Everybody knows that a modern doctor is a specialist in a wide field who knows the symptoms, can perform an examination and correctly diagnose. Medicine is developed and includes hundreds of diagnostic methods. This profession is a respected and honorable occupation. However, can you give a quick reply to โ€œWhen is National Doctors Day in 2020?โ€ to your surrounding? Frankly speaking, we are expecting for the negative reply. Some people havenโ€™t heard about this holiday existence. But this is really in vain, because after all, these modern specialists constantly save lives.


It is of common knowledge that all the attempts to give the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Doctors Day 2020?โ€ need the detailed explanation of the historical background of the special occasion.

The profession of the doctor with its roots goes back to the primitive people even in prehistoric times. The excavations carried out have proved that people were able to treat fractures and even carried out very successful surgical interventions: trepanation of the skull. In those days the doctor not only treated, but also communicated with spirits, cursed and sacrificed. In a word, he/she acted as a priest.

Doctors Day

With every step in the history of mankind, medicine has developed rapidly. There were new knowledge, methods of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases. Combined all the knowledge together and became the forefather of the profession of the great ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. It was he who began to classify the diseases, based not only on their location, but also on the causes of the onset. The scientist was able to identify the various processes and created the well-known oath of Hippocrates.

After the fall of ancient Greece, medicine for a while undergoes decline, but then rose again. The industry was rapidly developing, gradually the doctors began to do the operations and the opening of the corpses in order to understand the structure of the human body.

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Development lasted until the Middle Ages. In this period, healing was prohibited by the Inquisition. But this did not stop its development in the countries of the east, where whole medical schools were opened, where experienced physicians wrote books and shared their experience with students.

In the Renaissance, Europe returned to medicine. Given the lack of personal hygiene, many people were sick and died from the simplest abscesses. So it was before the appearance of penicillin.


What does National Doctors Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, we donโ€™t even know what to tell you in reply, if we were asked. Why? โ€“ You the matter it that the question seems to be rather personal or even individual in a way. It is only up to you to make a corresponding decision whether to celebrate this day or to forget about its existence in the calendar in general.

In its turn the profession of a doctor suggests several basic types of activity:

  • Therapeutic orientation. These are specialists who conduct patients’ admission and prescribe conservative (medicamental) treatment or they are sent to the surgical department;
  • Surgical focus. These specialists carry out surgical interventions to eliminate the pathological zones and processes of the human body. This is done to save the life of the patient;
  • Pathoanatomical activity. Work with the dead to identify the causes of death;
  • Psychological activity. Work with manifestations of emotions, both standard and pathological.

In the world there are a huge number of specializations of medical activity, but every doctor must remember: the patient is above all.

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The investigation of the matter concerning the matter what day World Doctors Day in 2020 is, wouldnโ€™t be complete if we didnโ€™t mention the following moments.

The range of duties of a doctor is quite wide. Usually it depends on the direction, which has been chosen.

  • Therapists work with people in polyclinics and hospitals. They do not perform surgery and are mainly engaged in medical, procedural or hardware treatment. Their duties include examination, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Surgeons are specialists who eliminate the source of the disease by a radical method – by conducting an operative intervention. They study much longer than other professionals, because their work requires knowledge and accuracy.
  • Pathologists work with the dead people. Their duties include daily autopsy in order to identify the causes that could lead to the death of the patient.
  • Psychiatry and psychology are represented by work with mental processes, emotional states and mental abnormalities. In the main, thinking and speech apparatus are involved. It is important to examine, understand the cause and prescribe effective treatment. This is a subtle science, and the diseases have very similar symptoms.


When is Doctors Day in 2020, calendar will tell you with pleasure. It is not difficult in fact. However, are you personally ready to celebrate March 30 or to congratulate the people, who are in this profession and area.

Doctor and patient

It is of common knowledge that a doctor is first and foremost an intelligent person with a good memory. He/she always strives for excellence and receives new knowledge. After all, medicine does not stand still. It is important that the specialist has high resistance to stress, especially if he/she has chosen surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics or psychiatry. The doctor should be honest and be able to make quick decisions in critical situations. After all, procrastination can cost the patient a life. Also, the physician should be able to explain the essence of the problem to the patient, calm and interpret the importance of treatment.

As you can see, this destination is considered to be rather stressful. Why not to give the people a relaxed evening? โ€“ Organize a small and cozy family gathering, prepare tasty dishes and spend your time talking, watching movies or reading something interesting, devoted to this working experience.

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International Doctors Day Facts

So you have already known that the quick answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Doctors Day 2020?โ€ sounds like on March 30. But we would like to give our readers some other amazing pieces of information.

First of all it is necessary to mention that the profession of the doctor is very voluminous and grasps a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Each specialist has the main duties:

  • examination of patients, collection of anamnesis. These procedures allow to find out all the symptoms;
  • purpose of laboratory research. To identify abnormalities by which it is possible to judge the presence of bacteria or inflammatory processes;
  • diagnosis on the basis of collected data. Here knowledge and ability to distinguish often very similar in displays of disease are important;
  • purpose of treatment. This can be as a course of medicines, and surgical intervention. Usually these methods are combined with hardware procedures or therapeutic exercise.

All these processes are fundamental in determining the activities of this specialist. Each doctor, when receiving a diploma, pronounces the oath of Hippocrates. He/she undertakes to help and not harm people, not to disclose information about their illnesses and much more. The oath changes with time and is improved depending on the moral and ethical norms of society.


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