Do you like shopping? It is a normal thing for you to purchase a great amount of various unnecessary things for you every time when you are visiting a department store?ย  If you are ready to reply โ€œyesโ€ it looks like we have a special holiday for you. When is National Buy Nothing Day in 2022? Do you know this? โ€“ Oh, it seems like you have never heard about this date existence. Donโ€™t worry, please. We will help you to discover this subject in details.


Of course, we understand that it would be quite silly and unsuitable to discover the question โ€œWhen is International Buy Nothing Day 2022?โ€ without playing the close attention to the historical past of this memorable date.

Frankly speaking, knowing this we havenโ€™t been able to investigate something special. That is why the information about the establishers as well as about the reasons to celebrate this holiday on November 29rd is unavailable.

As the same time the specialists are almost sure that initially it was something like a successful social program.

Buy Nothing Day


What does National Buy Nothing Day mean? โ€“ Oh, frankly speaking, we are neither able, nor ready to answer this question for you. And the explanation seems to be rather plain in fact. โ€“ We know nothing about your lifestyle and habits. So, please, do it on your own.

Among the representatives of the contemporary society it’s not uncommon to meet a shopaholic who does not realize the actions, sweeping into the basket any goods that come under the arm. Perhaps, their increase is due to advertising, with shares of “3 for the price of 2”, etc. Healing from this can be, of course, but the specialists predict that it would be rather difficult to achieve any success.

Usually the shopaholic does not even understand the volume of the troubles. Therefore, we have to do everything possible to explain the person that the thing, he/she is going to purchase, does not have the value.

The contemporary statistics says that approximately 70% of purchases we make impulsively. Seeing the thing we have liked, we usually forget about everything in the world, our breathing slows down, and our eyes focus only on the desired object. The world stops underfoot!

Psychologists say that shopaholics in this situation are in something like a trance. The prices become quite unimportant for them. So as you can understand these people turn to be a real present for the sellers in the expensive shops.

The whole modern fashion industry works to ensure that a person does not pass by a certain commodity. A shopaholic for this direction is a tasty morsel!


Discovering the matter, what day World Buy Nothing Day in 2022 is, we would like to arise some important subsequent subjects as well.

Have you ever heard who a shopaholic is? Can you give a more or less proper definition to this person? In general this is a person who does not control his/her purchases, but buys an unmeasured amount of goods that are more unnecessary to him/her. As a rule, it happens despite their cost.

In accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, these people are sick. In fact they are like kleptomaniacs and canโ€™t help it.

They usually attend sales in supermarkets, spending all the money. Someone might consider them freaks, but it’s not.

What is the reason for such purchases, why is this happening? Here are a few reasons for shop holism.

The first reason can be considered a childhood. If a kid was spoiled and wasnโ€™t refused anything, then, after growing up, he/she will be happy to spend money without counting. Conversely, if parents save on pocket money, they rarely buy things, then, becoming an adult, such a person runs the risk of getting sick with shop holism. Trying to compensate for the bleak childhood, such a man or a woman will buy things that he/she did not have in the childhood. So the social status does not affect this disease.

The second reason lies in psychology. When making purchases, the body reproduces serotonin – a hormone of joy and happiness. And the more you buy, the more happiness you are having. Why not to experience this state again and again?

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And the third is the illusion of power. Who would not want to own power? – At least over things, realizing that they are his/hers.


When is Buy Nothing Day in 2022, calendar is going to remind you annually. This is not a problem, of course. However, only some people are able to celebrate the holiday in a proper way.

All in all the tendency to rash impulsive purchases makes us buy extra things, empties wallets and leads to the appearance of any rubbish in our houses. Perhaps, November 29th is a perfect opportunity to try not to buy unnecessary thing.

It's not me who consumes too much

Here is a list of some tips, which will help you to get rid of this psychological disease, as a constant desire to buy things.

  • Make a list.

Write down what you need and do not succumb to temptations. Then you will save yourself from unnecessary expenses and unnecessary things.

  • Do not go to the store on an empty stomach.

It is established that about 20% of surplus purchases the consumer commits from … hunger! To insure yourself, drink at least a cup of tea or coffee with a roll before you go to the supermarket.

  • Do not bring your children with you.

This is the case when they should be left at home. Fragile parents can rarely resist the requests or crying of their babies, and satisfy their whims. Spending on children’s goods is not great, but if you calculate how much money is spent, an impressive amount will be forthcoming.

  • ย Shop less often.

It is logical to make purchases, say, every two weeks. Thus, you will save not only money, but also time.

  • Do not pay with the card.

Payment for purchases by a bank card is certainly convenient, but using a credit card, a person does not feel that he is parting with real money. Sometimes it can very strongly and unexpectedly hit the budget.

  • Do not buy semi-finished products.
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Frozen cutlets and other products from this category, as well as chips and carbonated water, are harmful not only to health, but also to the wallet – these goods are unreasonably expensive. For example, the packaging of chips is sold at the price of a kilogram of potatoes.

International Buy Nothing Day Facts

Of course, discovering the direction โ€œWhat is the date of Buy Nothing Day 2022?โ€ we would like to demonstrate our readers some amazing pieces of information.

In our time, the standard of “harmonious” attractiveness canโ€™t be eradicated: beauty for women themselves is the absence of button and even a hint of a tummy. Fashionable and beautiful clothes are considered that can emphasize elegance.

30% of middle-aged women spend a lot of time looking at the gloss magazines and watching the corresponding TV programs, talking about models and stars and focusing the attention on individual parts of the body, rather than on the image as a whole.

And making sure that their figure is far from the world standards of harmony, they begin to exhaust themselves with rigid diets and strive (in principle!) to wear smaller clothes.

Buying the 44th size of the trousers instead of the 46th, they justify themselves by creating themselves an incentive for losing weight, but in fact throwing money away, once again focusing on its imaginary thickness.

Frankly speaking, almost all of us are prone to attacks of the same illness. It gets us in very different and unpredictable moments. Some people are hit at the moment when they aimlessly hang around on the Internet, others can lurk directly on the street, on the third collapses among the shelves of a supermarket.

The onset of the trouble may be different, but the result is always the same: we come to our senses at home and look at the thing that we just bought with surprise. Propensity to impulsive purchases is inherent in all without exception, although in varying degrees. To fight against this disease is rather difficult, but it is still possible. The only thing you pay attention to is a list of special rules.


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