s a warm embrace or just stroking a pet. Moreover, it is equally important for a person to be embraced not only him from time to time, but also to embrace.
  • In terms of physiology hugging stimulates the central nervous system, the hypothalamus throws a powerful dose of oxytocin into the blood. This is a well known hormone of kindness, trust and good mood. As a result, the tension subsides, and inner peace comes on to replace it.
  • Surprisingly, innocent “hugs” can even raise the level of hemoglobin and immunity!
  • Particularly important the gentle hugs are for young children. They contribute to the harmonious mental and physical development of the baby. The more love you put into a child, the greater his/her stock will he/she carry through the entire life and will easily share this love with the world.


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