Everybody seems to know that kiss is traditionally considered one of the most important expressions of human love and tenderness.Many of us are interested in the following questions: “Why are people kissing?”, “How and when did this custom appear?”, “When is National Kissing Day in 2022?” Unfortunately, there is no exact explanation to some of these questions. For example, from the ancient times numerous historians, scientists and philosophers haven’t found the answers to the first ones, studying them even know. There is a great amount of various theories.


When is International Kissing Day in 2022, calendar is ready to remind even for the most absent-minded man or woman. It is not a problem to inform you when July 6 comes. But if you want to understand the importance of this special occasion properly, we recommend you to pay attention to its historical background. Some historians suggest that the first kissing appeared in 3000 BC. However, at that moment people were sending kisses only to their gods.

National Kissing Day

By the way, very interesting thoughts as to this subject were expressed by the famous Plato. He believed that a long time ago human bodies had a spherical shape. At that very moment an ordinary person had arms, four legs and two heads: one male and one female. But the almighty Zeus very angry because of the arrogance of these creatures. That is why he decided to divide them into two halves. Plato was sure that those halves can be reunited only during a kiss.

One thing can be said for sure: men and women touch each other with their lips, because they adore doing this. In a romantic situation, ladies and guys suddenly start to feel almost irresistible desire to do it.

That is why if you want to impress your partner and to have one more reason to celebrate something pleasant, remember that the answer to the question “When is International Kissing Day 2022?” is on July 6, just in the middle of the summer. Unfortunately, it is considered to be unofficial holiday. It means that we should work or study this day. But it has a long history, originated in the late 19th century. UK is a homeland of this special occasion. The contemporary variant was approved by the United Nations for about twenty years ago.

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What does Kissing Day mean? First of all we would like to mention, that kisses entered firmly our culture in ancient times. Every day we see the kissing couples on TV, in magazines, on the street and even in public places. Such kind of behavior has become more or less acceptable, but still not in all corners of the modern world. For example, in Islamic countries, as well as in China and in distant Japan no one should kiss in public. It is considered to be indecent. But Europeans and Americans, who usually know, what day Kissing Day in 2022 is, are kissing everywhere.

Believe you or not, but Papuans do not know how to do it at all. Our way of love and passion expression would have seemed very strange to them. Instead of lips touching they prefer to bite the partner’ eyelashes. The nations, that are living on the island of Bali, also do not kiss. They like to touch each other with their faces. The Tahitians, who are in love, usually dance and rub their nose on the partner’s nose.


Thinking about the ancient legends, we may say that kissing people are touching each other with their souls., exchanging the parts of each other.

Frankly speaking, it is difficult say for sure what is really happening at that very moment. In any case, the advantages of kisses has long been proved by contemporary scientists. For example, they are able to reduce any pain, having huge anesthetic effects.

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Kissing is also able to calm the human nervous system and help to easier any stress.

Another positive feature can be a significant assistance in the fight against obesity. If you calculate the amount of kissing, you needed daily, properly, then you can forget about a diet. Scientific evidence suggests that about 25 calories you can burn easily in just one minute of a passionate kiss.

In addition, the kisses have a great rejuvenating effect on our entire organism. By producing endorphins they are able to bring good mood. Ordinary lips touching strengthens your teeth, stimulates blood circulation and slows down the atherosclerotic process. However, we must always remember that during the kiss you can catch herpes virus or hepatitis, which are considered to be rather dangerous.


The event is really terrific and that is why its popularity can’t be a great surprise for everybody. It is considered to be appreciated all over the planet nowadays. So there is a huge amount of various customs. For example, on July it is accepted to carry out and to organize a variety of different festive events, competitions for the best or the longest kiss etc.

Each of us can celebrate International Kissing Day is a very simple and available way – just kissing with your beloved person. By the way it is very interesting to mention, that according to contemporary researches conducted by sexologists, men and women attach different meanings to kisses. Kissing is extremely important for women and they are not able even to imagine any relations without romantic lips touching. Men, on the contrary, can do without it.

Two-thirds of modern ladies believe that a guy, who knows how to kiss well, is a great and tender lover.

National Kissing Day

Religion of some African people prohibits kissing at all. Why? – For this tradition there is a very unusual explanation. – According to the local belief during the kiss there is a huge risk to draw the spirit of a loved one.

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By the way, Eskimos rub their noses each other too, but it means greeting. The locals of the south-east of India, as well as Lapland, prefer to touch the partner’s cheek with their faces breathing deeply, instead of kissing.

Kissing Day Facts

So, you have already got the detailed answer to the question set above “What is the date of National Kissing Day 2022?” but would you like to know some useful information about it?

  1. Our lips are in 200 times more sensitive than the fingertips
  2. During a kiss on the cheek 5 calories are burned, and during the “French” one – 26 calories
  3. The average person spends 2 weeks kissing in his/her life.
  4. Kiss normalizes acidity in our oral cavity. If you do this every time after each meal, you can reduce the risk of tooth decay significantly.
  5. The average European kisses 7 times per day, young people – about 12 times, the experienced couple and the people over 50 years old only 2 times. Unfortunately, 12% can not remember when they were doing this lat time.
  6. During an ordinary kiss 29 facial muscles are working.When a person kisses, his/her blood circulation, as well as the tissues nutrition, is improved. The skin gets a perfect tone and the light facial wrinkles smooth.
  7. For about 66% of all the Earth inhabitants prefer to touch the lips with their eyes closed.

The craziest terrific kissing records on the planet:

  • On February 14, 2013 it was fixed the longest kiss. The absolute world record was done by a beloved couple from Thailand. They do it continuously for 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds.
  • The most enduring kissing was performed on September 15, 1990 during the Minnesota revival festival. A local man called Alfred Wolfram kissed 8001 people for 8 hours. It simultaneously meant that he needed 3.6 seconds per person. In 1998 he made one more attempt to break the record. He succeeded to kiss 10 504.


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