Whatever you might think of such a phenomenon as9 vegetarianism, there is a day in the calendar when you have a full right to wrap your hands around their neck with all the tenderness you feel. And itโ€™s not sarcasm but a direct instruction to act.

When is National Hug a Vegetarian Day in 2022 and why do they deserve a cuddle? Read on!


Because the holiday is inseparably linked to the organization that invented it, we are ought to take some words to brief you.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA shortly, was established at the times when there were no other associations involved in protecting the animalsโ€™ rights. Its founder, a noble English woman living in the US, united with several students compassionate to the defenseless creatures at the beginning of the 80s, and in less than a decade the immature group before turned into the international movement.

National Hug a Vegetarian Day

If today we still hear of lots of the incidents when the violence against the beasts occurs, could you imagine what was happening back then, with no control of the government? Horrified by the conditions of the shelter she worked at, Mrs. Newkirk was determined to change the situation. Gathering the like-minded people around, she directed their energy to the obvious havens of abuse. The very first case that revealed the fact of using the living monkeys in the laboratory experiments threw the whole country into the dismay and indignation. It exposed the previously hushed-up and objectionable truth about the terrible suffering of the animals taking place across the state. It also drew the conscious individualsโ€™ attention to the organization from the entire world and triggered the joining of the many new members and its further development.

One of the main concerns of PETA is the meat industry. No wonder that it was them who came up with the holiday in honor of those living on plant food. Popularizing the vegetarianism as the way to stop the cruel treatment of our smaller friends, they annually celebrate the date with the different events and activities widely covered in the media and supported by many celebrities.

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When is International Hug a Vegetarian Day 2022? Ask PETA follower, they know for sure!


What does National Hug a Vegetarian Day mean? It is high time to thank the cabbage-chomping fellows for saving our planet and to appreciate their resoluteness and fortitude.

You might be questioning, why we highlighted these two qualities of them. Well, because the vegetarians often face the pure negative from the people around. Thereโ€™s always that one guy whoโ€™s likely to make a joke of them, or try to hurt them, or tease about their way of living. After all, even the slightest mention of the fact that theyโ€™re a vegetarian may cause the flow of questions while any answer will be taken distrustfully. On top of that, they listen to the myriads of reassuring phrases on and off like โ€œyou alone wonโ€™t change anythingโ€, or โ€œyou just havenโ€™t tried a proper steak yetโ€, or โ€œyouโ€™ll go back to eating meat, we know thatโ€.

Meanwhile, hardly anyone of those who bothers the vegetarians with suspicions thinks of the good they do for the planet. The environmentalists say that shifting the mind of people to the meat-free diet can save the globe from the ecological disaster. Around 80% of the forests are being cut down to create the pastures for grazing the livestock and grow the fodder crops for feeding it. Thus, the vegetarianism contributes to the stop of deforestation, prevention of air and water pollution and the loss of the species inhabiting the forests. It also helps save the fresh water: one kilo of the corn takes 200 liters of water to grow while one kilo of beef takes no less than 2,000 of that. See the difference?

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The adopters of animal products free dieting get dozens of benefits for their health, too. The calorie content of the food they consume decreases thus leading to the loss (normalization) of weight. Since the red meat โ€“ the main source of cholesterol โ€“ is no longer the guest on their plate, they are less prone to the heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. They smell much better as the meat and fish products with the lack of the veggies trigger the development of intestinal bacteria and unpleasant body odor. The vegetarianism reduces the risk of cancer and prevents diabetes. The herbivores even look better! The consumption of a lot of vegetables makes for the proper digestion which, in its turn, makes the color of the face healthier and provides the flawless skin.

So, what day National Hug a Vegetarian Day in 2022 falls on? It is to be celebrated on September 25.


The vegetarianism is a diet that excludes the foodstuff produced by the slaughter of animals, fish, and birds, or any kind of animal products at all. Generally, it is a way of living for those who practice yoga or support the eco and green movements. But today, more and more people leave meat off their plates because of the simple will to improve their health, supplemented with the human treatment towards the creatures.

National Hug a Vegetarian Day

Basically, the vegetarianism is divided into three groups. The veganism โ€“ the strictest form of the diet โ€“ directs its followers to give up any sorts of products that relate to the animals (not only meat but also eggs, milk, honey). In fact, the doctors do not find the least advantage of it as the humanโ€™s organism gets much less protein and fats necessary for its normal functioning. The lacto vegetarianism allows consuming the dairy produce. It is more appropriate for a person because the milk contains the amino acids and the immunogens, beside the big number of vitamins and minerals. The ovo-lacto type of the dieting adds eggs to the plate. The most congruous to the manโ€™s body, it supplies all the vitaminsะฑ microelements and organic acids lacking in the plant food.

Now that you know, what is the date of National Hug a Vegetarian Day 2022, itโ€™s time to find out how to celebrate it!

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First, you get that from the name of the holiday. Give a hug to those who go meatless for the rest of their lives. That might be the member of your family, your friend, colleague or even that cute guy from your chemistry class. After all, you have a perfect excuse, donโ€™t you?

Search the Internet for the scheduled meetings of the vegetarians or your local eco movement members. Usually, they are in need of the volunteers who can help them organize all sorts of theme events, from the veg dishes degustation to the distribution of the brochures promoting the benefits of the plant-based way of living.

And of course, if youโ€™ve ever thought of joining those green fellows, it is a fitting occasion to take a decisive step and to spend the day without the meat on your plate! But, no doubts, it has to be a well-thought-out and reasonable decision.

Hug a Vegetarian Day Facts

  • Every vegetarian saves around one hundred of animals in a year simply by excluding meat from their dieting.
  • PETA since its establishing grew up to seven millions of supporters all over the world.
  • Actually, there are about ten more holidays celebrated in honor of vegetarianism!

Carve a space on your calendar, when is Hug a Vegetarian Day in 2022, and donโ€™t forget to find one to give your warmest embrace.


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