Everybody loves tasty food. There are many products given to our humanity as a gift of nature. We should appreciate and support its existence. Today we are discussing one of the most widespread product ever – potato. If you like having a tasty meal then this one is for you. Letโ€™s find out when is National Potato Day in 2022?

So, the global observance is held yearly on 19th of August. The main purpose of the festival is to honor and be grateful for this invention. The author is still unknown but it is indifferent in our case.


Murphy (as the Irish call it) is a generous and invaluable gift of nature to humanity. This product is called a botanical masterpiece through the prism of science. It is one of the most useful plants on Earth, a unique food product that can be consumed for a long time without adding anything else to the diet. The biological nutritional value of the tubersโ€™ protein is also high. If the value of chicken protein is taken as 100%, then the value of the wheat protein will be 64%, and the protein of the potato – 85%. 3 kg of murphy contains 2500 calories is about a daily human’s norm. The life of the Belarusian seems unthinkable without praties, it has become so firmly entrenched in our everyday life, although it has appeared on the territory of Belarus recently. What goes further? Letโ€™s check it up to understand what a day World Potato Day in 2022 is.


The homeland of murphy is South America. Praties were grown on a vast area of โ€‹โ€‹the central plateau in the Andes, from the ancient city of Cusco to Lake Titicaca. According to the American botanist D. Jujent, for the first time, the indigenous people of Peru started cultivating murphy 12 thousand years ago. To such conclusions, the scientist came on the basis of studying the remains of praties discovered during excavations by archaeologists of ancient settlements of the Peruvian Indians.

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In Europe, potatoes became household around 1565 and it remains unknown who was the first inventor. It is most likely it was brought to Europe the Spanish conquistadors. Along with the plunder of the New World, they brought out strange animals and plants. There is another version based on the documents: Francis Drake, the infamous “Queen Elizabeth pirate” was the first who brought potatoes to Europe. Drake was not only an unsurpassed master of sea robbery but also made important geographical discoveries.

Potatoes were not popular in the beginning. The peasants flatly refused to grow it. Rumors persisted murphy is the source of tuberculosis, rickets, leprosy.


What does National Potato Day mean? Firstly, itโ€™s hard to imagine murphy festivals and fairs but it is a breathtakingly beautiful action for real. Millions of people gathering around each other and celebrating one of the most significant holidays of the year. Thousands of tons are prepared to quench the thirst of everyone so you will not remain left. Secondly, turn back to the beginning of the article to refresh your knowledge when is International Potato Day 2022. The best recommendation is to take part in this grandiose festival. Grab your friends and relatives to capture the moments and make some memories for the future. Last year, approximately 500.000 people gathered to celebrate N.P.D. 2017 held in Las Vegas. Tons of potatoes, paint, emotions, energy and a great mood were offered to everyone wishing to be a member of this day.


There are at least 3 thousand different varieties of this root crop in the USA. In Washington, the International Potato Center has been opened, in which a unique fund containing more than 4,000 praties samples is stored. The N.P.D. is an occasion to give praise to the main breadwinner and to cook something delicious. Throughout the country, there are mass festivities, concerts, performances, fairs, competitions and, of course, countless tastings of praties dishes. Understanding what is the date of National Potato Day 2022, letโ€™s get to a story.

By the way, there is an interesting fact of one crop variety. George Kram was the chef of an American restaurant, with the main dish – french fries. In 1853, an angry visitor returned a portion of murphy to the cook, saying it had been thinly sliced. George also came to anger and cut the potatoes as thinly as he could, and then roasted, turning out to be our famous modern chips. They became the specialty of this restaurant.


The concert program of the festival includes performances by vocal, dance, and instrumental groups from all states of America. The main course of the holiday in Las Vegas will be a demonstrative performance of Rihanna, 50 Cent, John Lennon, Rammstein etc.

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Handicraft fair with master classes, folk games, and contests for children and adults, exhibitions of books and photographs, crafts made of potatoes and other materials – all this creates a unique color of the regional holiday. N.P.D. is gaining momentum, awakens the imagination and generates creative success with the organizers. Also, it gives a wonderful mood and festive expectations to all residents and guests of the city.

Potato Day

International Potato Day Facts

  • A whole potato tree grows in the tropics. It is evergreen and has a height of 15 meters. Of course, the tubers of this tree degenerated into roots. The bark is brown and nap. The leaves are green, up to 10 cm in length. Flowers are 10 times larger than usual, they smell pleasantly with ozone. The berries look like black and blue tomatoes, and, unfortunately, are poisonous.
  • Interestingly, murphyโ€™s appearance in North America was earlier than in Europe. This happened in 1621 when Nantinel Butler, the governor of Bermuda, sent a gift of potatoes to Francis Wyatta, the governor of Virginia.
  • Potatoes can be considered a poisonous plant since its berries are very toxic to humans: itโ€™s enough to eat 1-2 pieces to get poisoned. Actually, you need to eat about a kilogram of uncooked tubers of green potatoes in order to get poisoned from the solanine that murphy accumulates.
  • Celebrations dedicated to potato are arranged all around the world. In Europe, the oldest holiday – it has been held for almost 60 years – is the festival of murphy harvest in Lombardy, Italy. Competitions on the collection of potatoes, fight in vats with mashed potatoes, parades, processions, humorous competitions are held on this day. Crafts and food fairs are organized as well.
  • In the USA in Maine, a festival of murphy blossom has been held for 60 years which hosts musical and sports competitions, exhibitions of ancient tractors, as well as a show where the Queen of blossoming potatoes is chosen. Similar festivities are taking place in other cities in the US and Canada.
  • There are many monuments, as well as several museums devoted to potatoes in different countries of the world.
  • Poems, songs, ballads, stories, novels and even serious musical works of the classics were dedicated to murphy.
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In conclusion, donโ€™t pass by any holiday and opportunity to get tuned. Also, keep in touch when is Potato Day in 2022, with the calendar.


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