Well, it is easier to make a list of useful food products than to list all the harmful foods. Oily, sweet, and salty foods are the most delicious and the most harmful. Producers of products, in the fight for profit, are doing everything possible to make you buy more. The development of industry has led to the fact that even the most useful products are becoming hazardous to health. It is worth noting that these products are not harmful by themselves but become dangerous for the addition of many harmful substances: salt, sugar, trans fats, food additives etc. Even fruits and vegetables are grown with the participation of all kinds of chemistry. However, you cannot exclude almost everything from your diet. Today we are discussing one of the substances that could pretend to be harmful. When is National Gluten-Free Day in 2020?

So, the holiday is held on 13th of January yearly since 2006. The main target of G.F.D. is to have 24 hours without the substance which can be harmful to our health. Moreover, a complete rejection of this substance will lead to good fit and body. The author remains unknown but the day gains popularity over the years.

Gluten Free


Well, as it was mentioned above about the absence of the inventor, we should discuss the essence of the main ingredient of the holiday — gluten. What is it and is it harmful?

It is a substance that is a part of the wheat protein, barley, rye, and most other cereal crops. The more substance is contained in flour, the easier it is to make a dough that turns into airy pastries. The content of the substance in the wheat protein is up to 30%.

Since the substance is inherently gluey, it is widely used to impart a thick texture to sauces and other products. It also glues together the contents of the stomach, provoking inflammation and the development of food allergies for some people.

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Is a gluten-free diet leading to rapid weight loss? What can you eat on this diet?

What is harmful in the substance?

It is important to separate the harm of products with substance and the harm of the substance itself. Since it is the main component of wheat flour, it is found in large quantities in bread and all bakery. This type of food causes a quick set of excess weight, whereas refusal of it is useful for losing weight.

On the other hand, the immunity of some people perceives it as an allergen, forcing the body to fight it. Since it comes with food, the stomach suffers first.

Let’s check some medicine features to completely understand all the pros and cons of what a day World Gluten Free Day in 2020 is.

Celiac disease

A disease called celiac occurs in 1% of the population. For such people, the intake of even minimal doses (0.1 g) can cause a serious food allergy with unpleasant symptoms.

It is believed that gluten intolerance is a genetic disease similar to lactose intolerance. If your parents or relatives have celiac disease, you are probably also susceptible to it. In this case, you will have to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet all your life.


What does National Gluten-Free Day mean? A complete rejection of this substance is the only way to support the holiday and celebrate it. Is it hard not to consume bakery for 24 hours? Firstly, a tendency to stop eating the gluten will give you a chance to lose extra weight and feel healthy. Just do it step-by-step and the result will come surprisingly. Secondly, many doctors are convinced the products with the gluten are actually not necessary for our body’s functioning and vital activity. The best way to capture this is to try. Take your friends and relatives to gather your power and go on a gluten-free diet.

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Furthermore, there are some people who have a natural intolerance but they don’t know about it. So, how to detect this process?

A simple home-based method for detecting an intolerance is to exclude bread and any other gluten-containing products from the diet of for several days. The subsequent return of these products to food will be indicative.

The intestinal microflora will take about 10-14 days to recover. If returning to a normal diet containing the substance will provoke any digestive problems, then you should consult a doctor to make a full medical test for celiac disease.

When is International Gluten-Free Day 2020 is main purpose for you to know, as other features will depend on the situation.


Gluten-free diets are becoming more and more popular. Proponents of this diet believe that by eliminating gluten from the diet, you can easily throw off the obese extra pounds, normalize sleep, get rid of chronic fatigue and finally feel a happy life.

Gluten Free Cupcake

Gluten is the stored protein that is found in most cereal crops like wheat, rye, oats, barley. Today, it is not only a part of all bakery products but sometimes it is found in meat products and dairy industry.

Also, cereals like buckwheat, cinnamon, and millet are free and can be added to your diet to receive the necessary nutrients, including magnesium, niacin, iron, calcium, and fiber.


What is the date of National Gluten-Free Day 2020? As we already know the answer, let’s check some traditional aspects. People gather to organize parties cooking many dishes gluten-free. Also, many festivals and fairs are held to support the day by allowing people to eat other healthy food. By the way, G.F.D. is an extremely financed and supported holiday by much food industry producers who are the competitors of our substance products. In 2016, 150 festivals in NY State were organized and about $100.000 were collected. Also, you should support the day with your social media. Post photos, videos, and boomerangs to capture the moment and use a hashtag #GFD2020.

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International Gluten-Free Day Facts

  • Some scientists convinced such a diet helps to lose excess pounds, but simultaneously it can cause a person to start experiencing a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The complete exclusion products that include the substance from the diet, will sharply reduce the supply of nutrients to the body. After all, such diet is not only a refusal of cereals, as many people mistakenly believe, but also from an impressive list of other products.
  • Since 2006, TM Paradigms develops and sells organic and gluten-free products, with a low lipid content for some products. Organic crackers, spaghetti from rice flour, rolls, bread sticks and much more — this is all that is great for a healthy, delicious breakfast!
  • Athletes argue that such a diet improves endurance, relieving them of digestive stress. Therefore, it is popular among sports participants. In addition, the gluten-free diet helps to keep weight, important for athletes of heavy sports.

So, it depends on you what to choose but you should remember when is Gluten Free Day in 2020, with the calendar.


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