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🐬 When is National Dolphin Day 2020

When is National Dolphin Day in 2020? Can you reply this question quickly, without any hesitations and prompts given by other people? To tell you the truth we are going to get a negative answer now. Why? – You see, unfortunately, only a few people all around the planet know about this special occasion existence in the calendar. And even those, who adore watching these funny creatures in the sea waters during the summer holidays, are astonished to find out about this fact.

We find the situation like this to be an unfair one, so today we are going to investigate the matter in details.


Discovering the matter what day World Dolphin Day in 2020 is, we would like to represent you a lot of facts concerning this holiday. As a rule, the people are amazed to find out something really unusual about the establishers of the special occasion. Unfortunately in this case we know nothing about the people, who initially decided to create the event like this. Also there is no information available about the reasons to celebrate it on April 14th annually.

However, we are almost sure that it was done not occasionally. The attempts to discover the developed underwater intellects were done even a long time ago. That is an explanation why people began to catch some water dwellers and to settle them in huge aquariums.


The attempts to keep dolphins in captivity were made already in the nineteenth century. However, the first real dolphinarium was discovered in America in 1938, in the Florida city of St. Augustine. Initially, its owners did not build ambitious plans. They wanted to create a small oceanarium, where visitors could see different sea animals, represented by fish from different seas: giant double-winged mollusks – tridacnus, whose shell reached one and a half meters, and their weight exceeded 200 kilograms, lobsters, lobsters, sea turtles and tropical fish in bright and fancy clothes. Somewhat later, after much doubt, they decided to release several bottle-nosed dolphins here.

The first oceanarium was even called respectively “Marine Studio”. The animals there were very talented. Their tricks attracted more and more spectators to the dolphinarium; dolphins became not only the favorites of the public, but also a very profitable affair. This was the beginning of one of the most profitable attractions in the entertainment business, and in the USA one after another new dolphinariums began to open, 8 of which bring 5-6 times more money today than all the circuses of the world combined.

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What does National Dolphin Day mean? – To tell you the truth, we can’t say for sure whether you will want to celebrate this special occasion or not. In the contemporary there are some people, who love it and there are those, who don’t matter.

All in all the sea is considered to be the so-called cradle of civilization. It is of common knowledge that in the Ancient times the most highly developed people lived near the water: ocean, sea, river or lakes.

At the same the underwater world has always attracted and fascinated people. Ocean and sea depths contain a lot of secrets, alluring a curious person. And now, when not every person can get to the sea at least once a year, we have the opportunity to see a piece of the underwater world in our cities/towns. To do this, there are specialized institutions called dolphinariums and aquariums, where thousands of visitors are able to see the clever marine mammals in the immediate vicinity.

Each dolphin has its own name, to which it responds when its relatives contact it. This conclusion was made by American scientists, the results of which were published in the Bulletin of the US National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Moreover, experts who conducted their experiments in the US state of Florida, found that the name is given to the dolphin even at birth and is a characteristic whistle. Scientists caught in the wild 14 nets of bottle-nosed dolphins with nets and recorded various sounds made by these mammals in the process of their communication with each other.

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Talking about the question “When is International Dolphin Day 2020?” we would like to represent you a great amount of various pieces of information.

It can’t but mention that today the laws of all countries prohibit the production of biological experiments on dolphins. More and more people realize that dolphins, killer whales and other mammals have no place in captivity. In Canada, it is forbidden to catch and exploit the Beluga. In Brazil, using marine mammals for fun is illegal. In England, all dolphinariums have been closed under the influence of public protests. In the USA, in the state of South Carolina, dolphinariums are completely prohibited.

Everyone has heard that sometimes the animals and other whales are cast ashore. Sometimes this is due to illness, poisoning or injury. There is another hypothesis explaining the reason for such a strange behavior of dolphins: it turns out that with a certain shape of the coast, composed of certain types of precipitation, among the cacophony of the sounds created by the surf, sometimes there is a sound that corresponds exactly to the dolphin’s cry for help. Animals, having heard these sounds, instinctively rush to the aid – and get on the coast.

Dolphins jumping


When is Dolphin Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. As it has been already mentioned above the special occasion is celebrated on April 14th annually. There are main ways to spend this day properly. You can do it in a state level. If you want to be together with other people, ask the local library, university or specialized museums. As a rule, they have a great amount of various lectures, exhibitions and discussions. They are amazing, so you will be definitely amazed.

If it is impossible, try to organize something on your own. You see, nowadays there are a lot of films, books, magazines and internet articles devoted to this holiday. Dolphins are terrific creatures, there are plenty fact about them. Sometimes it is recommended to include the children into this process. They would be really glad to participate.

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International Dolphin Day Facts

Talking about the direction “What is the date of National Dolphin Day in 2020?” we should admit various important pieces of information. As a rule, we see these funny and so clever creatures not in the wild nature. Only the luckiest men and women manage to see them somewhere in the sea during the summer holidays.

Taking into account all the fact mentioned above we can come to the conclusion that the training of the dolphins should be the matter of the separate discussion.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, the training of animals requires a person to understand their psychology, knowledge of their lifestyle and the basics of biology, but most importantly – kindness, love and repetition of given “lessons”.

As a rule, the word “training” is not applied to the dolphin. Rather, it is a partnership and a game. It is easy to interest the creature with a new trick, with some kind of exercise, if it is submitted in a game form. It is characteristic that one and a half years are spent on dog training, six years on horses, and only half a year is spent on dolphins. Moreover, if a horse and a dog can be punished, this behavior will not work with dolphins. Such a trainer simply ceases to exist for them and we can safely put an end to the work. Only caress and encouragement are required.

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