Do you have your favorite wild animal, the appearance of which makes you stay near open-air cage in the zoo, watch different kinds of documentaries and read a great amount of various specialized literature? As a rule people choose their favorites occasionally, and some of them even have their own holiday in calendar. For example, could you answer the question โ€œWhen is International Tiger Day in 2022?โ€ immediately?ย  Or do you need some time to recollect? Unfortunately, people canโ€™t do it even after serious thinking.

Of course, this day is not an official date and in most cases we have to work and to study on July 29, but this animal deserves our attention undisputedly, and that is the reason, why we are going to tell about it in details.


Knowing the historical background of this holiday will help us a lot in answering and understanding the question โ€œWhen is Tiger Day 2022?โ€ in a proper way. That is why letโ€™s find out all the information available.

International Tiger Day

The appearance of the holiday fell on 2010. It happened during the world famous International Forum called “Tiger Summit”, which was held in Sankt-Petersburg, the Russian northern capital. This date was born as part of this large-scale event, which mainly focused on the discussion and search for solutions to the problems of the destruction of tiger populations and the establishment of a landmark. It obtained its official status almost immediately.

The enthusiasts, who proposed the initiative to create the International Day of the Tiger, were participating in the thematic forum. By the way, these are only those countries in whose territories wild “pussies” are still alive and do well. During numerous discussions, certain documents were signed. The content of these papers can influence the process of preserving and increasing the population of tigers. The main task is to achieve positive results by 2022.


What does International Tiger Day mean? Wild cats have always attracted the attention of the general public. Despite the fact that these animals are quite dangerous, being essentially bloodthirsty predators, they are also insanely attractive. Leopard, panther, cheetah, jaguar, “king of beasts” lion, as the wild representatives of the cat family, cause genuine admiration for everyone, who watches them unhurried, gentle steps and magnificent nature. So it is not a surprise that in honor of one of these “purred” creatures a holiday was established.

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The usual color of the striped “pussy” varies from yellow to fiery-red. Neck, belly and chest are completely white. It simultaneously means that the inner side of the body remains white. Eyes are yellow. However, we should mention that from time to time nature creates white creatures, demonstrating a sophisticated sense of taste. Their populations are few and rare, but they look more than impressive: black stripes on a snowy background and blue beautiful eyes.

Taking into account all the information given above, we can understand, why the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of International Tiger Day 2022?โ€ is considered to be so important. We should save the population of these animals for our future generations as they have to have the opportunity to see them not only in documentaries or on pictures.


The name of a large wild cat with large black strips comes from the ancient Persian word โ€œtaigโ€. Its meaning completely corresponds to the habits of “pussy” โ€“ fast and sharp.

In general tiger refers, as already mentioned above, to the cat family, the Panther class, the subfamily of large cats. There are many subspecies of these striped handsome creatures, but the most famous are the Amur, Bengal, Caspian and South Chinese tigers.

Unfortunately, some species have become extinct. There are some that are on the verge of extinction. Thus, the hunting to the Bengal tiger has been prohibited all around the planet.

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The tiger is a really fairly large predator. By its size, it yields only to brown and white bears that are considered to be famous giants. Just imagine a two-three-meter handsome animal with a weight of at least 3 centners! Among the large cat family in size a tiger can be compared with snow leopard, a jaguar and a leopard. It is interesting to mention that only tiger is not capable of making meowing sounds, it usually growls.

By the way we would like to add that in the wild nature, besides the known red and white, there are also golden, black and blue creatures. These representatives of the Cat family need protection.

The main function of the International Tiger Day is to draw the attention to the problems of these creatures. Unfortunately, in the world there are a lot of crazy people, who kill the tigers for the sake of their beautiful skin and other purposes.


As a rule, when is Tiger Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any difficulties, but do you know how to celebrate this day properly?

Unfortunately there are no special unique traditions. Officially in different countries local authorities prefer to do it in different ways. The most common variant, perhaps, is represented by the entertainment of these wild animals in zoos. The keepers propose them something especially tasty and delicious. On July 29 usually there are more visitors, as you can also get a chance to find out something new and really amazing about these creatures, listen to interesting lectures and watch their life.

International Tiger Day

At the same time tigers, who live in wild nature, get a chance not to disappear completely from the Earth surface thanks to the efforts of the Global Tiger Initiative, which every year collects a fantastic sum of about $ 350 million to save these populations. Unfortunately, acute problems of various kinds, which harm these beautiful living beings, remain. And the main ones are the destruction of forests and the extraction of minerals at the site of felling.

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In general on July 29 it is recommended to go to the nearest zoo alone, with your family or friends. In the case it is impossible, just stay at home, watch different films, devoted to these animals, read the specialized articles and discuss the received information. If you have small children, propose them to draw or to paint a tiger.

Tiger Day Facts

So you have already known, what day International Tiger Day in 2022 is, but would you like to find out some interesting facts about these amazing creatures?

It is necessary to mention that these chic wild “purrs” have a number of differences from their domestic counterparts. These amazing features make people look at this kind of animals in a new way.

Here is the list of the most terrific facts:

  • Tigers see perfectly in the darkness and they do it 6 times better than humans;
  • These creatures prefer to inform other representatives about their existence with the help of the urine. This liquid is able to tell about such facts as age, sex, the state of the reproductive system and the functions of the reproductive capacity of the organism. With the help of the own urine, the tiger marks the boundaries of its territory. By the way, the smell of tiger’s urine is not too repulsive: it reminds of the aroma of popcorn fried in oil.
  • Male tigers are real “men”! Before every meal these cleverest creatures let forward the young and the females, and wait for their turn quietly.
  • A tiger remains striped even in the event that it is shaved bold. Patterns seem to be “imprinted” on the animal skin. Another interesting fact about tiger strips: those that are located on the forehead, according to many sources, resemble the hieroglyph “king” in Chinese language.


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