For many of us, believing in mythology and nonexistent creatures is like hobby or a type of religion. The identification of genesis and essence is extremely specific for the mythology, the actual replacement of cause-effect relationships by precedent. In principle, the myth coincides with the description of the world model and the narrative of the emergence of its separate elements, natural and cultural objects, the deeds of the gods and heroes determined its present state. And today, we will talk about one of the strongest positive creatures. So, when is National Unicorn Day in 2020?

The celebration is held on 9th of April and is dedicated to the respect and support of mythology and nonexistent creatures. There are many legends and stories about our friend, but the main one will be described for you. The author of the holiday is unknown, but the main purpose is to let our fantasy flight and believe in some magic.


Despite the fact the legends about many mythical creatures have roots in Greek mythology, surprisingly, this does not apply to the unicorn. The first mention of them appeared in classical Greek literature, but they were not considered mythical or fictitious animals – the ancient Greeks sincerely believed in their existence.


One Greek historian and healer Ctesias wrote about them in his work, which he compiled during the study of India. It should include the real history of the Indian peninsula, but it is clear Ctesias gave vent to his imagination.

“In India, you can see hoofed animals huge as horses, or even more. They have white body, dark red head, the eyes are bluish, and there is a horn on the forehead. At first, they move slowly, but over time they speed up miraculously. You have the only opportunity to capture them. They are horny, kicking, biting and killing many people and horses. Unicorns are not alive, as captured only by piercing arrows and spears. The meat of the unicorn is too rough and canโ€™t be eaten, people hunt them only for their horn and ilium.” – said Ctesias in his book.

They eat flowers, especially the flowers of the dog-rose, and the full-bodied honey. Unicorns are also in search of small lakes in the forest. It is a being of a different world and foretells happiness.

Itโ€™s hard to identify what a day World Unicorn Day in 2020 is, but we should learn more information to have a representation.

The most bizarre animal was with the ancient Persians: it had three legs, six eyes, nine mouths, with a golden, hollow horn. It stands in the middle of the ocean and cleans the waves from all kinds of pollution with a wonderful horn.

Subjects associated with the unicorn are found in the East and West Slavic folklore, in Russian alphabet of the 16th-17th centuries. The creature is described as a terrible and invincible beast resembling a horse, whose whole strength is enclosed in a horn.

Moreover, the equatorial constellation is also named after the Unicorn. The symbol of the unicorn takes a significant place in heraldry.


What does National Unicorn Day mean? Firstly, many adults are so involved in their routine life that they forget to relax and realize the happiness of it. This day helps everyone to free their minds and believe in some type of magic. Just imagine a unicorn, watch movies and cartoons, read some comics and finally get relaxed. So, you should know when is International Unicorn Day 2020 to be prepared for any activity. Secondly, some people believe in mythology for real. Apparently, they donโ€™t want to delve into life problems and cope with real situations that will need their brains to be turned on. For them, it is convenient to digress from reality and accept the mythological life. Thirdly, on this day people gather to celebrate and bake some cakes in a unicorn form. Muffins, pancakes, and fritters are made on this day to honor and respect extramundane life.


In the ancient world, the animal was considered a native of India, where it was depicted as a red-headed creature, with a white or black horn. Then, it appeared in Babylon, China, Tibet, and Greece. In the West, the apogee of its fame is in the Middle Ages. The unicorn personifies power, a force that resists forces of darkness, maintaining balance in the universe. It is a symbol of the sun’s rays, purity, turning toward unity.

Turning back to the N.U.D., itโ€™s a nice opportunity to visit many theme parks, luna parks, fairs and museums where lovely creatures can be found. Grab your relatives and parents to take they off the routine life and let them see the magic.

Unicorn and Girls


This day purifies and fills with light our life we should give a feedback to it. Take your friends and cousins to visit events connected with the celebration. Thousands of people were noted visiting luna park in Las Vegas in 2017 on 9th of April, what will be the actual date of National Unicorn Day in 2020.

The unicorn was endowed with a fierce and violent temper and enormous strength. It could kill an elephant with his horn but simultaneously was regarded as a symbol of purity and chastity. Despite its wild nature, good wizards and fairies could saddle the magic creature. It was a popular belief that only a virgin can catch and tame a unicorn; seeing the girl in front of it, the unicorn forgets about his ferocity and becomes affectionate and submissive. This triumph of purity is represented in many famous works of art. The image of the animal was often used in heraldry.

International Unicorn Day Facts

  • Psychologist Georgina Hudson of the San Francisco University called emoji with farting unicorns “natural and safe antidepressants” at the last scientific conference on mental disorders.
  • The creature captivated people with its divine beauty, but they wanted the horn, which had magical cleansing properties: like the griffon’s claws, the horn of the Unicorn could change color when poison hit it. An innocent animal was killed just for the sake of the precious horn.
  • The animal resembles a horse. The difference is a twisted horn grows from the forehead. The size of the creature is different from the size of an ordinary horse, the height of the first is about 2 m at the withers, and the length of the horn is up to 1.5 m.
  • Our creature has always been considered mythical. In nature, they have not yet been met. However, everything was changed on June 11, 2008: in one of the reserves of Italy, a roe deer with a horn in the middle of the forehead was seen. It happened near the city of Prato.

To sum up, the life is magic which we create ourselves. To continue the traditions, donโ€™t forget to check up the holidays like when is Unicorn Day in 2020, through the calendar.


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