International Dance Day

International Dance Day is a special holiday celebrated in different parts of the world on April 29. French ballet dancer Jean-Georges Nover was born on this day. He is called the founder of ballet art. It was proposed to celebrate Dance Day in 1982 by a special commission of UNESCO.

In 1759, Nover wrote his famous work, in which the artist substantiated the meaning of the ballet-play, which is performed with the help of pantomime and dance movements. A composer, artist and dance master also worked on the book. It is this event that is connected with the idea of ​​the origin of the holiday.

It is believed that Dance day unites all areas of choreographic art into one whole, and different peoples can communicate with each other using one language – the language of dance.

On a certain date, choreographers, artists, creative groups related to dance art celebrate their day. People who are not professional dancers can join them.

Dancing – is an important part of any people and culture, they are a means of communication, a sign of friendship and reconciliation of all countries.

International Dance Day
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