When is National Ninja Day in 2022? Do you know this? Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that now we are going to get a negative answer. And that is a real pity, because all in all in the contemporary world there is a quite restricted quantity of amazing unofficial special occasion people know about.

Well, letโ€™s make a small agreement, we will tell you about this funny memorable day in details and you will promise to be involved. Ready? We are starting!


Certainly, we understand the role of the history in discovering the reply to the subject โ€œWhen is International Ninja Day in 2022?โ€, however, we couldnโ€™t find any information suitable about the establishers of this holiday as well as about the reasons to celebrate it on December 5th exactly.

As a rule, the initiation of this direction used to take place in samurai family, when the kid achieved the age of 15 years old, as at this time, the young men and girls began to study xian-Taoism and Zen Buddhism.


The formation of the ninja class occurred together with the formation of the samurai class, but because the samurai possessed power, they became the dominant class, and the ninjas formed a large-scale espionage community.

Ninjas were finally formed by the 10th century. The golden age of Shinobi falls on 1460-1600, the era of intrapersonal warfare and the unification of the Japanese state. They are hired by Tokugawa Ieyasu during the struggle for power with the military leader Toyotomi Hideyori and his mother Asai Yedogimi, lasting for 15 years.

In 1603, the first Tokugawa shogun, deciding that the ninjas could be hired against him by the most outraged outcome of the daimyo confrontation, defended two powerful clans of shinobi, Iga and Koga.

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As a result, by 1604, few of the ninja organization survived, and later they swore an oath to the shogun. To top it off, as a result of the end of civil strife in the services of the ninja, the need disappears.


What does National Ninja Day mean? The reply to this question depends personally on you or those from your surrounding, who are going to invite or to involve you. Why? The matter is that it is a personal conclusion of every person to decide what holidays to remember and what to forget completely.

All in all ninja or in other words โ€œhidingโ€ or โ€œsecretโ€ person, is the second name for shinobi, ย scout, saboteur and hired killer in feudal Japan.

In keeping with the surviving chronicles, the ninjas were fearless, trained people who, from a small age, practiced the most complex skills of the ninjutsu, which included many skills.

In general, ninja was obliged to be able to receive the necessary information, in addition to use any objects as a weapon, to defend himself/herself against any kind of weapons (also with bare hands), to suddenly arise and to disappear unnoticed, to own medicine, herbal and acupuncture, to improve visual memory, hearing and night vision.

The Shinobis could for a long time be under water, breathing through a straw tube, climbing walls and rocks, navigating in an unfamiliar territory, owning an excellent sense of smell, etc.

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In addition, “nin” (another reading of “shinobi”) means “secret”, they could not act openly. The very essence of the ninjutsu did not allow this. Despite this, “night demons”, as locals sometimes called ninjas, instilled fear into princes and samurai.

At the same time, shinobi almost never killed peasants, due to the fact that the peasants could give them help. In addition, the murder was not the main occupation of the ninja. Their main trade was espionage and sabotage. The role of a merchant, a circus, a peasant made it possible to travel through Japan without suspicion.


All in all we have already discovered, what day World Ninja Day in 2022 is, and our careful readers know that the answer sounded as December 5th. But letโ€™s add some amazing facts.

From a political point of view, ninjas were outside the feudal system. Their community had its own structure. Moreover, the Shinobis were quinine, which correspondingly meant, that they were outside the structure of Japanese society and did not have the established position in it. But at the same time these people could play any social role, despite the fact that a certain place was occupied even by the peasant.

Ninja Theatre

Ninja clans were scattered throughout Japan, but most of them were in the forests of Kyoto and the mountains of Iga and Koga. From time to time, samurai entered the ninja communities, who lost their lands and suzerain (ronin). In the 17th century there were about 70 clans of ninjas. The most powerful schools were Koga-ryu and Iga-ryu.

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The art of ninja – ninjutsu – is what the ninjas learned from youth. In fact, the main thing of the ninja craft was always getting information, that is, intelligence, and not at all sabotage acts and murders as such. It was for this that the ninjas used to wear everyday peasant clothes so as not to stand out from the crowd.

Merchant, peasant, even a circus acrobat – for the sake of disguising and achieving his goals, a ninja could accept any image! In addition, according to historical data, the famous black night costumes of ninjas are nothing more than fictions and myth-making. Just a black suit in the night is noticeable, as it becomes a dark spot that is easy to detect. That’s why real ninja costumes had different shades of gray, including ashy, as well as reddish-brown and yellow-brown colors


When is Ninja Day in 2022, calendar will tell you, of course. Donโ€™t forget about the date, please, and mind that it will be on Tuesday, just in the middle of the working week.

It is a real pity, but up to the present moment there havenโ€™t been any rules as well as customs and traditions to celebrate this holiday.

However, you can always invent and create something really special for you and your close surrounding.


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