Are you interested in surrounding world? Do you like wild animals? Are you amazed by their behavior and life style? Can you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Polar Bear Day in 2020?โ€ immediately or do you need some time for thinking about? Frankly speaking, we are expecting for positive reply as to the first matters and a negative one โ€“ for the second section. Are we right? As a rule, even the most curious people havenโ€™t heard about this special occasion existence.


Talking about the matter, what day World Polar Bear Day in 2020 is, we should tell our readers about the historical background of this event.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to get many facts available about this special occasion. This event is kept since at least 2011. This is a perfect opportunity to find the sponsors for various educational challenges. It happens every year.

Polar Bears


What does National Polar Bear Day mean? โ€“ Oh, frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide, how to answer the question like this properly as the reply seems to be rather individual one. In general for the supporters this is an opportunity to spend February 27th in an interesting way, as well as to collect some money and to send them into various funds all around the planet.

These creatures are considered to be rather interesting or even amazing. You will be really glad to hear much information about them, their habits and lifestyle.

For example, we are almost sure, that most part of our readers has never heard that a polar bear does well without winter hibernation, unlike its brown fellow. And only pregnant females allow themselves to luxuriate in the snow, in anticipation of the birth of cubs. Little polar cubs do not leave the place where they were left, during the adult bear hunting.

The fur of these animals is so fat, that it perfectly repels water, and they always stay absolutely dry. In addition, this fact allows “clumsy beings” not to freeze in the water even in the most severe frost.

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The bear feeds on fish, walruses, sea hares, etc. Sometimes they go out on land, where ice ends, and can eat berries, herbs or moss. But this happens very rarely. These animals live the life of a predator.

Do you know how polar bears hunt? – They observe such tactics: calm and attack.

The bear watches the prey, creeps slowly and noiselessly. And then it sharply attacks. The animal is a large and powerful animal. When attacking, it’s hard to break out of the paws. If it successfully catches prey, then certainly it will not miss.

Therefore, the creature brings fear to the poor animals that share the zone with him. It is necessary to hide from such a strong predator, or very quickly escape, sensing the danger.


Trying to introduce the wide answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Polar Bear Day 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention the following pieces of information.

Believe you or not, but the polar bear refers to marine mammals. Its huge paws are equipped with membranes, like waterfowl.

Despite people, the bears have no competitors, and they rightfully lead the food chain of the Arctic. Having reached 25-30 years of age, they can be considered long-livers. Male differ dramatically from females, a powerful male reaches three meters in length and weighs about 800 kilograms. Females are much smaller.

These white giants do not belong to vegetarians. However, their diet includes only meat of fish and sea pinnipeds. And, as you can understand, it happens because of harsh living conditions.

By the way, their homes are considered to be very comfortable indeed, as they are relatively warm and equipped with a hood.

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These animals are excellent swimmers. As a rule, they can reach speeds of 10 km / h.

Being covered with very warm fur, bears can live even at minus temperatures. But they can overheat in some situations, and in order to avoid this they have to walk for a long time along the shores.

Newborn fluffy creatures weigh only a kilogram. They are really small, arenโ€™t they?

Oh, and here it is another terrific thing about them. โ€“ They are really neat. They spend 15-20 minutes for the bathing ritual a day.


When is Polar Bear Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. It is not a serious problem in fact. And the date of almost the very end of winter is considered to be memorable enough among the representatives of contemporary society.

However, frankly speaking, we are not sure that you know what to do on February 27th. That is why now we are going to give the small tips for you.

There are some people, who prefer to do something educative this day. Do you want to feel yourself as a devoted teacher? โ€“ It is quite possible in this situation. – Find the images of these animals, print them and to take to your office. You see, this is a perfect chance to meet your friends, colleagues or business partners with them. Discover some amazing facts and tell everybody about their life. For example, as a rule, people donโ€™t know that the habitat of these fauna representatives extends along the shores of the icy Arctic.

Polar Bear putting out its tongue

Some people prefer to devote this day to discovering these creatures in details. You can watch specialized documentaries, read periodicals or just discuss the problems of these predators all around the planet.

International Polar Bear Day Facts

So you have already known that the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Polar Bear Day 2020?โ€ sounds like โ€œOn February 27thโ€. However, we have already got used that our readers are mostly curious people and that it why they are extremely glad to read additional pieces of information about every destination they are discovering.

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For example, would you like to know these animals are white? โ€“ We are going to explain this phenomenon for you.

As you know, bears can be in a variety of colors and species. There are black, white and brown bears.

However, only a polar bear can survive in permafrost conditions – on the coldest points of the globe. Therefore, polar bears settle behind the Arctic Circle at the North Pole, in Siberia, Canada, but only in its northern parts.

The matter is that polar bear is fully adapted to existence in such conditions and does not freeze at all. And all thanks to the presence of a very warm and thick fur coat, which, even at a very low temperature, warms perfectly.

In addition to a thick white coat, the predator has a thick layer of fat, which keeps the heat. Due to the fatty layer, the animal’s body is not supercooled. The white bear does not bother the cold at all.

In addition, it can safely spend a day in ice water and even swim in it to 100 kilometers without stopping! Sometimes a predator stays in the water for a long time to find food there, or goes ashore, and traces its victim in the snowy expanses of the Antarctic and the North. And since there is no special shelter on snow-covered plains, the “white hunter” is rescued by a white fur coat. The polar bear’s fur has a slightly yellowish or white hue, which allows the predator to dissolve properly in the whiteness of the snow, thereby making it completely invisible to its victim. The white color of the animal is the best camouflage. It turns out, it’s not for nothing that nature created this predator precisely white, not brown, multicolored or generally red.


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