9The impact of busy city’s traffic on nature and people’s lives is so great that sometimes it is impossible to live a valuable life. People usually can’t breathe well and do simple things such as walking in the streets and biking. That is why lots of cities make their own days and even weekends when it is proposed to the public to stay away from cars and try to spend the time more freely. When is National Car Free Weekend Day in 2022? What festivals are held on these days?


The popularity of the days is very popular. But earlier not many people wanted to follow the tradition of the weekend. They didn’t want to get rid of the habit of driving a car. It is convenient and rapid. Personal affairs don’t take much time to do if a person uses a car.

The first attempts to create a car were made in 1672. It wasn’t a car itself, but it made the basis of the modern vehicles. The event took place in China. F. Verbiest created a steam-powered vehicle which became the first representative of such a kind. It was just a toy. Nobody could drive it because it was only 65 cm long. It is doubtful that this kind of a vehicle was built as a big model.

National Car Free Weekend Day

One hundred years later a new representative of the class was made. In 1769 N. Cugnot built a tricycle which was steam-powered. That idea wasn’t ideal and had several problems with water and steam pressure. The producers had to get rid of that vehicle.

The first demonstration of the vehicle took place in 1801. R. Trevithick designed a new road locomotive. But despite its similarity to the first cars, it couldn’t be used for long journeys. People got rid of idea of using it.

After that several attempts to make a real car, useful and quick, were made, though they weren’t very successful and the producers didn’t want to continue their production. Only in 1879 the first engine was patented by K. Benz. He created a combustion engine which was a real success. It is regarded to be a real breakthrough in the car producing. The man’s wife became famous for her long journey on the vehicle. It was a great promotion to the invention.

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In 1897 the cars started to be produced in Czech company. The mass production reached that stage when every new car could be made in 15 minutes. Such production was set in the Ford Company. Nowadays the production cycle is very rapid. Millions of cars are annually bought around the world. Another problem has risen in the world. There are lots of problems with nature because of the cars’ impact on it. Different occasions are often made to involve people into spending some time without cars. The occasion was initiated in 1995. If you want to visit various American and Canadian cities during these events, it’s better to find the information in the internet through the request “What day National Car Free Weekend Day in 2022?”


What does National Car Free Weekend Day mean for nature and the society? The day has a great sense according to its goals and profit. It’s not just a simple prohibition to use cars but a special occasion when the society can have fun.

The most important idea concerns the bad impact of such vehicles on the nature. People like cars. They try to buy the most high-powered cars without paying attention to the amount of harmful discharge into the atmosphere. The society has many wishes concerning its convenience.

Americans and Canadians have many cars. Almost every family has minimum 2 cars. So, the authorities of the various cities proposed to have several days without cars. It’s not very difficult, because it’s a weekend. Without vehicles people get much fun and even don’t think about inconvenient situations.

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Every person must understand the importance of nature. Every child can be raised understanding the meaning of the day. Parents can explain their sons and daughters that spending some time on foot is not only useful for every person but also for the environment. Making harm to nature isn’t useful for people and animals. So, when the children or people from other countries hear the title of the occasion they are inspired into it. When is International Car Free Weekend Day 2022? It’s observed on the 22nd of September.


The holiday itself doesn’t need an explanation for local dwellers and guests of the Canadian and American cities. They immediately understand that they don’t need cars for some time. Nowadays people also understand why such occasions exist.

This event is sometimes confounded with the occasions when people can have cars without a rent. They must understand that these proposals are just the promotive actions. The car trading centers promote their cars for future customers.

The word “car” has its origin in Latin. It has the meaning of “the vehicle which has wheels”. Another source of origin of the word is Old North French. It means “a cart with two wheels”. Nevertheless, both words have their origin in the Gaulish variant where it meant “any vehicle which had wheels”. It was carried by horses. So, that variant could concern a wagon or a carriage.

The word has several definitions according to national vocabularies. The most common meaning is a vehicle with wheels. The second meaning, which is widely used, is “an elevator’s compartment where passengers move”. It is also a balloon where passengers move. What is the date of National Car Free Weekend Day 2022? It is on the 22nd of September.

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National Car Free Weekend Day


The days are traditionally held with fun and joy. Local authorities initiate festivals of arts. The lack of cars in the streets allows the participants of the occasion to move in the streets and squares. People try to make interesting events concerning the nature support.

Street festivals are held in town where people can take part according to their interests. The wide range of artists and performers walks down the street with much music and many songs. There are no vehicles on the streets at the moment. People just don’t need them at all.

The traditional way of observing the date is to involve local people to participating in the walk. They usually show their abilities and talents to their neighbors. One of the most popular reasons to get together is to have picnics. Local authorities provide social meals. Many cities also devote various contests to the occasion.

It is a tradition to give awards to the environment-oriented groups and organizations. It is the best day to think about their contribution into the local environment.

Car Free Weekend Day Facts

  1. The first events were held in France, the United Kingdom and Iceland.
  2. According to the researches the trip by bicycle are sometimes shorter than by cars if the point of destination is not far.
  3. The first days were held in June, though the next festivals got a concrete date.
  4. There is a claim that more than 100 million drivers choose their own dates and follow the occasion. Thus, their main goal is to follow their own plans.
  5. Various cities tried to celebrate the occasion in the middle 50s of the 20th They chose one weekend for that goal. Belgium and the Netherlands set the dates in November and January.
  6. If you ask your friends “When is Car Free Weekend Day in 2022, calendar of events?”, you’ll get “on the 22nd of September”.


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