When is National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day in 2020? Do you know it? Or have you already heard about this holiday existence? As a rule, people answer negatively to them both. Ad this is an explanation, why we have made this decision concerning the discovering this matter in details.


Certainly we understand that such matter as โ€œWhen is International Inspire Your Heart With Art Day 2020?โ€ needs the explanation of some historical moments of the holiday.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find any information about the reasons to celebrate this occasion on January 31st exactly as well as any facts about the establishers of this event.

But at the same time we canโ€™t but mention that with the appearance of man on earth, this direction ย also appears. We have found various images on the walls of caves, stone statues and clay figurines, painted ceramics and bone products related to the prehistoric period when there was no written language.

All this suggests that the ancient people sought to create not only utilitarian things useful and necessary for survival, but also that which brought them joy, beautified life, taught something and in general raised a person above the ordinary of existence.

paint and paintbrushes


What does Inspire Your Heart With Art Day mean? Have you already heard about this special occasion in general? In fact, to tell you the truth we are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? โ€“ The matter is that, we donโ€™t know whether you are interested in this direction or not.

Why do we need this directionย  in general? Some will say – for recreation, others – for pleasure, the third – for the artist’s self-expression. Certainly, in part this is true, but only in part. According to the specialistsโ€™ points of view, art is primarily a document of the era, it reflects the thoughts, aspirations, faith, the hope of the generation, which conveys its message to the next generations.

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At the same time, this theme is a special way of expressing an idea, verbally, visually, musically, so that it is heard, perceived and lost in time. And this captured image, written text of a man of another era is able to understand and decipher. It can be said that art serves as a vehicle for conveying the idea to a new generation.

Ability to creativity this is what distinguishes human beings from animals. At first glance in nature we find something like this: birds build nests, beavers build huts, social structure of bees and ants amazes with their organization. But for millennia, dwellings of beavers and bird nests do not change in their arrangement, they do not turn into architecture with changing styles, which amazes with beauty, and not only is habitable. The technology of manufacturing bees honey and the device of anthills, too, do not change and are not improved.


Discussing the matter โ€œWhat is the date of Inspire Your Heart With Art Day 2020?โ€ we would like to give the readers some interesting pieces of information.

All in all the appearance of this direction is associated with games and various rituals, including those conditioned by mythological and magical notions.

Now the word “art” is often used in its original, very broad meaning. This is all skill in the implementation of any tasks that require some kind of perfection of their results. In the narrower sense of the word, this is creativity “according to the laws of beauty.”

Works of artistic creativity, like works of applied art, are created according to the “laws of beauty”. The work of this trend, like all other forms of social consciousness, always happens to be the unity of the object known in it and the subject that knows this object.

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In the primitive, pre-class society, art as a special kind of social consciousness did not yet exist independently. It was then in unity with mythology, magic, religion, with legends about a past life, with primitive geographical representations, with moral demands.

And then this direction was singled out among them in a particular specific variety of it. It has become one of the forms of development of social consciousness of different peoples. So it should be considered.

Art is often compared with a reflecting mirror, which is able to show our reality through the thoughts and feelings of the creator. It reflects those phenomena of life that attracted the attention of the artist, excited it.

Here one can rightfully see one of the most important specific features of it as a kind of human activity.

Any product of labor – whether it is an instrument, a tool, a machine or a means of maintaining life – is created for some special need. Even such products of spiritual production as scientific research can well remain accessible and important for a narrow group of specialists, nothing at the same time, without losing its social meaning.


When is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day in 2020, calendar will help you not to forget. Just remember, when January 31st comes. It is not easy in fact, isnโ€™t it? However, only a few people know how to spend this day in a proper way.

There are no any official events, but it is not a problem for people with good imagination. โ€“ Invent something special for yourself and your close surrounding. What about going to the museum? โ€“ Contemporary art as well as the masterpieces of the former centuries are able to attract your attention.

painted girl

Going to the cinema is a perfect idea either. But, please, try to choose the film of worldwide importance and significance. Use this day as a possibility to discover something new for you.

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Actually we understand that January 31st is not the best time for being outside. So you can celebrate this holiday at home drawing something or paining, watching good movies or documentaries. Some people adore doing something with their own hands. This day they use to do small sculptures from clay or plastiline.

You can even organize a small party and demonstrate some masterpieces. You see, there are a lot of talented people around.

National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day Facts

Talking about the theme concerning the matter, what day Inspire Your Heart With Art Day in 2020 is, we would like to show our readers some important pieces of information.

Today the person can no longer imagine his/her life without a novel reading or a good film watching, without a premiere at the theater or a fashionable hit of the favorite musical group. The exhibitions of various kinds are also rather attractive.

The specialists are sure that in artistic people find new knowledge and answers to vital questions, hide from everyday reality and get a lot of pleasure.

A real work of masterpiece in any sphere is always in tune with the thoughts of readers, viewers, and listeners.

You see a novel can tell you about a distant historical epoch and foreign people. We would like to get some information concerning a different way and style of life.

Pictures, music, theater, books, films give a man or a woman an incomparable joy and satisfaction. Eliminate this all from the life of a civilized person, and it will turn if not into an animal, then into a robot or a zombie.

However, we shouldnโ€™t forget that the riches of art are inexhaustible. And in fact it is impossible to visit all museums of the world,all symphonies, sonatas, operas can not be heard, all masterpieces of architecture can not be reviewed, all novels, poems, poems can not be re-read.


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