When is National Licorice Day in 2020? We are almost sure that you won’t be able to answer this question without our help. Why? It is an unfair situation really! This plant is considered to be rather useful for our organism. And it is tasty enough as well.

Today we are going to tell you about this holiday in details and in such a way give you an opportunity to be involved into something unusual and amazing at the same time.


Of course, the discovering of the question “What is the date of National Licorice Day 2020?” is almost impossible without the investigation of the paragraph, devoted to the historical past of this matter.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover any information available about the initial inventors of this holiday. However, in accordance with the specialists’ points of view, at the very beginning it was nothing but a successful marketing decision, which was organized by someone in order to draw additional attention to the production under the definite brand.

The progenitors of this type of candies and other products created from the licorice are the Italians, the Dutch and the Finns. It’s from there that the black and light brown stuffy aromatic substance comes from.


The historians believe the Finns started to obtain the definite substance from the peeled and soaked this plant root. So, the received extract was called licorice. In the course of time, they learned how to make candies, cakes, marinades, compotes, jellyfish, salt and fish. It is also added to the mulled wine and even the vodka is made from its extract.

Then the initiative was taken by the Italians, the Dutch and the Danes.  – The representatives of these countries produce the best varieties in the world. They generally like consuming licorice and any products from it.

Also, in the course of time the plant was appreciated by the British, the Germans and the Americans.

As a rule, it is not used in pure form, but add different additives. Taste of sweets, as well as color, is significantly dependent on additives, although all true lovers of this delicacy never confuse the taste of this kind of candy with anything else.

In the countries of the former USSR this miracle product is not so popular nowadays, although children and adults in all European countries have long recognized its magnificent properties, unforgettable taste and healing qualities. In the European states licorice is usually sweet, and in Scandinavian countries they prefer sweets to salty.


What does National Licorice Day mean? Oh, to tell you the truth we are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? – Frankly speaking, there are a lot of reasons for this, but the main one is that not all people like this taste, that is why it is not a big surprise that they are not going to celebrate the holiday.

By the way in China, the root of this plant is considered to be something like ginseng. It is a recognized means of rejuvenating the body. In Chinese folk medicine, this plant treats not only tuberculosis, bronchitis and stomach ulcer, but also is used as an antidote for poisoning with mushrooms. Chinese healers add it to almost all medicines.

The plant is widely used as a medicinal, technical and food plant, as well as a important foaming agent. In general the mentioned above root has laxative, expectorant and antispasmodic properties. The various substances contained in this plant increase the secretion of the so called upper respiratory tract.

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In addition, it’s an excellent diuretic and contains substances similar in structure to steroid hormones, so it is used as a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Licorice contains components that help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.


The investigation of the direction what day World Licorice Day in 2020 is, needs the other additional discovering of some important matters.

For instance, not everybody knows that it is a long-lasting medicinal plant belonging to the legume family. Its small-walled stalks, up to 2 meters high, come out of a powerful rhizome. On them there are leaves with narrow swings.

Flowers are collected in a brush, and the fruit is a slightly curved, elongated bean, which can contain up to six seeds of brown color. The flowering of the plant begins in June and lasts all summer.

As a rule it is growing on the river banks, in fields and steppes. In the wild, it can be found in Europe, North Africa and Asia. On the area of Russia, it grows in the southern regions of the European part.

Today, there are a lot of varieties of this type of products: candy, marmalade, lollipops, granules, straws, sticks, a variety of drinks, and much more, among which there are even spaghetti (probably you have never seen black spaghetti before). However, in spite of the rage of diversity, in some countries these delicacies are rather strange.

Sweets and other products are distinguished not only by their specific taste, but also by the wonderful properties of our body.

Sweets, which are created from it, have been known in the vast expanses of many countries for a long time, as a perfect cough medicine.

Eating Licorice


When is Licorice Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The date is easy to be remembered. Why? – Because it is fixed, and celebrated on April 12th every year. So you can be involved any moment you like.

Of course, you understand that there are no any special events, devoted to this occasion. But you can always invent something special for yourself and your surroundings. For example, some people prefer to organize a great party with various kinds of treatment, made from this product. By the way, on April 12th the weather is usually warm and rather comfortable for outdoors celebrations.

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The magic effect of licorice in the treatment of colds is recognized even by official medicine. Many European dentists consider this item as a good tool against caries. The candies can and are useful for children!

However, be careful, usually, it is recommended to eat no more than 500 grams of licorice per day per person.

In any case, many of us who have tried these licorice candies, will never forget its unique, and not comparable, taste! But remember: despite all the advantages, you shouldn’t eat too much of it.

International Licorice Day Facts

Discovering the question “When is International Licorice Day 2020?” we would like to give our readers a great amount of various pieces of information.

From licorice it is possible to make coffee, cocoa, marinades, compotes, jelly, flour products, halva, caramel and chocolate. It’s also got as a flavoring supplement for cabbage, peeling apples, for cooking fish and from time to time as an additive to black, green and herbal tea.

In distant Kyrgyzstan, this plant is used as a healthy substitute for tea; in Japan it is added as a food antioxidant, and in oriental Egypt it is a bactericidal and fungicidal supplement to food.

But the thing can be used not only in food industry. It seems like a big surprise, but the plant is actively taken for application in the manufacture of ink, gutalin, and in the textile industry to fix paints.

This plant is even used in medical industry as well as an important part of the composition for fire extinguishers filling.


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