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When is National Smile Power Day 2017

Could you, please, answer one simple question “When is Smile Power Day in 2017?”? As a rule, many modern people all over the planet can’t do it immediately. And the most part of them even haven’t heard about this kind of celebration. Why? – Frankly speaking, there are many reasons and we can explain the situation in many different ways, but the main explanation is that this event is not considered to be a public holiday and we need to work or to study on it. Contemporary men and women don’t usually memorize the dates like that.

But despite the reasons given above, we should note that this occasion deserves being recognizable. But let’s start from the very beginning and show everything in details.


Certainly it is impossible to answer the question “When is the date of Smile Power Day 2017?” without giving the historical background of this date.

National Smile Power Day 2017

But unfortunately in this case the history of the holiday is unknown. Nobody knows who and when was established this day. The only information available is the date of its celebration. – June 15. Annually. Without any exceptions.

We should also mention that it is considered to be unofficial and that is why neither the President nor the City Major will congratulate you.


What does Smile Power Day mean? In accordance with professional and experienced points of view, the role of this facial expression is really great and rather influential. And every year on June 15, you can check it by yourself.

In fact you need to smile as often as possible, and not only on this day, of course.

Unfortunately, many contemporary people do not follow their smile and won’t be able to count how many times a day they have smiled. It sounds a bit silly, of course. But it really works.

So remember, please, in order to smile more often, you need to start recording the number of daily smiles. For the majority of us, this amount isn’t usually more than 20-50 times a day. Not much, isn’t it?

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But to be happier you should reach the level of 300 or even two times more. Yes, we are mistaken! – 300 smiles a day you need to reach the perfect results.

And, please, never listen to those gloomy men and women, who believe that smiling and laughing are able to cause the early wrinkles or something like that. It is not true and there no any scientific background for this statement.


According to the specialists’ points of view, smiling is considered to be an emotion, which is usually understood by all surrounding people, despite of their culture, race or religion. This kind of emotions is considered to be internationally known well.

Contemporary cross-cultural studies have already shown that wide and sunny smiling is an important means of modern communication that can be used all around the planet, despite the fact that there are numerous differences between various cultures themselves.

And at the same time any smile can also be spontaneous or artificial the differences between, which are really obvious to everybody.

Having known all the information given above it seems easier to remember what day Smile Power Day in 2017 will be. By the way it will happen on Thursday this year. It is close too the weekend and this fact will be definitely appreciated by all cotemporary people, who are going to celebrate it at home, in the office or just in the open air in the company of the close friends and beloved family members.

According to the studies, the people, who are successful in business, personal life and wealth,  have one common feature. – They have positive energy in their bodies and a habit of smiling. So if you want to succeed in life and become the best, start smiling as often and sincerely as possible.

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Remember we live in this world to smile and to enjoy every day. That it why, don’t waste your life for something boring, irritating, exhausting or frustrating. Just relax, think about something pleasant and smile.


Would you like to feel yourself like a real expert in smiles and having felt the warmest emotions remember the answer to the question “When is the National Smile Power Day 2017?” or ever.  Here is the list of actions, which can become a part of your family customs.

Spend the whole day in the company of small children. Hug the baby and do something really pleasant for him/her. Tiny boys and girls are able to smile and even to laugh so sincerely and from the bottom of their hearts, that you will be definitely filled with positive emotions.

Smile to any service staff at the place where you are working. You will definitely make their day and bring the special atmosphere. By the way it may improve much the service quality.

What about making your smile even more powerful? Do you know how to achieve the best results? – Consult your dentist and he/she will give you some pieces of professional advice. So, visit the doctor this day.

All people enjoy seeing something amazing and funny. Do you agree? Share optimism, do something unusual and astonish your colleagues. For example, you can bring a lot of balloons into the office, stick the smiling posters or decorate the plants with smiling lips. The unforgettable impressions are guaranteed for the whole day.

National Smile Power Day

Tell each other different compliments and many various kind words. Say thank you for any, even the smallest, help and work.

There is also one tiny thing, which will help to make the Smile Power Day even more powerful. Would you like to know it? – Organize a special festive meal and during the dinner, when your family or friends gather at the table, tell some jokes and ask them to do the same. The stories can be both, modern or quite forgotten. It really doesn’t matter! You can even compose your own jokes. The main thing is to get as much fun as possible!

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Smile Power Day Facts

All in all when is National Smile Power Day in 2017, calendar will help you not to forget, but do you really believe in the strength of this facial expression? For those, who don’t or still hesitate we are going to give some scientific facts discovered by contemporary specialists.

In accordance with the polls, recently organized by “Best Offers Bingo” 1000 people in Britain have been asked what makes them smile. The received results are really surprising or sometimes even amazing. The residents of England and Wales are sure that their kids as well as grandchildren are able to bring smile into their faces and share positive emotions. That was the answer of about 25%.

But in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where the weather is much more gray and changeable, local men and women appreciate the sunshine. They are usually smiling, when the sun is shining and the weather is comfortable for long walks and spending much time in the open air.

Laughter, as a physical activity, is also very important. Why? – The matter is that it’s considered to be a perfect method for releasing any tension and relaxing. These things ultimately always lift your mood.

The most available sources of positive emotions are your beloved family members, who are always ready to make you laugh, funny home pets in particular and all sweet animals in general, good comedies (both contemporary and old) and merry nights out with close people. And, please, always remember that laughter is the greatest way to put a wide smile on our faces!

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