Money in itself can bring profit: it’s enough to invest them in a profitable project. Since the immemorial times, in various corners of Earth, without exception, the pawnbrokers are those who were able to receive as it’s said, airy gold. The attitude towards them, usually, was negative, as when issuing a loan they demanded a high percentage of clients. Nowadays this profession is thought to be popular indeed. However, only a tiny quantity of humans can reply โ€œWhen is National Pawnbrokers Day in 2022?โ€ without any serious taking time for thinking about. Only involved into this direction, are sure to achieve perfect results without any problems.

For others we’ve made an unexpected decision to watch this subject carefully.


Certainly, investigating, what day World Pawnbrokers Day in 2022 is, we should note the historical past and background in general of this memorable occasion.

Itโ€™s a sincere pity but we havenโ€™t been able to find out much about this popular nowadays sphere. The only matter, which is for sure, that it was launched just some years before, in 2012 exactly.

That year on December 6th the whole group of the pawnbrokers from the American state of Mississippi gave the great collection of musical instruments to the local high school. They did it as a special kind of donation.


However, ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle was one of the first people on earth to describe this occupation. But he considered usury an immoral occupation, stressing that it isn’t worthy of a true philosopher to do “money for money”.

Have you ever heard that Islam prohibits the issue of money under interest, and taboo still operates in some modern states (for example, in Iran). However, moneylenders still work, just apart from the principal amount, borrowers after settlement make a lender a gift.

Judaism does not permit the activity of interest-holders only in respect of coreligionists. The rest of the people can profit without problems – if there is an “extreme need”.

In literature usurers are described not only as greedy and stingy people, the very important professional psychological aspect is underlined. It’s said that to succeed in this business, it’s desirably to delicately understand the human nature. Therefore, a real percentage canโ€™t have a wife, no friends, no serious hobbies.

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What does National Pawnbrokers Day mean? We should previously note that, that this’sย  a really amazing question, especially for those, who have never heard about its appearance in the calendar. So it denotes that it’s you who will make a corresponding decision to spend this day interestingly and unusually or not to remember about it without any regrets.

However, we’d love to mention that anger at the representatives of the profession has fallen mainly for the fact that they could increase their money fortune many times over the year due to those, who’re in harsh financial cases.

In general pawnbrokers get a side sale profit of collateral: a loan in old days, now it’s issued within 50-75% of real value, minding interest. But is this job as profitable as it is customary to say?

Either we want to tell our readers about all this sphere risks:

  • Return of debts. Not more than half of all debts are returned on time. Otherwise it is necessary to deal with the return of working capital, using various means for this. But the borrower can get sick, die or just run away.
  • Rapid depreciation of money significantly reduces the real amount of debt, especially if the loan is not returned promptly. Even high interest rates may not fully cover the losses of the usurer.
  • Improper security. Often, as an object of securing obligations is property that canโ€™t be sold at a real price. So, the apartment can be designed for demolition, the car – emergency, the technology – stolen.
  • Change of legislation. At any time, the activity of a percentage player may be prohibited.
  • Illegal actions. Lenders often become victims of their clients. Accumulating a solid amount of money, it’s impossible not to attract the attention of criminals.
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Investigating the subject โ€œWhen is International Pawnbrokers Day 2022?โ€ we’ve to talk purposely about some points.

In particularthis person, no matter who is this, a man or a woman, is a businessman lending money and other property to third parties for a certain percentage for a period fixed by a serious written or ordinary oral agreement.

A distinctive feature of the activity at all times was a pledge – ensuring the fulfillment of obligations. If the debtor doesn’t have time to settle for the loan given to him, the movable or immovable property passes into the property of a moneylender.

The activity of the usurer is different from the work of the usual banks, as the businessman/businesswoman is working independently. He/she can either make contracts with the clients, and conduct work on trust, use the services of appraisers or do without them. Various means are used for debt collection, including, unfortunately, the illegal methods as well.

Quote about Pawn


When is Pawnbrokers Day in 2022, calendar will definitely remind you. That’s why you have no any serious reasons for being worried about. When December 6th comes this year, you are really free to celebrate. However, do you understand how to do it in a proper way?

Unfortunately, in fact there’re no special traditions for this day. The only subject you can do is to congratulate those, who are in this profession. You can even organize a small party devoted to this event. Of course, the representatives of this speciality usually have a great quantity of fascinating stories and they will be really glad to share some of them with you, your friends or family members. Why not to give them the perfect or even unforgettable opportunity to do this?

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You can also watch some documentaries or to read the interesting articles, devoted to the occasion, which is mentioned in this article. By the way, also there’s a great quantity of beautiful films, the main characters of which’reย  people, who’re in this sphere.

International Pawnbrokers Day Facts

So you have already known that the certain reply to the set โ€œWhat is the date of National Pawnbrokers Day 2022?โ€ sounds as December 6th.

And now we are going to tell you about the most typical signs of this direction:

  • Professional activity. Issue of money in debt under interest is the main occupation of a businessman. However, the interest-holder can also engage in side-line activities: buying things below cost with subsequent sales, renting collateral etc.
  • The main objective of the pawnbrokers is to generate income, which’s also sent to the “business”. Issue of interest-free loans is impossible by definition.
  • Real collection of debt. To return money any methods are used, from going to court to blackmail. The interest-bearer is a good psychologist who is able to understand the solvency and reliability of the client.
  • The subject of securing obligations can be movable and immovable property, securities etc. Work on trust is possible only with regular customers.
  • Compound interest. If banks issue cash on the basis of repayment schedule, moneylenders work differently. The usurer charges interest on a monthly basis, which increases debt amount in geometric progression.


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