Zakharov’s day. The day of remembrance of the holy prophet Zacharias the Sickle-bearer

Christians celebrate February 21 every year the memory of the holy prophet Zacharias the Sickle-bearer. As you know, Zachary came from the priestly family of Levi and served as a prophet from a young age. The saint was nicknamed the Sickle-Seer because in a dream he saw a sickle-like scroll.

February 21 is popularly called Zakhary day. Special attention has been paid to sickles on this day for a long time: they are cleaned, sharpened and sprinkled with holy water. It was believed that the prophet would improve the sickle if he saw the effort of a person.

On the Day of Remembrance of the Holy Prophet Zacharias, it is forbidden to pull teeth, perform surgical interventions and cosmetic procedures, as well as envy, sweep and fish. In addition, there are several omens: cold weather on February 21 heralds a warm spring; anxious dogs – to heavy snowfall.

Zakharov's day
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