Card game day

December 28 is celebrated every year Card day. China is considered the birthplace of card games.

A characteristic feature of the card game is the presence of an initial random state, for the determination of which the deck is used. In almost all types of card games, there is a principle of randomness of the sequence of cards in the deck, which obliges to shuffle the cards after each game.

Card games are most often classified as follows:

  • family (or folk), which do not have complex rules and age restrictions (fool, drunkard, domino, etc.);
  • commercial ones, which are much more difficult to play and require special skills from the player (bridge, preference, thousand, whist, etc.);
  • gambling, where winning depends not so much on skills and knowledge, but on chance (poker, ecard, blackjack, seka, point and others).

Card day
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