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🤳 When is National Selfie Day 2022

Almost all of us adore taking pictures. – Some people prefer to photo the surrounding ature or landscapes, others like contemporary or vice versa abandoned buildings. The images of animals, any kinds of events and various portraits are also in trend nowadays. But with the development of modern gargets a quite new direction appeared. – That is an attempt to depict themselves. It is called selfie and in the course of time it becomes more and more appreciated among men and women all over the planet. By the way, could you answer the question “When is National Selfie Day in 2022?” without thinking? Don’t be so surprised, please! – This date has already really existed!


Of course, it seems to be rather difficult to try to answer, what date Selfie Day in 2022 is, without discovering the historic background of this event. As it was mentioned above, it has been established recently.

Frankly speaking, initially the selfies appeared at those times, when scientists made the first hand-held or portable cameras. In accordance with the psychologists’ points of view, this is of human nature to do something elf-aggrandizing if there is even a small opportunity to realize it. By the way, besides people, only monkeys get a real pleasure of this process, so we are not alone in our hobby on the planet. If you give a camera to these animals, they won’t need much time to understand the idea and to start playing the funny game.

National Selfie Day

The term “selfie”, or the so-called “self”, appeared only in the early 2000s. Then people photographed themselves on film cameras using a timer or cord. But the peak of the selfie popularity was in 2010, during the period of distribution of smartphones, which were equipped with a front camera. Just some years ago the word “selfie” entered the list of the most requested hobbies youth, stars and even politicians.

Officially a contemporary Selfie Day was declared just three years ago in 2014. It was an idea, represented by BBC office, which found it to be a rather amazing and creative art direction.

We would also like to mention that this word itself has been already introduced on the pages of the famous Oxford English Dictionary that is why it is considered to be of common knowledge.

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Nowadays we can be pretty sure that this special occasion will be with us even in the distant future. Why? – You see, this kind of unusual art develops year after year. And up to the present moment there are even some gargets, which are able to help us and to make this process more interesting, more amazing and much easier, of course. The so-called “selfie-stick” is rather popular these days.  It is very convenient for people, who like travelling alone or to take pictures of themselves with the help of mobile phones not a camera.


What does Selfie Day mean? Let’s try to discover. First of all we should mention that taking into account all the popularity of the contemporary trend, the answer to the question “When is Selfie Day 2022?” may seem to be rather easy. However, not everybody knows that photographic self-portraits have existed since the appearance of the advent of the Kodak Brownie portable camera, produced by Kodak Company more than one hundred years ago in 1900.

As a rule, that old method was based on photographing the own reflection in the mirror. The camera’s immobility was provided by a tripod. Looking at the viewfinder, the photographer of the previous periods framed the future picture. It is rather interesting to note that at the age of 13 the Grand Duchess Anastasia was one of the first children, who was able to make her own photo with the help her mirror.

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The earliest word “selfie use was noted in 2002. It first appeared in distant Australia and happened during the Internet forum ABC Online.


Now the hobby for a photo self-portrait has acquired an unprecedented volume, as the new technologies have became available to most citizens of developed or even developing countries of the planet. Believe you or not but, according to the statistics, every second user of the global web daily shares his/her photo in social networks.

Sometimes it is done on a more professional level. For example, for a beginner stylist or photomodel, this leisure activity may turn to be not just a hobby but the first step of the future career. As a rule, such people are very serious about creating a self-portrait, because thousands of users of social networks should appreciate these photos. They select makeup rather carefully, don’t forget to determine the right outfit and decoration elements. And the place of each picture should be chosen attentively.

This is an opportunity to take a picture of yourself, when you do not need to ask anyone for help and share your happiness and your smile.

Increasingly, the attempt to make a stunning selfie has turned into a real extreme. For example, some young people decided to capture themselves against the background of an approaching tornado.

According to the specialists’ points of view, trying to take an amazing picture on the roofs of high-rise buildings, after a crash of an airliner or at the time of a parachute jump, people usually forget about the existing risk. After all, such a shot can be the last for them.

As a rule, professional photographers are more or less calm as to the selfie. They are even sure that this phenomenon can be even useful, because it develops creative abilities. The main thing is to take proper and beautiful pictures.

National Selfie Day


When is Selfie Day in 2022, calendar of contemporary events will remind you without any difficulties and additional troubles. But do you know how to celebrate June 21 properly?

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All in all, unfortunately, there are no any special traditions for this date. But we have perfect news for you. – In this case there is an opportunity to invent something special just for you and your friends.

The best way to celebrate this special occasion is to take a great amount of various selfies. You can do it everywhere you like, even at home. Some sites prefer to organize the special contests of pictures and you are always able to choose the winner among the images.

Selfie Day Facts

So, you have already known the answer to the question “What is the date of National Selfie Day 2022?” And we should mention that this kind of pictures is nowadays done by everybody regardless of age, gender and position in society. Photographing yourself and putting pictures on everyone’s approval in social networks has become fashionable relatively recently. But it has gained so great popularity in such a short time, that scientists are really worried.

The specialists are sure that constant selfie taking is something like a disease or a psychological disorder that require treatment.

When does this way of self-expression turn into an illness?

The problem arises when a person wants to do selfi constantly, when he/she simply can live a day without this hobby. Sometimes this state of affairs can be described as narcissism.

In recent years, many teenagers suffer from this kind of dependence. Constant photography of himself/herself and putting the pictures on the open spaces of social become the norm of behavior.

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