In the modern world there’s a great quantity of various holidays. Some of them are official, others’re considered to be non-public, but also there are those, which help us to become close to our friends, mates and colleagues from office. Are you really interested in these special occasions? Have you already kept some or perhaps you are able to answer such very amazing question as โ€œWhen is National Take Your Dog To Work Day in 2024?โ€ in this moment or immediately and without thinking? Unfortunately, usually contemporary people canโ€™t do it. That’s the main reason, why we have decided to tell about this astonishing event in details.


All in all when is Take Your Dog To Work Day in 2024, calendar will definitely remind you without any additional troubles or problems. โ€“ This will be on June 26. But would you mind to know more about this holiday historical background? It is not long, but really amazing.

The tradition was launched about 20 years ago in 1999.

National Take Your Dog To Work Day


What does Take Your Dog To Work Day mean? Initially this unofficial special day was organized by charitable company called Pet Sitters International.ย  That was a special and at the same time rather efficient, as the practice has shown, way to improve and to encourage the important matters of dog adoption. After that the founders wanted everybody to celebrate the loving emotions, which dogs are able to introduce to our lives.

When you are taking your pet to the office, you have to meet some important requirements:

First of all be fully responsible for its activities and make sure that your colleagues are comfortable with this particular society. If pets are playing in the office, you need to make sure that they do not interfere with anyone.

  • If the owner of the dog has moved away from the workplace, he/she should take the animal with.
  • Sometimes it happens that some colleagues take their pets with, pay attention to that fact that your puppy or adult creature should be in good relationships with others.
  • The dog must obey the ownerโ€™s commands and orders and come to him/her at the first call.
  • An animal can not sit on sofas.
  • The pet can not be fed from an office dish and donโ€™t forget to close its food, keeping it in the fridge. Donโ€™t allow the dog to enter the kitchen. The reasons are understood because of hygienic considerations.
  • Any dog must be vaccinated.


We’d like to mention our readers that it’s impossible, of course, to give the definite answer to the set above matter โ€œWhen is International Take Your Dog To Work Day 2024?โ€ Why? โ€“ All in all that it is not constant and the date can be different every year. As a rule it is celebrated fixed on the very first Friday, which comes from the appreciated Fatherโ€™s Day. So annually it happens at the second part of the first summer month.

If you are going to take your beloved dog to the office on holiday, you should ask permission from the chefs as well as other colleagues. Donโ€™t forget about carrying out the necessary vaccination and make the dog vaccinated.

In some cases the owner may be asked not to take the home animal to the office. It is a usual thing and you shouldnโ€™t get angry to your office mates. Tastes differ and not everybody should love dogs. Mind that if your animal is aggressive, it must leave the office immediately without any contradictions or agreements.


Even if you office mates as well as you boss know the reply to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Take Your Dog To Work Day 2024?โ€ and donโ€™t mind this special occasion, realizing this, you’d follow some very important rules. Letโ€™s now discuss them in details.

It’s of common knowledge that the best way to try to celebrate the special occasion is to take puppy or dog to your office. It is a perfect idea, of course, but, please, in advance let all co-workers know, you are going to bring it. Make sure that nobody has allergies or other substantial reasons to contradict your plan fulfillment.

It is possible to ask the representatives from the dog shelters to the place of work. These people are usually really glad to talk about their pets. They know a lot of information about them and are able to tell you a great amount of various stories. Perhaps, somebody from your colleagues will want to take the dog home.

In the case you canโ€™t do it, please, donโ€™t worry and donโ€™t get upset! You can celebrate it in another way.

You are able to organize everybody: your family members as well as friends for a rather interesting visit to the nearby dog shelter. As a rule, there are more than one of them in any town. You can help them to treat the animal, clean their cages, feed them or perhaps even to adopt the dog. They usually have a lot of things to do and the volunteers are really appreciated.

Take Your Dog To Work Day Facts

So you have already known, what day Take Your Dog To Work Day in 2024 is, but have you heard that there’re companies which donโ€™t mind any pet all around the year?

National Take Your Dog To Work Day

For example, in accordance with the survey, approximately 8% of US companies allow employees to bring their pets to the working place.

At their turn more than 70% of surveyed Americans said that the opportunity to take the dog to the office, will be an advantage for them when choosing a job.

The authors of the study, conducted by Dogster Dog Forum and Simply Hired’s job search site, are sure that nobody will refuse to work together with a best friend. This is called a dog-friendly workplace. In such organizations everything is arranged for the dogโ€™s convenience: you can arrange a basket for your pet near the workplace and bring any toys you like. By the way at lunch time you can walk with it in the park nearby together with your colleagues and their dogs. This free time activity will improve your relations.

Employers, who do not object to animals, usually tell that having dogs or cats in the office is an easy way to reduce stress, to revive a boring office environment, as well as to teach employees to be a little kinder and more tolerant to each other.

All in all animals relieve stress, help up to relax and entertain if it is necessary. And the idea to be together with the owners in the office is considered to be very good for animals too, because the pet is bored alone at home. Jennifer Firing, a former economist at the American Society for the Protection of Animals and co-author of the book, which talks about creating a dog’s corner in the office, says: “Many dog owners feel guilty when they leave their pet alone for the whole day and, sitting at work, the whole day they can not concentrate on their duties, thinking about their doggy. So why should employers not allow employees to take dogs with them to work? This will not only improve the efficiency, but also help to make the atmosphere in the office more homey and relaxed. ”

Google is one of the largest companies which also allows you to bring pets, although the rules’re milder for dogs, than for cats. “We love cats, but our company is a dog lover, so in general we believe that the appearance of cats in our office will be quite stressful for them,” the rules say. The most popular and famous dog in the company is Leonberger Joshka, who belongs to one of Google engineers and is thought the “first dog” in the company. By the way in its honor one of the cafes on Google campus was called.

But in Japan, locals like more cats than dogs. For example, one Japanese business automation firm, Ferray Corporation, not only allowed to bring its cats to the office, but also invented an excellent way to encourage employees to take pets from the shelter, paying those who would do it a monthly bonus of 5,000 yen (about $ 40)


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