Frankly speaking, among the contemporary holidays there are a plenty of those, which are thought to be not so popular or famous. It means that they’re hardly celebrated by a huge amount of people all over the Earth. But at the same we should know about their existence as the subject they’re going to attract attention to are really rather important. For example, are you ready to reply the question โ€œWhen is National Shark Awareness Day in 2022?โ€ just immediately?ย  Unfortunately most modern men and contemporary women are not able to it even if they have enough time for thinking. Why? โ€“ The matter is that they havenโ€™t heard about it.

That is the main reason why we are going to discuss this special occasion of global importance in details.


Trying to explain what day Shark Awareness Day in 2022 is, we canโ€™t but mention its historical background. As a rule this is the discovering of the past, which is able to understand the present or even the future of any event better.

National Shark Awareness Day

This notable date is relatively young, as people started to think seriously about the matter mentioned above just some recently.

The immediate and serious shark protection is believed to be the most urgent issue nowadays. And that was there reason for the establishment the special day of the year, devoted to these creatures. The decision was held by the representatives of well-known and rather reputable organization called The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In accordance with the many contemporary reports, the situation is really dramatic. It has been understood that in 50 years in world oceans there will be 12 shark known species less that we have now. It means that white sharks, whales, hammerheads and sharks-foxes are among the endangered animals of the planet.

Unfortunately, at the same time, it turned out, that shark protection in the laws of coastal states is either not developed at all, or is in a state when the set restrictions aren’t implemented in practice.

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The catalyst for the process was announced during the annual meeting of oceanographers in the framework of the CITES program by Sonny Fordmem, the head of the Shark Protection Group. It turns out that the shark safety is a vital process not only for the fish themselves, but also for humans.

The killing of these large ocean predators may lead to the emergence of large-scale natural disasters – typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes and others.


What does Shark Awareness Day mean? It wouldnโ€™t be easy to answer this question definitely. What is the matter? โ€“ The problem is that in most cases it’s up to you to decide whether there is any importance of this special occasion for you or not.

Meanwhile, the general amount of bloodthirsty predators or killers, as they’re often called, multiplies extremely slowly. Physiologically the pregnancy of the female can last up to 2 years, and the maturity of large pelagic species appears when the representative reaches the age of 10-20 years old. It is difficult to believe, but the mating occurs once in 4 -6 years!

At the same time all over the world numerous fishermen catch immature young animals, and it correspondingly means that killing one individual may cause irreparable damage to the entire shark world, as the population can only be restored only in 12-15 years. Sharks do not simply have time to compensate for their losses.

In the situation like this, the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Shark Awareness Day 2022?โ€ is able to draw much attention to the global problem. โ€“ It has been already discovered that nowadays the greatest threat to that part of marine life is being done by any kind of unauthorized fishing. Most small industrialists and fishermen use their own longboats in order to catch as many sharks as possible and to sell their meat and fins for good money afterwards. As a result hundreds of thousands are died each year.

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Believe you or not, but the shark protection worries the whole oceanological world. The problem of these fish disappearance has never been so acute. Up to the present moment because of the increased demand for various and very expensive shark fin soup, the amounts of shark catch’re really horrifying.

In fact, the killing of these predators has never been controlled in any way until recently. Moreover, only the contemporary scientists have taken up this mater closely. All in all they’re trying to everything possible to do the answer to the set above important question โ€œWhat is the date of National Shark Awareness Day 2022?โ€ known to as many people, as it’s possible.

Besides the important points, which have been already mentioned above, we should note that according to the specialistsโ€™ points of view, the disappearance of sharks, creatures that take an important place at the top of the so-called food chain, gives rise to an immediate enlargement in the number of small predatory fish.

In its turn, it provokes the disappearance of herbivorous species, which leads to the growth of ocean plants, algae and destroys corals. As a result we may have huge ocean waves, increased turbulence territories and hurricanes occurrence. Perhaps, the mass killing of sharks has provoked the recent emergence of devastating hurricanes all around the planet.

But, unfortunately, the shark protection is just a theoretical issue. There are no international laws that control catch and regulate the sale of shark meat and fins.

National Shark Awareness Day

Nowadays it becomes clear that illegal fishing does not kill the sharks themselves, but causes irreparable damage to the entire ocean – both the flora and fauna, and if we do not take measures, in the future we will face even more disastrous consequences.


When is Shark Awareness Day in 2022, calendar as well as numerous environmental protection organizations will remind you without any difficulties and problems, but do you know how to celebrate or just to spend this unusual day properly?

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Frankly speaking there’re no any traditions, but you can involve them if you like. What about going to the museums or specialized exhibitions on July 14? There you will get the opportunity to get some new information about these unique creatures.

Some people prefer to visit zoos or city aquariums in order to take part in the amazing lectures devoted to sharks, their eating preferences and the way of living.

If you can do it for any individual reasons, just read a book devoted them or watch corresponding documentary. The children may be proposed to draw or to paint the ocean or sea life. But mind that these pictures have to be peaceful and bright.

Shark Awareness Day Facts

All in all there is a great amount of various information, which may be useful for those people, who are interested in the creatures. But would you like to do something special and to help the global society in their protection? โ€“ As the practice shows, the only way to do it properly and to achieve good results is to begin with yourself.

Here is a list of the activities, which may be done by everybody without any difficulties:

  • Take care of the ocean and marine environment, giving a positive example to other people. Be sure, firm and persevering in matters of environmental protection.
  • Donโ€™t purchase any products of shark killing. Never order the exotic soups in the modern restaurants. And donโ€™t purchase any expensive and advertised cosmetics, which contain the shark.
  • Share this important information with other people at home, among the friends and in the office. Try to do as much as possible to promote a humane attitude to the inhabitants of our planet.
  • Join the groups of other activists and not indifferent people. As you can see, as a rule, it’s always easier to change the situation of shark killing and disappearance, when you are not alone.


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